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  • Day 1 in Trumpland Outside Worcester City Hall, the protest: Inside Rose’s shack…the paralyzing fear… …and depression… DONALD TRUMP…PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA????!!!!!!!😨😫😧😦😓 From Bill Maher: It’s a new day in our country … … Hold onto your guitars! Pics+text: R.T.
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Politically Speaking

  • Human Kind – be both! Dorrie🐱🐶🐯🐰🐵🐻🐼💝! By Dorrie Maynard Here’s a feel-good story for you: It’s about a woman who helped save and trap two of the luckiest feral kittens in Worcester! The woman’s name is Melissa and the two (twin?)sister kittens are named Daisy and Delilah. They are completely black and precious! ...
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  • FROM CONGRESSMAN JIM MCGOVERN’S OFFICE – 1/20 … But first: ****** “Today, Donald Trump was sworn in as president. I have the highest respect for the office of the presidency, but in all candor I don’t have an awful lot of respect for the man who took the oath of office today. He has said ...
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  • Reposting re: Paulie Collyer! Oh! My heart is broken!The tragedy!!!! The heart-wrenching tragedy!!!! The tears falling all over my satin pillow and Jett and Lilac! Paulie Collyer, aka Paul Collyer of BA Events and the now defunct Paulie’s New Orleans Jazz and Blues Festival, said a few days ago he ...
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Speaking Out!

Speaking Out

  • From the Mount Carmel Preservation Society MESSAGE TO MOUNT CARMEL PRESERVATION members and supporters: We were all deeply saddened by the Historic Commission’s stunning decision to not move our petition for a Historic District feasibility study forward at last night’s meeting on January 19, 2017. Such a study would have been worthy, on ...
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