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Green Island Grrrl

  • Edith rechristening Rosalie’s space! … Yummy tomatoes! August 30, 2016 Rosalie’s 10-foot-tall tomato plant amid her kitchen jungle, this morning. pics: R.T. Did she find a single, solitary, precious, illusive tomato today?! pics:R.T. By Edith Morgan It seems to be the height of the season – so many kinds of tomatoes to choose from, and in so many shapes ...
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InCity Voices

  • Latino papi love!!!! Story and photos by Rosalie Tirella Living, working and loving in Worcester’s inner-city neighborhoods I am impressed EVERY DAY by the DEEP TRUE AND EASY AFFECTION with which many Latino parents raise their kids – especially the Daddy Love! To see papi and chico holding ...
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Politically Speaking

  • Today! Check out the murals across from the main WP Library, Salem Sq! Check out your downtown! SO EXCITING!!!! pics+text:Rosalie Tirella WP Library school branch hours: Worcester Public Library – One City, One Library Branches Public Hours for 2016-2017 School Year The Worcester Public Library’s One City, One Library Branches will have updated hours for the 2016-2017 school year: The Burncoat Branch, located ...
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  • WOW…Driving around Downtown Worcester right now and thinking: Pinch me! Our downtown murals are AMAZING! They’re multi-cultural, political … mind-blowing! Worcester in the 21st century! HERE AND NOW! Today! WOW. Fuck! MONUMENTAL! This is what you’d see happening in NYC – in any first-rate global metropolis. This is radical! This is art! ...
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  • Reposting re: Paulie Collyer! Oh! My heart is broken!The tragedy!!!! The heart-wrenching tragedy!!!! The tears falling all over my satin pillow and Jett and Lilac! Paulie Collyer, aka Paul Collyer of BA Events and the now defunct Paulie’s New Orleans Jazz and Blues Festival, said a few days ago he ...
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Speaking Out!

Speaking Out

  • Every city worth her salt has a bustling, engaging downtown … By Rosalie Tirella Now, thanks to a bunch of crusading folks, the renewal of downtown Worcester, spearheaded by City Manager Ed Augustus, has TRULY BEGUN!!!! Worcester’s downtown is starting to hum. The construction, new restaurants … the FLOWERS AND TREES. I took these pics of our ...
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