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Just Joe (O’Brien), mayoral candidate/spoiled little boy

A few days ago, we wrote about Joe O’Brien walking right by us after we had let his puff piece/bio run in my paper, InCity Times. I thought: What a spoiled little boy! This immature guy cannot be our next mayor! Now we hear this: When Joe O’Brien was finishing his stint on the Worcester School Committee he mailed Mayor Konnie Lukes the nastiest letter. Then, for good measure, he sent it to the Worcester school committee clerk – to be “on the record.” Continue reading Just Joe (O’Brien), mayoral candidate/spoiled little boy

Has Blow Mag (Worcester Mag) jumped the shark?

By Rosalie Tirella

The boyfriend and I decided to go to Blow Mag’s (Worcester Mag’s) Turtle Boy event last night in the Canal District (fancy pants talk for Green Island). We went a few years ago and stayed ’til the end because, while there weren’t tons of people (for all the full-page Worcester Magazine ads/hype Worcester Magazine gave their event), there were enough folks at that Turtle Boy to make the night feel like a true night out – a true event.

This time around – last night’s Turtle Boy? A total bust. Deadsville. Nowhere land. As of 8 p.m., there seemed to be about 30 people doing the Turtle Boy! A handfull of folks! So depressing! So disheartening! We’d look into the clubs and bars where the bands/musicians were playing and we’d see TWO people at the bar or 14 people at tables listening to the tunes. Music/bands that were hyped and hyped and hyped in full-page, color ads (a cover story, too!) in recent issues of Worcester Magazine. We couldn’t believe our eyes! Continue reading Has Blow Mag (Worcester Mag) jumped the shark?

Happy 8’th Birthday, InCity Times!

(editor’s note: While our website (this website!) is a year old, we’ve been publishing InCity Times, the newspaper, for more than 8 years. (It’ll be 8 1/2 this December!) Jack Hoffman, our columnist, wrote this piece for our 8’th anniversary issue.)

By Jack Hoffman

It’s Wednesday and seven days before deadline, and the call I didn’t want to get arrived as anticipated. It’s a call I’ve gotten every two weeks, about 20 times a year, for at least the last five years. It shows up “restricted” so I refuse to answer and just let the answer machine lessen the pain. Sure enough, it’s Rose, our C.E.O. (Chairwoman of Everything Officer) here at InCity Times.

“Jack, how’s your column going?” she asks. I tell her: “Rose, you won’t believe this! I got a hamstring pull from falling through a pallet. I just got home and I’m filthy, blood still pouring down my leg from the fall and I haven’t eaten a thing.”

She asks again: “So how’s the column going, Jack?” Continue reading Happy 8’th Birthday, InCity Times!

Turning kids into killers

By Martin Mersereau

A new Wisconsin law begs the question: How low will hunting lobbyists go?

In an effort to revive a dying sport, states across the country are loosening hunting restrictions and putting loaded weapons into younger and younger hands. The Wisconsin law, which went into effect this month, lowers the state’s hunting age from 12 to 10. Since 2004, more than a dozen other states have also changed their laws to allow younger children to hunt. According to the Associated Press, 30 states do not even have a minimum hunting age. Continue reading Turning kids into killers

A “consumers’ union” now!

By “Madame Rhubarb”

I finished watching part 2 of “Appalachia” a while ago and have been ruminating on the criminal treatment of coal miners by big Eastern and Mid Western business men and banks. Over their control of local, state and federal governments. Over the blocking of unions and perpetuation of the status quo that confluence of power and influence enabled. Millions (billions today) were made off the backs of families with barely enough to eat and NO benefits. Then it hit me: This is essentially the same situation we are at this very moment.

The average consumer has absolutely no clout and is regularly exploited by pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, credit card companies, mortgage companies, banks in general, even our government representatives. Record profits, even in this recession, are being generated while the average consumer receives NO relief from local, state and federal governments with their representatives so often beholding to the special interests that fill their campaign coffers rather than to their constituants. Continue reading A “consumers’ union” now!

The end of an era?

By Rosalie Tirella

Is it the end of an era? Due to Worcester’s budget woes and DPW never ever repairing our crumbling neighborhood swimming pools – even during boom times (because most were in the inner-city and enjoyed by poor people?) – it’s bye bye, neighborhood swimming pools! So long, Crystal Park pool! Toodle-oo, Holmes Field pool! We’ll miss ya, Tacoma Pool in Great Brook Valley!

While we approve of City Manager’s Mike O’Brien’s recently proposed aquatic plan, which calls for a new and excellent family pool at Crompton Park (for next year) and the eventual building of a few other city swimming pools (to complement the two state pools and Crompton’s pool), along with a couple of spray parks, I still feel sad about the demise of the pool-for-every-neighborhood concept (especially for our inner-city neighborhoods). So here goes:

Goodbye, you old Crompton Park pool! I knew you well! As a pudgy kid from Green Island, I spent countless hours during the 1970s doing summersaults and cannonballs into your lovely blue, hyper-chlorinated water! Continue reading The end of an era?

Even more on Christina Andrianopoulos: the truth about “Vorres Productions”

Rosalie, Im writing to you and opt to remain anonymous … . I have posted three true, factual comments on the Dianne Wiliamson story regarding both Christina Andrianopoulos and [Anthony Vorres, producer of the TV show] this “Vorres Productions.” Both times they have been strangely “removed” from the post. So much for freedom of speech. I also wrote “Don’t let the facts get in the way of your story, Dianne”

You just seem to have the “balls” to get the truth out. Continue reading Even more on Christina Andrianopoulos: the truth about “Vorres Productions”

More “brain droppings” (sorry, George Carlin) from Cheeze Wiz and a note to the T & G’s Dianne Williamson

By Cheeze Wiz

How funny is it that Big Joe O’Brien chooses to respond to Lil’Ol’CHeeze Wiz in the last InCity Times [newspaper]? I was flattered, Joe, but you could just as easily told me what to do with myself.

The Telegram Comments section no longer takes my comments probably because I violated their character assasination policy. Oh, well.

1) Dianne Williamson — Love what Dianne Williamson (the Shrewsbury carpetbagger) insinuated about you today in the Telegram. Truth is, in a bathing suit contest, Rosalie would win hands down. Yes, women still judge other women that way. We all know that. Check out any grocery cashier aisle. >> Continue reading More “brain droppings” (sorry, George Carlin) from Cheeze Wiz and a note to the T & G’s Dianne Williamson

Help stop factory farming today!

By Ingrid E. Newkirk

I could write 100 essays about the evils of factory farming and not convey the agony and terror that these animals endure as powerfully as can just a few seconds of video obtained by PETA’s undercover investigators. The heartbreaking images of cruelty they obtain help shock people out of their ignorance and complacency.

Through dozens of investigations of factory farms and slaughterhouses, PETA has done more than any other organization to expose the hideous abuses inflicted on animals who are bred, confined, and killed for their milk and flesh. By unflinchingly confronting the horrors that are inflicted on these animals behind closed doors, our investigators force corporate giants and the public to face them as well. Continue reading Help stop factory farming today!

Maybe Cheese Whiz waz right about candidate Joe O’Brien!

By Rosalie Tirella

Maybe Cheese Whiz waz right! Maybe mayoral candidate Joe O’Brien is the Preparation H of Worcester!

Nothing like walking straight by a person who has just given great play to an op/ed piece written (or so your aides claim) by you (which I just did in my InCity Times rag) and giving her (me) the snub! Nothing like a frosty little walk across the room with a big bug up your ass, Joe! (I saw O’Brien at a local eatery a week or so ago.) This tells me: Hey, this guy, Joe O’Brien, has none of the class of … Mayor Konnie Lukes. He certainly has none of her warmth – and she is a warm person, besides being a fiscal watchdog. (The T & G and Blow Mag never make mention of this fact.) Continue reading Maybe Cheese Whiz waz right about candidate Joe O’Brien!