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  • Handball for the people! Power to the people!! By Rosalie Tirella You see them at the edge of Maloney Field on any given day, deep in Worcester’s inner-city – the handball players, the handball crew – a motley group of usually youngish Latino guys with the occassional outstanding feisty Latina gal  player who’ll keep ...
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  • InCity Book Review OBJECTIVE TROY: A TERRORIST, A PRESIDENT AND THE RISE OF THE DRONE By Scott Schane Reviewed by Steven R. Maher Presidents make tough decisions. In 2010 President Barack H. Obama made one of his toughest decisions. Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen, was actively encouraging Americans over the Internet to ...
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  • Edith – always in style! … SOME SUMMER YUM YUMS Did someone say “flan”?! Summer Soups By Edith Morgan We think of soups as a winter comfort food, steaming hot, full of nutritious flavors, with vegetables and meats all cooked together, and eaten with sandwiches , toast or crackers. But as I was reminiscing about my (very long-ago) ...
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  • Reposting re: Paulie Collyer! Oh! My heart is broken!The tragedy!!!! The heart-wrenching tragedy!!!! The tears falling all over my satin pillow and Jett and Lilac! Paulie Collyer, aka Paul Collyer of BA Events and the now defunct Paulie’s New Orleans Jazz and Blues Festival, said a few days ago he ...
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  • Who’s got the prettiest bloomers in Worcester?-part 2 So, I was in my beloved Green Island earlier today and was lucky enough to catch the lovely flower lady behind all the lovely bloomers I showered you with last week! She let me in her lush, lush, soothing yard. Met her nice hubby! … ...
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