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Chef Joey – always in style!

Chef Joey says: To life! To garlic!

GARLIC!❤❤ Love the sheer madness of the flavor!❤❤

Text, recipes and photos by Chef Joey

Garlic – an epicurean’s love or a dater’s nightmare… and on first dates it’s not even an option! Think about it: Garlic is involved with just about every meal that is not served at breakfast. The sheer madness of the flavor it personifies makes it a staple in everything! It can be candied, roasted, boiled, baked, sautéed – and its power in volume is better than a splat of hot sauce!!

Go for garlic!

Garlic is a wonder seasoning. It helps what ails you, has been linked to cancer survival, hair growth, lowering blood pressure and, for centuries, a cure for the common cold.

But you do not have to wait for the occasion to use it. Start now! Make garlic a part of your tasty meals, curries and sauces!

Garlic + olive oil = ❤

It’s good and delicious and, when cooked properly, it does not linger on the breath. (ok, maybe a little disguised as a bruschetta!)

Recently, I made a simple bruschetta, without the toast, in this case on a chicken cutlet.

The recipe:

Take your raw garlic and chop it fine …


Add fresh basil, fresh chopped tomatoes, …



… salt and some balsamic vinegar and a splash of olive oil.

Mix and it’s a topping!


For Bruschetta, take an Italian loaf of bread or a baguette for smaller servings, cut into slices …



… and toast. Rub the toast with a piece of garlic and add the tomato mixture. You have an instant app!

More yumminess:

I sauté garlic with some sunflower oil (stands up to heat) and a little water so the garlic does not burn.

Add 1 cup of chopped tomatoes per serving and sauté

After 20 minutes, add fresh basil that is sliced thin

Serve over fresh pasta

Easier than opening a jar! For real!

Feel free to use diced tomatoes from a can – they work great.


Garlic soup is a quick dinner and a tasty broth.

Chop 5 or 6 cloves of garlic …


… and sauté briefly in a little sunflower or vegetable oil

add 2 cups of water and let simmer

add ¼ cup of vermicelli (angel hair pasta)

and add any veggie you like: squash, peas, carrots etc – about a cup, diced up.


When the pasta is cooked, your meal is ready! (you can substitute rice for the pasta.)

Garlic as a spread?

Make your own garlic paste! I buy whole, peeled garlic all the time! It keeps for a month!

Take several cloves of garlic, chop fine and sprinkle generously with kosher salt.

Take a large knife and, as a spatula, spread the salt into the garlic and make a paste. Turning the knife side to side and blending them together.

If the garlic is not breaking, add more salt.

This spread can be made in batches and refrigerated to use for garlic bread, steak rubs, chicken seasoning, a base for salad dressings, sofrito with cilantro added – and anything you can think of! It’s like pesto – just that it is all garlic!

So go out and conquer!


Buy garlic and enjoy! And don’t forget to kiss the cook!❤🍸

Imalay! Always in style!

Imalay Guzman

Summer Times

By Imalay Guzman

After suffering mother nature’s cruel joke, I am excited to say summer is officially here! Coming from a Hispanic background and being born midsummer, I truly appreciate the warm weather. From lake trips to the cook-outs – who doesn’t love the summer time?

Imalay’s sweet husband and their adorable kids enjoy the refreshing pool! photos: Imalay Guzman

There is something about warm weather that brings out the happiness in people: everyone can relate to letting loose and having fun.

Any spontaneous decision can lead to an unforgettable memory. When I was 15 years old, a group of friends and I decided to skinny dip at Vernon Hill pool. It was something to do while there was nothing to do. I will never forget how I cut my leg trying to jump over the fence! Over all, it was a great night – something I will never forget!

This is the time of the year where there are different occasions and reasons for family and friends to reunite. My family does this thing where every Sunday of the summer we get together just so all the family members can actually spend time with one another. This way all the siblings can catch up, and we have a day of the week where we can be a family. To be honest, the main reason for the gathering is my mother’s cooking. She is an amazing cook!

A family birthday party!🎂🎂

If it’s not dipping your feet in a pool or splashing around in a beach, people always find a way to keep cool and have fun. The idea of fun is what you make it! Not everyone is so lucky to have a variety of different activities – people who are not mobile can only do so much. It reminds me of a time when it was 95 degrees our and my friends and I decided to start a water balloon game, something like manhunt, but if you got hit more than three time with a balloon you would be it. When you’re younger, any little thing can be entertaining! Add water to the activity and you will beat the heat! There are different ways to be able to enjoy the hot weather, without having to spend lots of money.

Here are some of the activities I enjoy,using stuff around the house or items that are inexpensive:

The world’s cheapest slip ‘n’ slide – using an old tarp, detergent and water – you can even set it up at a softball field and have some real fun.

Hanging water balloons and letting the kids have at it like a pinata can also be a good way to keep the younger kids entertained and refreshed.

What better way to stay cool than to make everyone’s favorite treat – ice cream! You can go online and find different ways to make your own ice cream in your choice of flavor. Even if you’re alone a bike ride or even a trip to a place you’ve never been can make anyone’s summer.

Keeping busy and having fun can keep a lot of people safe and out of trouble. I hope everyone enjoys their summer!

Worcester’s Roger Salloom – always in style!

IN THE PINK🌸: MY OL’ PROVIDENCE STREET JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH TEACHER, singer-songwriter Roger Salloom, wrote a new song. I like it!:🌸 – R.T.

The backstory from Roger:

” … after my loved one became a bit healthier, and after I became disgusted by what I felt were repugnant, political people in my country, I had to …write ‘Don’t Let My Country Wash Away.’

“Well, Friends, here it is. I sure hope you like it. My good friends in music have helped out with cameos……in the music scene, if other musicians like what you are doing- …. they want to endorse you, so they do stuff with you . …. Stu Cook from Creedence Clearwater Revival- Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Creedence Clearwater Revisited… , Charles Neville- (Big Joe Turner, Jimmy Reed, the Neville Bros., James Brown et al, Grammy winner), Jamie Kent on his own record label debuted at #16 on the Country Billboard Top 100 chart- he is about 25 years old, and Seth Glier about 25 years old, Grammy winner, extraordinary singer… and dear Nell Levin (who had a young Bob Dylan sleeping on her couch for 6 months when he was homeless in Manhattan …. even Dylan was broke and homeless…. I wonder if he slept on his side or on his back? What would you think today if Dylan was sleeping on your couch?…and in those days I wonder if he slept much, sounds as if he did not) with her husband, Michael August Shelby Bottom String Band, and from my own men, Tommy McCarthy, one of my very favorite dudes-’The Dude will abide’. Fine character and talent in one little body. Thanks.

“One thing that is a curious coincidence is that I had a connection to President John Adams. I read a lot of history. My wife is a descendant of John Adams. She is dismissive of this, however, I am pleased because I have read much about him. I found him admirable with a keen sense of ethical true north and even prescient.”

– Roger

Paula!🐱 Always in style!🐱

But first …
Buddies – L + C.❤ pic: R.T


Dear internet, sharks aren’t props for your macho-fueled selfies

By Paula Moore

By now, you’ve surely seen — or at least heard about — the video out of Florida that has outraged the internet. In the clip, a shark is dragged by a rope behind a speedboat, while the people on board laugh. The shark’s body slams against the surface of the choppy water, and in addition to suffering from this trauma, the shark is likely also suffocating from the lack of water passing through his or her gills.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said, “The brutality and disrespect shown to this animal is sickening,” and has called on state officials to review Florida fishing regulations “to ensure such inhumane acts are strictly prohibited.” Reportedly, the same people who shot this disturbing clip also posted a photo of the shark’s mangled body, torn to pieces by their abuse.

How many more examples of such total disregard for life must we witness before we humans finally understand that bullying and killing animals for alcohol-fueled antics and narcissistic selfies is wrong?

Sadly, there seems to be no limit to the number and species of animals manhandled by ignorant gawkers for photo and video ops — from a baby dolphin yanked out of the water and passed around by tourists to peacocks grabbed out of a zoo exhibit for selfies — but sharks seem to bear the brunt of the abuse.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating a second video, possibly of the same boat crew responsible for the shark-dragging incident, showing a hammerhead shark being used as a “beer bong”: A man positioned beneath the shark drinks beer as it’s poured through the animal’s gills.

Last year, a video and photos circulated showing a group of men, purportedly lifeguards at a hotel in the Dominican Republic, dragging a shark out of the water and forcing the animal’s face into the sand. The shark died. A few months earlier, video footage had surfaced of a man in Florida pulling a struggling shark from the ocean and pinning down the resistant animal while mugging for the camera. It’s unclear whether that shark survived the encounter.

Commenting on the speedboat video, Neil Hammerschlag, a shark expert at the University of Miami, told the Miami Herald, “Maybe if you’re able to overcome a big shark, there’s a sense of accomplishment. But there’s other ways to express that, and certainly animal cruelty is not a good one. You know — arm wrestle.”

Like us, sharks have unique personalities, and they socialize and form friendships.

Porbeagle sharks have been observed playing with objects floating in the water, repeatedly rolling themselves in kelp fronds and chasing after other sharks who trailed pieces of kelp behind them.

Biologist Peter Best once witnessed several great whites working together to move the carcass of a partially beached whale to deeper waters so that they could eat it.

Sharks have long-term memories, they teach each other how to find food, they can perceive optical illusions and they feel pain.

And tellingly — unless some drunken idiots are dragging them from their ocean home — sharks naturally shun human contact.

Bullying an animal who just wants to be left alone is not brave. It’s not funny. It’s pathetic. If any good can come of the outcry over these sickening videos, perhaps it’s that more people will understand that animals aren’t playthings for us to use and abuse — and leave them in peace.

The pointless Coreen Gaffney! … Or: Where does District 4 City Councilor Candidate Coreen Gaffney stand on THE TOUGH ISSUES, THE REAL CHALLENGES of Worcester’s District 4? … She is NO WHERE!

Text + pics by Rosalie Tirella

MIA! Parading around our D 4 streets (where does Coreen stand on the proposed 25 MPH inner-city speed limit?!)…


… planting fuckin’ flowers. Oblivious. When we need solutions to OUR INTENSE HEART-BREAKING, DEADLY District 4 Challenges!!:

Like the homeless, opioid problems … . I took this photo on Millbury Street a few days ago. You see folks struggling like this every day on Millbury Street, the beginning of the gentrified Canal District.

So many homeless men and women in the Canal District …

… hanging out under the Green Street bridge …

Sleeping on Green Street …


District 4 cries out for help! Coreen Gaffney plants pansies!!

The Canal District – a district of the well off and very poor/homeless! No middle! Like a mini NYC or Boston!

… Then there are the homeless, the bereft, in Main South!

Where is Coreen’s caring-for-the-homeless/drug-addicted blue-print?

“Canning” at Endicott Street:



Where is her plan to employ the thousands in D 4 who would be employed in factories, if we had an abundance of factories, like the good old days?! There is no longer this economic engine for the uneducated/undereducated in D 4! No factories to lift people out of intense poverty!

Where does Coreen Gaffney stand on FIGHTING FOR $15 – the minimum/living wage issue? WORKERS IN D 4 need a living wage!

Where are Coreen’s blue prints for D 4’s forgotten workers? Do not ask her! She is too busy posting happy pappy photos of puppies and kittens and public relations photos from D 4 AGENCIES WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE IN WORCESTER!

Sucking ass is not the solution, Coreen!

We do not need a gardener or calendar event listings person!

Are you brain dead? Heartless? So stupid that you don’t SEE what we here in D 4 see every day? That’s right – you and Mike just moved here two years ago to jumpstart our political nightmare!!

If elected, will you follow the lead of your toxic husband CITY COUNCILOR MIKE GAFFNEY and vote the way he does on the tough issues that impact District 4? Your evil hubby has been ANTI: people of color, refugees, sanctuary cities, street level social service agencies, the homeless, the drug-addicted…HE HAS BEEN PUNITIVE, DESTRUCTIVE…NO ANSWERS. Truth be told, Michael Gaffney has used all of the above as wedge issues to garner votes from the angry, confused, bigoted…

Will you follow his lead? If elected to the city council, will you vote the way your evil husband does?

Your husband hates Woo being a sanctuary city…

You seem to echo his statements/beliefs when tough issues come to the forefront of city life!

Fuck your flowers!
They are pretty, but we have REC, urban gardeners, college interns, teens in church groups who do/can do what you’re doing. And they do not expect to be elected to public office!

Your urban flora escapade is a pretty smokescreen … just cheap, feel-good publicity for you and Michael in an election year. We need answers to OUR OPIOID problem, to our malnourishment/health problem, to our jobs problem, to our obesity problem …

So many folks in D 4 are overweight or underweight – either way: MALnourished. D 4’s poverty rate is the highest in the city! But on your FB page you post pics of you and hubby eating at Woo’s finest restaurants. Michael posts photos of his white Porche…

You two suck.

But you have highjacked my beloved city because a la Donald Trump you VALIDATE the socio-economic, racial prejudices and fears of so many in Worcester. People who are not adjusting to the new diverse, multicultural, urban, global world …

Kids in our city who need understanding…


… not hatred and ignorance. The kind that pours out of Turtle Boy-Aidan Kearney and your husband Michael Gaffney.

D 4 is MY District…



I love D 4 so much! And I can tell you, Coreen, you DO NOT GET HER, understand her complicated beauty! For one nanosecond!

You do not deserve to represent District 4 because you are clueless …

I hope to see you planting evergreens this Christmas season in D 4 – AFTER YOU’VE LOST THE ELECTION!

But I won’t be waiting for you outside the Main South CDC or Mahoney’s…cuz you’ll be gone.

Helen S. – always in style! An unsung heroine!


One of Worcester’s Own

By Parlee Jones

2016 Unsung Heroines in the Great Hall of the Massachusetts State House

Peace, Worcester People! Five years ago, I wrote an ICT article about Helen Sakovich, a local woman who has served as a school Crossing Guard at the corner of Elm and West streets for the past 30 years.

Well, five years later, the State of Massachusetts has decided to award Helen with the Unsung Heroines of Massachusetts Award.

“Each year the Commission gathers nominations from across the state for women who make outstanding contributions to their organizations and communities. The Honorees are nominated by state legislators as a means of recognizing women for their previously unnoted yet valuable community contributions.

“The Unsung Heroines are women who don’t always make the news, but truly make the difference. They are the women who use their time, talent and enthusiasm to enrich the lives of others and make a difference in their neighborhoods, cities and towns. They are mentors, volunteers and innovators who do what needs to be done without expectations of recognition or gratitude. These women are the glue that keeps a community together and every community has them.” 

~ Massachusetts Coalition on the Status of Women

Helen grew up in Worcester, on Greenwood Street where her dad built a home for her mom as a wedding gift. She remained there until her 20s. Her mom, Eva, was born there and dad Jack was from Belarus, Russia. Her dad passed away when she was 12, and her mom raised four children in the home built from love.

Helen’s sisters are Annie and Sonia.They are the lights of her life. Her brother, Dmitri, passed away in 1984. Her parents were married for 14 years when Jack passed away.

Helen was raised in a home of love and her parents were kind. Helen went to Quinsigamond grammar school and Grafton Street Junior High School. She graduated from North High in the Class of ’69, “the real North,” as she calls it.

Helen started working as the Cross Guard at Elm and West on September 21, 1987.
When asked why she has stayed so long in this job, Helen says that she has loved this job from the beginning. She enjoys watching the school kids growing up from year to year. “It’s nice to watch the kids start off in kindergarten and then to see them on their way to sixth grade graduation. I’ve seen a lot of children in this neighborhood. … My job fulfills me – I love children.”

Helen has also seen her kids, who have grown up now, come back with their own children, some attending the same school as their parents and still living in the same neighborhood. “In the last week I must have seen 10 kids that have grown come back with their kids.” Sometimes the students who have grown up will come back and say hi! Thanking her for kind words in the morning and afternoon.

“When summer comes I miss my job,” Helen says. “I start counting down the days once they start showing the “Back to School” [TV] commercials. I have had all cultures of kids and I love it. If you love what you do it’s easy. I love children.”

She adds: “Another thing I enjoy is watching the moms walking the little ones to school on the first day. Sometimes the moms are crying and sometimes the kids are crying. … to see the kids on the first day of school with their little bow ties and pretty shoes. Some clinging to mom and some running from mom.”

Helen truly enjoys seeing the loving moms cry as they leave their babies for the first time. “I love to see the looks on their faces,” she says.

Helen was nominated by State Rep. Mary Keefe. Helen says that she is undeserving, that she does not like the title “Heroine” because that honor should be reserved for “cops, medical and fire people.” Workers who put their lives on the line for people, workers who save folks’ lives.

Helen said she won’t make the ceremony at the State House because it is the last day of school, and she does not want to miss any of her kids!!!

Elm Park School is lucky to have such a protector!

Congratulations, my friend! No one is more deserving!

CECELIA – always in style!

By Rosalie Tirella

Delivering my spirited little rag …

pic: R.T.

Named after my lovely, late, great Mom💙!

A wee Rose, her beautiful mom and the first boy Rose ever crushed on! So pushy!

One of Rose’s mother’s favorite singers:

Rose’s mom loved Billie so much she used to wear a flower tucked behind her ear a la Billie and her famous orchids …

See the flower? (Rose’s mom, left)

Above: Rose’s mom and her sister “May” on the roof of “The Block,” on Bigelow Street, in Green Island during World War II. They grew up in a tenement in The Block, a huge, ugly brick box – hence the nickname The Block – comprised of scores of tenements. Home to poor Polish immigrants, many of whom lived on Bigelow, Scott, Lodi, Siegel, Lafayette and Endicott streets, in Green Island.

One of May’s favorite songs, by John Denver (written for his wife):

Rose loves this song, too! As a teen hearing it (that’s when it was on the radio) she thought it was cornball. John Denver! Eeek! Too uncool!! Now Rose loves the cliche-ridden love song for what it says, how it sounds, and the memories it evokes. For its cliches!! They say FAMILY to her!

May, unlike Cecelia, married a good man and had a great life with him❤! During their youth and young motherhood, Cecelia and May were best friends! True sisters! Here they are, a couple of cute snow bunnies!💚, when they lived in Springfield and worked as live-in housekeepers (starting at just 14 and 1/2 years old!) for the Bishop of Springfield.


It was during the Great Depression – everyone was out of work – sons and daughters had to be farmed out to employers far from home to help support the family and to be fed, clothed! Ma and May were sent by my Bapy to the Bishop’s big house in Springfield to be maids, cooks to make money for the family back home and to be able to eat well, dress well, be safe in lean times. Back then, among Catholic immigrants, it was an honor to have anyone in your family working for the Catholic church. Of course, having your kid become a priest or nun was the be all to end all – gave you instant cachet in the Polish, Italian or Irish ghetto!! And a free ticket to Heaven!

Happy Saturday!

Here is Rose, not at all looking like her Mom. Maybe a little like May …


Here is one of Rose’s fave artists. She LOVES the late great Bill M! Was a Bill groupie as a young gal! Saw him several times – even in Worcester, when he played our First Night, with Patty Larkin💚! WOW.:

Chef Joey’s strawberry shortcake biscuits – always in style!!

Chef Joey – Chef Dreamy!!

Strawberry Shortcake Biscuits

Recipe and photos by Chef Joey


2 cups of flour

pinch of salt

1 stick soft butter


2 tsp baking powder

1/4 cup sugar

Add up to 1 cup of milk to bring up to dough consistency. Scoop into a cup cake tin, or make small biscuits with an ice cream scoop, for consistency in size.

Bake at 375 for 12 – 15 mins.


Take the tops off the berries.


Slice and add to a pan with a little bit of water to prevent burning.

Cook strawberries down, about 15 mins.

Adjust flavor with sugar, but this time of year they should taste great!

Cut your biscuits in half.



Add the berries and their sweet juice…



Garnish with whipped cream.