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American style-makers!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤

By Rosalie Tirella

Trump last night, pretending to be president? A fluke! He’ll flip the crazy switch back on today …

America’s best political writers?

For me, they’re not at the Washington Post or even at the NYT. The guys and gals who write for late night comics Bill Maher, SNL, Seth Myers, Samantha Bee and Stephen Colbert are my gods – daggers pointed at Donald Trump’s lying crooked heart and presidency. Every night. Relentless truth-tellers.

The 1960s – the last time America writhed in the throes of a political and spiritual identity crisis – America had Baez, Gaye, Dylan, Joplin to lead the way out of the quagmire. Today, the artists who best reflect WHAT’S GOING ON in America – refuse to hold back – are our late night stand up comedians (the word “comedians” does not do them justice). Today’s comedians’ art is just as brilliant as the Smothers Brothers’ or Lenny Bruce’s. Some folks may say today’s political comics are more polished looking – wear ties and bras. So what?! Who cares?! Stephen Colbert still kills it every night! Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer will be with America far longer than any saccharin Trump video clip (we’re not counting the stupid ones, of which there will be hundreds). You listen to a Bill Maher monologue and you hear our sad truth swaddled in lovely sentences, f-bomb laced, making us guffaw, soaring to satirist heaven!!!! You – or at least I – wanna see the hard copy of his monologue! Maher’s brilliant essay – all prickly pears and Jaw Breakers and love for this country. Make no mistake: his writing is wonderful! For the ages!

Donald Trump won’t make America great – but he sure as hell made American writers great!

Tune in, Worcester!

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Brush up on blush this spring! Purchase cruelty-free brands!



Makeup artists consider blush the secret to looking healthy, but many blushes hide an ugly secret that might make you feel sick.

This Might Bug You … To give blush its rosy hue, a pigment made from crushed female cochineal insects is sometimes used. This bright red coloring is called Carmine but might be disguised in the ingredient list with nicknames like Cochineal, Carminic Acid, Natural Red 4, or C.L 75470. In addition to this creepy-crawly secret, some cosmetic companies use other animal-derived ingredients and test makeup products on animals, causing them to suffer in unimaginable ways.

Thankfully, you can easily add blush to your makeup wardrobe without harming animals!

There are dozens of cruelty-free and vegan blushes available, but we’ve hand-picked five favorites just for you!

Touted by beauty bloggers as a “universally flattering” blush that’s gorgeous on any skin tone, Pacifica’s Blushious blush in Camellia provides a peachy-pink glow.

Pacifica is a cruelty-free and vegan company that uses natural ingredients like coconut and rose in their affordable and luxurious cosmetics. At just $12, this blush is a steal and a total must-have.


Before blush was powdered and packaged, women used red fruits to color their cheeks. Cruelty-Free brand 100% Pure offers fruit pigmented vegan blushes that are suited for sensitive skin and available in a wide array of shades to suit any skin tone. The classic pink shade “Cherry” offers a satin finish and a flush of color in adorable packaging. At $35, this blush is less expensive than some better known “luxury” brands that favor cruelty over quality.

If your lifestyle is a little more active, you might prefer the ease of a blush that you can throw in your bag and apply without brushes. Tarte cheek stain comes in 6 vegan-friendly sheer shades that can be applied on the go and blended with fingers for that “I just worked out” look.


Try the shade True Love, a sheer watermelon hue that looks like you’re naturally blushing. Since not all shades are vegan, be sure to select one of the six shades that bear the “Vegan Friendly” stamp on the product photo.

While many blushes have a bit of shimmer, some prefer the natural look of a matte formula. Cruelty-free brand Modern Minerals offers a neutral shade called Love, a matte warm pink with mauve undertones that perfectly suits a minimal “no makeup” look. This vegan blush is ideal for those who aren’t comfortable with brighter hues, but want to give blush a try. At just $20, it’s a low-risk option that adds just a little pink to your cheeks without taking much green from your wallet.

If you like pretty packaging and an equally lovely product, you’ll love Too Faced Long Lasting Blush. While the whole brand is Cruelty-free, only the shades How Deep is Your Love and Your Love is King are vegan so far. The first is described as a watermelon pink and the second is a plum toned rose- and both will flatter both light and dark skin tones.

You don’t need makeup to be pretty, but when you choose to use a cruelty-free and vegan blush, you’re making life just a little more beautiful for the animals.

15 Great Cruelty-Free Companies


In style: A half-way normal Donald Trump! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

By Rosalie Tirella

Not bad, Donald.

Don’t get us wrong, readers! If Donald Trump can be an effective or even great president, we’re all for him! The above videos – snap shots of Trump being on-message, funny and real – are glimmers of hope. After watching these videos and others, you realize there is something quite endearing – dare I say loveable?! – about the Donald!: #1 – He is authentic. Totally himself … and that is GREAT. It’s a lot of fun, kinda scary, ultimately mesmerizing. Trump doesn’t hold back or disengage or quit working at 6:30 p.m. every night to spend time with his family like President Obama did. Nope. Trump – with wife Melania MIA in another state – is ON 24/7. Like a great, bizarre ’round the clock reality TV show! And we’re all addicted to watching it! Last night I began watching an old President Obama video and shut it off. Boring!!! I tuned into Trump – and had fun. So what if we are all going to be incinerated?!!! Trump is one hell of a roller coaster ride! He is combative but takes his lumps, too – for his gaffes, hissy fits, open bathrobe and fumbling for light switches in a lights-out White House.

Donald Trump seems to crave unending adoration, but his emotional neediness often manifests itself as a kind of goofy friendliness… . President Obama was aloof. Trump is anything but. He’s a hugger, hand-holder, hand-shaker,  glad-hander … a people person. Nutty. But gregarious. I like that. He could be Italian-American – a Rat Pack ba da boom kinda prez! Trump’s out-sized personality is why he has connected with so many – millions of – Americans. They love him! He’s like lots of great U.S. presidents/politicians – loves to, lives to swaddle himself in the hoi polloi and upper classes and everyone in between: FDR, LBJ, Teddy Roosevelt. You can tell Trump LOVES being president! Which is why he filed his papers for re-election immediately after Inauguration Day!!!


Trump’s manic energy encompasses all – sucks you in. He has bonded with the forgotten Americans: white working class regular folks who, on a number of fronts, most important, the economic one, have suffered for many many years. He says he will change their – our – lives. Tonic to the people!

Trump, for me, feels especially like Lyndon B. Johnson –  a natural, gifted, LOVE ME NOW-PLEASE! kind of politician. Trump can’t mask his insecurity and he can’t get enough of Americans and our problems, feelings, food etc. The voters, miners, teachers, Congress – he’ll spread the Donald all over the place, like the special sauce on a Big Mac.

And it feels kinda nice. Fucked up. But nice.

Raise the federal minimum wage, Donald! Support our unions! Create a robust AMERICAN INFRASTRUCTURE REBUILDING federal program that puts millions of regular guys and gals back to work at GOOD PAYING JOBS rebuilding America’s highways, bridges, airports, etc! Quit stomping on the Constitution, and you just may make it, after all!🇺🇸🍦🍟🍔🍕

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text+photos: R.T.











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Chef Joey?!😃








Playing Dr. Frankenstein – not “cutting-edge”!

We don’t need ‘Frankenscience’ to solve the organ shortage

By Dr. Emily Trunnell

In Greek mythology, the sighting of a chimera — a creature composed of parts from more than one animal — was a bad omen.

I think it still is.

Experimenters at the Salk Institute made headlines recently with the publication of a study describing how they grew fetuses that were part pig and part human.

Although these chimeras contained few human cells, the work was widely hailed as a milestone — an initial step toward a far-off day when people in desperate need of transplants can order organs from warehouses in the form of living animals.

Leaving aside for a moment the unique ethical minefield that this line of research creates, let’s look at how patients in need of organs could be helped today, without subjecting intelligent, sensitive pigs to invasive procedures and then killing them — as was the fate of both the fetuses and the surrogate mothers who carried them in the Salk Institute’s experiments.

Just a simple change in law is all that is required. In Belgium, France, Sweden and other countries that have passed presumed consent laws, which presume that people’s organs are available for donation upon their death unless they opt out, or mandated choice laws, which require adults to choose whether or not to donate their organs, the number of organs available for donation has increased dramatically. For instance, since changing its law in the 1970s, France has seen organ donations shoot up by nearly 5,000 percent.

As for the rationale behind the Salk Institute’s study, its senior author is quoted as saying, “[O]rgans developed in petri dishes are not identical to the ones that grow inside a living thing. … What if we let nature do the work for us?”

“Petri dish” hardly does justice to the recent advances in sophisticated 3-D bioprinting that now allow scientists to grow human tissue in a highly controlled manner, with more precision and consistency than is possible in chimera experiments, in which tissue develops in live animals.

The same can be said of 3-D organs-on-chips, a technology that is not only providing insights into diseases — another justification given for chimera work — but also offering the potential for personalized medicine when, eventually, the efficacy of therapies will be able to be tested on a patient’s own cells. If we’re going to invest in long-term research to grow and study human organs, shouldn’t we pursue these pioneering, high-tech methods?

Because of the unique moral dilemma that chimera research presents, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) took the rare step in 2015 of imposing a moratorium on funding studies in which human stem cells are injected into animal embryos. (The Salk Institute experiments were privately funded.) While NIH has indicated that it intends to lift the funding ban in certain circumstances, I hope it will reconsider. Instead, it should support forward-looking, non-animal methods of developing replacement organs and researching disease.

We need to leave behind the ancient world of mythological creatures and embrace the promising, cutting-edge technologies that will alleviate the suffering of both animals and humans.

And remember! When buying stuff like household cleaners and make-up, have a 💙💜💛❤💞💗💙😍! – always BUY PRODUCTS NOT TESTED ON BUNNIES!

ELF, Wet ‘n’ Wild and Physicians Formula are just a few of the great cosmetic brands that are CRUELTY-FREE. You can buy their fine and beautifully priced products at CVS, WALGREENS or TARGET!

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Hair care Valentine’s tips and news from Jolleen!

Cool Hand “Jo,” owner of Shear Dimension Hair Salon on Greenwood Street … and more!

Trade Secrets at Shear Hair Co.

By Jolleen

Raging Reds

The biggest complaints from redheads I hear is how much it fades and how it always fades to an “ugly” auburn color. Here are some tricks and tips to keep that color looking amazing with your Shear Hair Expert.

1. Invest in a Color Lock Keratin treatment. It is an amazingly affordable service, and ALL of my reds, fashion colors and platinum blondes get it.


2. Purple shampoo….not just for blondes anymore! This will cut the underlying copper and create a more pleasant and gradual fade.


3. Seal your red. I like to do a quick “glossing” service with my super bright reds. I will use a semi at the sink and just add that extra brightness. This will give your color not only an extra punch, but an extra 1 – 2 weeks before it fades.



Just when you thought Shear Dimension couldn’t get any better we have expanded!! Now that Valentine’s
Day is right around the corner, you want to pamper your loved one (or yourself) in every way possible – am I right?

Well, at Shear Elegance Salon and Spa at 72 Hosmer St, Marlborough, MA, we offer Massage, Facials, Brazilian Wax, Manicures, Pedicures, Eyelash and Hair extensions and the same quality haircuts, color, conditioning and styles that you have always loved and expected at our Quinsig Village location.

Whether you want to relax with a Swedish massage, take out tension with a Deep tissue, get some luxury with Hot Stone … We have got you covered. Come as a couple and while one gets a massage, the other can get an amazing Signature Facial, Manicure and Pedicure or hairstyle.

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Until 7 p.m.


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