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Green Island Grrrl

  • Newsrooms in their heyday! I was there, at the “tale’s” end! February 7, 2018 By Rosalie Tirella Watching this 60 Minutes interview, thinking about the new Tom Hanks/Meryl Streep movie, got me thinking about American newspapers and writing for a “daily,” The Springfield Union News, pre-social media – say, the early 1990s. Back then I was a cub reporter for ...
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InCity Voices

  • City of Worcester, Mayor Joseph M. Petty would like to invite you to … … A Community Conversation on TPS and DACA Saturday, February 24 At Saint Peter’s Church 935 Main St., Worcester 1 PM – 3 PM Hear from elected officials standing in solidarity with community Learn about the impact of TPS & DACA changes Connect to advocacy efforts Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) This ...
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Politically Speaking

  • Friday not-so-funnies … Donald Trump addresses CPAC in 2014. We were forewarned! It was all there: Trump’s blatant disrespect for women (watch this married fat slob hit on a woman in the front row – before the crowd and TV camera. It’s ok cuz he’s a billionaire!); Trump’s ...
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  • Molly – a “cut” above the rest! By Rosalie Tirella Today, while looking in my “magic” mirror, … pics: R.T. … I saw my fingers fussing a little too busily with the grey hairs framing my middle-aged face. So I grabbed one of my cheap dye-job kits, … … left the touch-up bottles in the bathroom, ...
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Speaking Out!

Speaking Out

  • Mother Nature Still Packs a Wallop Winter time: the view from Edith’s front porch. pics: R.T. By Edith Morgan I stayed up late one Worcester winter evening, at the cusp of a winter storm, waiting to see the first snowflake come twirling down. The early snow is always small and ...
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