Worcester Wonderland blogger, Claude Dorman, says: Buh bye, 38 Sever St.!

By Rosalie  Tirella

… AND We (speaking on behalf of the good people of Worcester) say GOOD RIDDANCE to you, Claudie!

Yup! Claude Dorman, Worcester Wonderland blogger, Will WW, is pulling up stakes and heading down that steep and bumpy road to ????!

But first he has to sell his camera-covered abode!


We DO want to help Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude D. sell his home! The home from which he called the WPD police 74 times in one day on Becker College kids. The home from which he wrote lies about contractor Bob Bourassa, accusing him of sexual crimes, etc; the home from which he dissed his district councilor Barb Haller, the home to which he attached dozens of  HUGE surveillance cameras, the home to his three putty cats whom (as hostages, no doubt!) he forced into various and sundry weirdo Christmas costumes!

Au revoir, mon ami! 

Gentle readers, you can keep abreast of the Claude moving situation via the reactivated Claude Dorman blog:


We believe Dorman’s blogging (4 years of shitting on the good people of Worcester) has proved too much for him. It was OK when no one knew who Will WW was. But now that he is outed and folks know where he lives, Claude needs to move. Coward! Do you see me moving? Or Paulie C? Or Jeremy? Or any blogger/reporter in town? Does any reporter/blogger in town take such ridiculous steps? No! 

Claude, why didn’t you just buy yourself a 100-lb German shepherd dog?

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