“How will the wolf survive?”

Enjoying the stupendous Los Lobos this morning. A classic lp I’ve been listening to since my college days!  – R. T.


Then out the door to work on ICT! The train tracks Jett and I clunked over a few hours ago reminded me of this tune. Nothing better than driving around Worcester in my jalopy with my Jett, working on my paper, blasting my Dwight!

Cool stuff in the Woo!



All middle school families are invited to attend “Manufacturing Awareness: Inspiring a New Generation of Manufacturers”!

Wednesday, October 1

4 p.m. – 7 p.m.  

Worcester Technical High School, 1 Skyline Drive

All students who attend will receive a t-shirt, refreshments will be served, and there will be a raffle for a family pack of movie tickets.

Be there!


Words of Art

This movie has been called inspiring and thought-provoking!

This film will definitely change the way that you use and express yourself with words!

If you have not seen the “Words of Art” film, you have another opportunity!

When: October 8

Where: Worcester State University, Sheeham Hall – Conference Rm. 109

Donation: Free for all College Students, Public: $10

All proceeds go to: Yes We Care!!

A month of Halloween happenings at Mendon Twin Drive-In!

MENDON – Dan, Dave and Michael will open the gates to the their Mendon Twin Drive-In this October for haunted Halloween happenings all month long.

To continue reveling in the 60th season of the Mendon Twin Drive-In providing some of the best entertainment in the region, the trio will host interactive themed celebrations each weekend complete with double Halloween first-run and classic horror movie features on dueling screens, spooky entertainment, nightly costume contests, pumpkins galore and delicious seasonal treats.

The Mendon Twin Drive-In’s heated Beer Garden will be transformed into a pumpkin patch lined with fire pits and they will serve up cider donuts, candy, hard cider and pumpkin-laced beer selections. Characters bedecked in costumes from the Halloween Outlet (Worcester) will roam the property, bringing fright and entertainment, while guests are encouraged to put on their Halloween best to compete in the nightly costume contests where the top three winners will be awarded with complimentary Drive-In passes, Phantom Gourmet restaurant gift cards and Mendon Twin Drive-In memorabilia. On October 11, the Mendon Twin Drive-In will welcome New England’s most popular Rocky Horror Picture Show acting troupe, The RKO Players, who will perform live reenactments of Michael Jackson’s hit, “Thriller,” and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The Mendon Twin Drive-In will open their gates at 6 pm each Friday and Saturday throughout the month of October, with bonus nights on Sunday, October 12, and Thursday, October 30. Movie screenings will begin at approximately 7:30 pm.

October 3 & 4: “The Scariest Weekend in Drive-In History”

Screen One: Annabelle & As Above, So Below

Screen Two: The Exorcist & The Shining

October 10: “Family Fun Halloween” & “Scary Doll Night”

Screen One: Ghostbusters & Beetlejuice

Screen Two: Annabelle & Child’s Play

October 11: “Scary Doll Night” & “The Live Rocky Horror Picture Show”

Screen One: Annabelle & Child’s Play

Screen Two: Beetlejuice & The Rocky Horror Picture Show

BONUS: After the screening of Beetlejuice, New England’s most popular Rocky Horror Picture Show acting troupe, The RKO Players, will take the stage – 30 deep – for a reenactment of Michael Jackson’s infamous Halloween-inspired hit, “Thriller,” encouraging guests to join them for the ultimate “Thriller Night.” The troupe will continue their live reenactment performance for the duration of the screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show movie.

October 12: “Scary Doll Night” & Family Fun Halloween”

Screen One: Annabelle & Child’s Play

Screen Two: Ghostbusters & Beetlejuice

October 17 & 18: “Horror Classics” & “Salute to Zombies”

Screen One: Friday the 13th & Nightmare on Elm Street

Screen Two: Dawn of the Dead & Zombieland

October 24 & 25: “Halloween 2014” & “Ode to Halloween” Continue reading

From The Worcester Tree Initiative …

Join Congressman Jim McGovern … [and guests] as we celebrate the planting of our 30,000th tree! We are proud to say that we have accomplished that goal!

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Worcester Tree Initiative, Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), City of Worcester, and other agencies, we’ve met the goal, and 30,000 trees have been planted!!

To thank everyone who has helped us reach this milestone we will have a celebration on Monday, Oct 6,  9:30 am at Burncoat High School (179 Burncoat St.) – located in the heart of the ALB infestation area and the site of our very first Giveaway on April 25 2009.

Refreshments by Culinary Arts students from Worcester Technical High School will be provided.

The event will be accompanied by music from Burncoat High Students’ Quadrivium Chorus and String Ensemble along with a routine from the school’s Color Guard.

There is also a student art exhibit. Information from our local environmental groups will be provided at our tabling area.

The Celebration will be followed by an optional 30-minute bus tour of Reforested Burncoat and Greendale neighborhoods, courtesy of WRTA (RSVP required). Please join us as we celebrate this momentous achievement and thank you for your continuous support!

Main South: Clark U to host “The Poetics of Desire”

Clark University will host poet Alex Dimitrov for “The Poetics of Desire” on Tuesday, Oct. 7, at 4:30 p.m. in the Fuller Room, 4th floor of Goddard Library, Downing Street. Dimitrov will read from his debut collection of poems, Begging for It, published by Four Way Books.

 Dimitrov is founder of The Wilde Boys, a queer poetry salon in New York City, founded in May of 2009.  Prominent American poets including John Ashbury, Henri Cole, Michael Cunningham, Mark Doty, Edmund White and others, have all spoken at the salon.
Dimitrov currently works at the Academy of American Poets  [editor's note: check out this great website!]. He is the recipient of the 2011 Stanley Kunitz Prize from The American Poetry Review, and he has published poems in many of the major venues of American poetry, including The Kenyon Review, The Yale Review, and The Boston Review. In addition to “Begging for It,” he published an e-chapbook called “American Boys.”
American writer Michael Cunningham wrote, “Begging for It … provides evidence not only that poetry has survived into the 21st century, but has mutated, as poetry must. It is poetry that could only have been written now…Dimitrov is that rarest of creatures, a true poet and a truly contemporary poet. Thank god he’s here.”
The event is free and open to the public.

Hands up! Don’t shoot!

By Parlee Jones

“Our Lives Begin To End The Day We Become Silent About Things That Matter” … Martin Luther King, Jr.

Peace, Worcester people!  As I sit down to write this article regarding the murder of Michael Brown and the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, my heart is heavy. It’s heavy with sorrow, anger, fear, dismay and doubt.  You see, I am a single mom. I am raising a young Black Man and young Black Woman. Right here, in America. Not in a “third world country,” right here in America – Worcester, Massachusetts. Land of the free and the home of the brave. … or is it the land of the thief and the home of the slave????

By now we all know what happened in Ferguson, Missouri, August 9.  It is easy to see that this was an UNJUST shooting.  An unarmed 18 year old is dead.  Shot 6 times in the upper body.  2 times in the head.  We can go back and forth with what he did prior to being executed, but does that really matter when Officer Darren Wilson wasn’t aware of any alleged behavior?

Bottom line: Michael is not here to defend himself or tell his side of the story.

It seems to me that many people, here in Worcester, too, are trying to make it okay that if he did take cigars, it justifies his murder.  IT DOES NOT!

It is not okay for a lot of people in this country to agree with the slaying of this young, Black man.  He should not be dead. The officer that shot him didn’t even know about the incident at the store which is still in question as to if it was Michael Brown.  One witness states that there was a verbal altercation between Michael and Officer Darren Wilson.  How did Michael end up dead?

The trouble in Ferguson, Missouri, has been brewing for many years.  Just knowing that 63% of the population there is Black and there are only three Black police officers on the town police force speaks volumes.  The fact that the U.S. Justice Department may actually investigate the whole police department because there is a pattern of abuse also speaks volumes.

Where you get your news from will also tell a lot about how you look at the world.  Needless to say, FOX News Channel will have you believing lopsided reporting.  In the words of Malcolm X, “If you’re not careful, the newspapers [news channels] will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

Reading the comments that appear at the end of articles and stories surrounding this story, you can clearly see a racist thread. The people who are dancing around the word are either blind, in denial or racist.  Unfortunately, the history of Amerikkka has shown a blatant disregard for the lives of Black men.  Many will deny this, but if you are not living the experience as a Black person, you cannot judge or even speak on it.  Your experience is not the same.  If you have never heard of White Privilege, look it up.  Or maybe that will be my next article.  I am a community builder, so, please do not try to twist my words.  I love all people!

On August 14, I had the privilege of standing with about 50 other residents in a peaceful rally on Worcester’s City Hall Plaza.  We joined Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, New York, Boston, Los Angeles and many other cities in support of the people of Ferguson.  Many people spoke of their experiences with Worcester Police.  Unfortunately, there were too many stories.  I have one of my own.

.. If you wish to discuss any of my views, please contact InCity Times! Peace!

Hooray for Mr. Hebb!


Outside the Quinsigamond  Village Community Center we caught Mr. Hebb, QVCC volunteer extraordinaire, helping a lady with some groceries. Mr. Hebb helps out at the neighborhood center, located on Greenwood Street; he volunteers at the food pantry. With the economy still sluggish, lots of folks are visiting Worcester food pantries – often located in our neighborhood centers – looking for the basics like bread, pasta, eggs, tomato sauces, milk, etc to help them s-t-r-e-t-c-h their dollars!


Thanks, Mr. Hebb, for caring!!!!

I have always loved the center’s mural – on the side of the building, parking lot.


It’s been up for quite a while now  – the colors are still intense!

– R. Tirella

South Worcester ….

From Mass. Farm to School:

We are excited to announce our third biennial FARM TO CAFETERIA CONFERENCE!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015. College of the Holy Cross

This conference brings together farm to cafeteria advocates – farmers, food service professionals, educators, policy makers, public health advocates, community organizers, youth leaders and more – for a daylong event with workshops and panel discussions addressing a wide variety of farm to school topics including:
•local foods procurement and promotion

•experiential food and nutrition education

•food, farm, and nutrition policy

•growing for the institutional market

•local, state, and regional networking

Want to share your farm to cafeteria expertise? Submit a proposal to present a workshop!

For more info, go to:


Main South: Clark U.’s lectures to feature cutting-edge research on human/environment interactions

Events in the George Perkins Marsh Institute & Jeanne X. Kasperson Library Seminar Series 2014-2015:

Seminars will present cutting-edge research on human/environment interactions taking place at Clark University and are designed to catalyze discussions regarding future research possibilities. Seminars are free and open to the public.

Albert, Norma and Howard ’77 Geller Endowed Lecture

“Land Change Modeling for Sustainability Analysis”

4 – 5:15pm

Tuesday, September 30

Higgins University Center, 950 Main Street, Grace Conference Room

A seminar by Elena G. Irwin, professor, Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and

Development Economics, Ohio State University. Co-sponsored by the Department of Economics and The Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise

Debra I. and Jeffrey A. Geller Endowed Lecture

“Mountain Pine Beetles and Home Values in the Wildland-Urban Interface: Accuracy in Damage Assessment and Geocoding of Properties”

12:15-1:15 p.m.

Thursday, October 9

Higgins University Center, Lurie Conference Room, 950 Main St. Continue reading