The violence at Worcester’s North High School: how to make our schools safe

By Edith Morgan

[North High] teachers are afraid – administrators get attacked, thugs run rampant … .  Why? Because staff have been for decades dis-empowered: fear arises from powerlessness.

If teachers are to be held responsible for the learning and behavior of students, they MUST have the power to enforce rules, keep order, insist on performance, and be backed up when they report infractions.

It is the responsibility of parents to send to school children who have been trained to be responsible, respectful, and willing to learn.  We have alternative programs for those students who can not, or will not, allow learning to take place, and who are so ego-ridden that they must disrupt the learning of others.

I know teachers know who these students are, and they should feel supported when they take action to secure their classes. And any student who lays a finger on staff should be automatically remanded into an alternative program.

Teachers and staff who feel the need for training in getting respect should have it made available immediately. But above all, power and responsibility must go hand in hand: power has to be earned, little by little, as ability to behave responsibly is demonstrated.

All children and young people deserve protection, from parents and schools, but not decision-making power without assuming a lot of responsibility.

I would bet the teachers at North High School know exactly who the handful of troublemakers are. Identifying and isolating them would go a long way toward solving the school’s problems, and making all the rest of the student body safe.

InCity Times writer Edith Morgan was a teacher, foster parent, and served on the Worcester School Committee.

ICT letter to the editor

Just read your Cheapo Fathead article [below]. Feeling kind of embarrassed by my phone call to you (but today I made the call – my Internet server was out of service)

So I made the call. Frustrated with, well, you know, the system in general. After I thought, Gee, what is she thinking. But after reading your article and how you called a friend to just cry, makes me feel better.

Thank you for listening!

And you are right – he’s an ass!!!!

Robin Generelli, via the Internet

Big, stupid, cheapo fathead



Here is ICT editor Rosalie Tirella wearing some stupid cheapo fathead’s cheapo CVS reading glasses, after aforementioned stupid cheapo fathead left them at her shack one recent Saturday night, along with another of his cheapo fathead bottles of vino.

Next day stupid cheapo fathead proceeded to harass Rosalie about his cheapo fathead reading glasses and cheapo fathead bottle of wine. This enraged Rosalie! So she put the stupid fathead’s stupid cheapo CVS reading glasses on big Mr. Snowman …


… Then she took them off big Mr. Snowman and stomped on them until she heard them crack in several places. Then she threw all the pieces into the waste basket, vowing to keep stupid, fathead cheapo and his other pairs of stupid, cheapo reading glasses out of her bed.


 Then stupid cheapo fathead threatened the kind and wonderful Rosalie, whose beloved cat April has just been diagnosed with DIABETES, …


… that he would mass-mail Rosalie’s new half-naked selfie that he requested this past Christmas and Rosalie so foolishly sent him because it was Christmas, the season of brotherly love, and big stupid cheapo fathead had apologized for his transgressions last Christmas, for mass mailing her Christmas gift selfie last year, and the wonderful Rosalie had believed him …

Well, the big stupid cheapo fathead threatened Rosalie that he would mass mail this new very intimate selfie she gifted him to all her advertisers. Again. This Year.

Rosalie called gal pal and fellow Green Island Grrrl Lorraine Laurie and cried to her:


 Lorraine called Rosalie “stupid.”

The big, stupid, cheapo fathead – who recently lost 50 or 60 pounds but still looks FAT and STILL HAS HIS MASSIVE HERNIA – belongs here!:


– photos and text by Rosalie Tirella


Coney Island Baby

Took this pic yesterday as I drove through the old neighborhood. … My late Mom used to love Coney Island hot dogs.


 Here’s a pic of the Green Island street where I was born and raised – Lafayette Street. Not too far away from Coney Island.


 Here’s the Lafayette Street house Red Sox catcher Rich Gedman grew up in. My kid sister used to play baseball with him and the other neighborhood kids in the big sandlot outside our three decker, which is a junkyard these days. His kid brother, Paulie, was the sweetest!


I used to think my street was the ugliest street in the world! Maybe it was. But nothing in my life has occupied more space inside my cranium than old Lafayette Street! The people who fought, screamed, fucked, prayed, rejoiced, repented, loved, lost, sobbed, caressed, lost, dreamed, lost, laughed … LIVED there. I see them all!    – R. Tirella

Calling all Red Sox fans to join rally for the Jimmy Fund!

BOSTON – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund launched the 2015 Rally for the Jimmy Fund presented by Next Step Living®, a chance for Boston Red Sox fans to “rally” in their workplaces and schools leading up to Fenway Park’s Opening Day April 13 to support adult and pediatric patient care and cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Rally for the Jimmy Fund encourages co-workers, classmates, and friends to form Rally teams in which each member contributes $5 or more to the Jimmy Fund. In exchange, they can wear Boston Red Sox gear to work or school on Monday, April 13 when the Sox take on the Washington Nationals at Fenway Park in the home opener.

The top fundraising workplace and school (K-12, college, or university) will win a visit from a Boston Red Sox player this spring.  There will be another opportunity to win:  all teams that raise $5,000 or more (workplace or school) will be entered to win a visit from a Boston Red Sox player.

“We’re proud to support the Rally for the Jimmy Fund as we move closer to Opening Day,” said Geoff Chapin, CEO and founder of Next Step Living. “In the spirit of the cause, Next Step Living formed its own team and will be proud to sport our Red Sox attire in April. We encourage others to create their own rally teams to support cancer care and research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.”

“We’re honored to have the support of local Red Sox fans coming together to support Dana-Farber’s mission by participating in Rally for the Jimmy Fund,” said David Giagrando, assistant vice president, corporate partnerships at Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund. “We’re looking for everyone to fundraise with us as we head toward Opening Day at Fenway Park and hope you will join us to hit this season ‘out of the park’ for the Jimmy Fund.”

Since 2006, Rally for the Jimmy Fund has raised more than $4 million to support adult and pediatric patient care and cancer research at Dana-Farber. To start or join a Rally team or to learn more, please visit

The Jimmy Fund ( solely supports Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, raising funds for adult and pediatric cancer care and research to improve the chances of survival for cancer patients around the world. It is an official charity of the Boston Red Sox, as well as the official charity of the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, the Pan-Mass Challenge, and the Variety Children’s Charity of New England. Since 1948, the generosity of millions of people has helped the Jimmy Fund save countless lives and reduce the burden of cancer for patients and families worldwide.

Green careers fair … and perfection

Worcester State University
Chandler Street

The first annual Worcester State University Green Careers Fair!


March 12

Noon to 4 pm

Sheehan Hall

WSU will also have a table staffed with professors from the Natural and Earth Science Department.

They’ll be able to talk to High School students about the college program and career opportunities in Earth and Environmental Sciences.



Perfection (I love Mavis Staples!)

Five ways to help your dog shed excess pounds


Jett – March 2, 2015. Spring-training time for Rosalie’s porky pup! Up and at ‘em, boy! Let’s go!!!!! Yay!!!! 


By Alisa Mullins

Is your dog a chubby Charlie? Has Princess gotten a bit plump? If their torsos are the same width from shoulders to hips with no discernible waistline and you can’t feel their ribs after pressing gently on their sides, they’re overweight. Obesity can put stress on the heart, lungs, and joints and can lead to digestive problems, skin and respiratory disorders, arthritis, cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes and may even shave years off your dog’s life.

Weight gain is usually a simple matter of eating too much and not getting enough exercise, but sometimes illness may be to blame, so it’s a good idea to take your dog to the vet for a checkup to rule out any medical problems.

You want your best friend to be around for many years to come, so try these canine slimming tips:

Tweak the feeding recommendations on the pet-food label.

These guidelines are just that—guidelines. Dogs who are elderly or inactive don’t need as much food as young, active puppies do. Ask your vet to recommend the amount of food that’s right for your dog, or use this calculator.


Ideally, you should take Fluffy for at least three or four 15-minute (or longer) walks every day. If she’s out of shape, start out slow and work up to longer, faster walks. Don’t overdo it—at the first sign of fatigue, stop and take a break—and take along plenty of water. You can also go to the dog park several times a week for some canine socializing, which benefits both the mind and body.

Losing weight will make your pup feel so much better, and as a bonus, exercising your dog might help you lose weight, too!

Don’t leave food out all day.

Set up a feeding schedule (preferably two or three times a day), stick to it, and take up any uneaten food after 20 minutes. (Hint: If your dog regularly leaves uneaten food in the bowl, you may be overfeeding.) This is better for dogs’ and cats’ health in general, too, as it’s easier on the body to fast between meals.

Give your dog healthy treats.

You don’t have to eliminate between-meal snacks—just choose them wisely. Offer Bella long-lasting chews that are low in calories and take some time to consume (which burns calories), such as raw carrots, broccoli, asparagus, celery, and apple slices (but no seeds) and dental chews. For hours of entertainment, Kong toys can be stuffed with canned dog food, but just be sure and purchase the right size Kong to accommodate Bella’s tongue (large enough that it won’t get stuck!) and give the Kong a thorough scrubbing after each use.

Substitute play for food.

When Fido begs for a snack, instead of just doling out treats, pick up a ball, knotted rope, or squeaky toy and play a game of fetch or tug. And teach him how to play hide and seek: Have him sit and stay in one room while you go to another room and hide behind a door or piece of furniture. Be sure to have some small pieces of kibble or training treats in your pocket. Next, call out “Come!” and Fido will have a field day sniffing you out of your hiding place—because he knows he’ll get a tasty, if small, reward for his efforts.

I want my very own radio station!

No corporate play lists, no commercials, no pledge drives, no kissing up to anyone, not even disc jockeys … . Just fucking awesome music! – R. Tirella

Music warms ya right up! Thank God there are so many amazing lady singers and songwriters out there to put into words and music what we all feel but may not have the talent to express so wonderfully!    – R. T.