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Green Island Grrrl

  • Ballot Question 2 – What would “Ma” do? October 13, 2016 Yesterday: Rosalie and her smudged mirror By Rosalie Tirella What would “Ma” do? That’s what I ask myself every time my “libby” (liberal) self is on the cusp of carrying away my more staid, practical, inner-city Green Island Grrrl self. My late Mom was way smarter than I ...
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InCity Voices

  • The dick problem Rose, a few days ago… By Rosalie Tirella I’ve hesitated to write about all the politicians up for election (locally and nationally) who’ve been accused of sexually assaulting women. Groping them, coming out of nowhere and touching their vaginas, attempts at strangulation, posting photos of genitalia on ...
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Politically Speaking

  • Nov. 8 Vote YES ON QUESTION 3 This election – Nov. 8 – please VOTE YES ON QUESTION 3!!!! Really, it’s modest farm animal protection! No one is asking anyone to go vegan! We want to alleviate some of the suffering of pigs, veal calves, chickens. And make our food safer…and help our ...
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  • Reposting re: Paulie Collyer! Oh! My heart is broken!The tragedy!!!! The heart-wrenching tragedy!!!! The tears falling all over my satin pillow and Jett and Lilac! Paulie Collyer, aka Paul Collyer of BA Events and the now defunct Paulie’s New Orleans Jazz and Blues Festival, said a few days ago he ...
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