Cheryl DelSignore whines about the laid off WPS teachers

By Rosalie Tirella

Some how the Worcester Public Schools teachers’ union has got it all upside down: Last City Council meeting teacher union head Cheryl DelSignore stood before the Worcester City Council and whined. 124 WPS teachers are getting their pink slips! she announced to our city leaders! Mon Dieu! No art for the kiddies! No extras!

Bull shit.

What concerns this union rep most – and I guess the teachers themselves – is the fact that some of these newly laid off teachers have been in the WPS system for years!

“Twenty three years in the system,” Delsignore gasped to the city council.

This made me think: the teachers’ union is getting nervous. Now, instead of laying off the young, just hired teachers, like they used to when they went toe to toe with the city over contract negotiations, the teachers’ union is starting to lose the “connected” old timers, the people and hacks who have been sucking up precious space in the WPS system for two decades, but maybe hung around because they knew their seniority would be protected. WPS teachers who thought they would never see the day because … the young neophyte teachers would be the first to be let go by the Worcester Public School system.

Not any more, Cheryl!

Former Worcester Assistant School Superintendent Steve Mills was absolutely RIGHT when he said: The [Worcester] teachers’ union EATS ITS YOUNG.

Not any more. It apparently eats flabby, middle-aged educators, too.

And why shouldn’t it?

Instead of getting rid of precious classromm teachers, let the city say bye-bye to the frosting on the WPS cake. And because the “frosting” votes, knows everybody who matters and will make a royal stink to their city councilors – and work for their political opponents next election cycle – they cannot believe they are getting the axe, too. Hopefully, the “frosting” will not want to go gently into that good night – making the teachers’ union more willing to negotiate. Making the teachers realize that they shouldn’t approach the city of Worcester whining about layoffs when they don’t have the decency to pay 25% of their heath insurance premiums, like almost (except for our beloved police officers) municipal union in town! When their co-pays cost a pittance. When some people in the private sector are paying 50% of their health insurance premiums.

And while Cheryl and her newly enlightened cohorts are at it, why not tell the WPS Dept. to fire some of the overpaid “consultants” they have over at Irving Street – and sharing a couple of clerical staffers with City Hall?

At least pay your fair share, Cheryl DelSignore, before you lay your stupid guilt trip about school librarians (which we lost years ago) and art, etc going down the crapper because the City of Worcester can’t cough up any more dough.

Stop being a hog at the trough – and start making concessions. Then maybe some of the 124 teachers – your pals – can be recalled. Save some jobs, for a change; don’t use them to leverage more taxpayer dough.