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Looking out for pups – always in style!

Don’t be cold-hearted, let dogs inside!

By Lindsay Pollard-Post

It’s so cold in many parts of the country that car batteries are calling it quits, streets have been transformed into skating rinks because road salt isn’t working and exposed skin can become frostbitten in a matter of minutes. Yet countless dogs — domesticated animals who are suited to curling up in armchairs, not enduring Arctic temperatures — are left outside in this bone-chilling cold 24/7, on chains or in backyard pens. And not all of them will survive.
Every winter, dogs who are left outdoors freeze to death; suffer from frostbitten ears, toes and tails; and die of dehydration or starvation — often while the people who left them out there are just a few steps away inside a cozy, warm house.
Rita was one of those dogs. A police officer reportedly found her dead on Valentine’s Day 2014 inside a pen in Madison, Illinois, that was partially covered with snow and strewn with feces. Her food and water were frozen, there was blood in the pen, her ribs were protruding and she was chained, preventing her from reaching her doghouse. A neighbor testified that she was so concerned about Rita that she had rigged up a system to lower buckets of food and water to the dog and tossed straw into the pen in an attempt to give her some warmth.
Last month, a puppy was found frozen to death inside a plastic igloo-shaped doghouse in Atlantic County, New Jersey, after being left outside in dangerously cold temperatures. Another dog, possibly the puppy’s mother, who was also left outside, was severely malnourished and died after being rushed to a veterinarian. Both dogs’ water bowls were frozen solid.
Dogs’ fur doesn’t provide them with adequate protection from freezing temperatures and biting wind, especially the short fur of dogs like pit bulls, pointers, beagles, Rottweilers and Doberman pinschers. Puppies and elderly dogs are especially vulnerable to extreme temperatures, and older dogs who have spent many winters outside endure the added misery of aching, arthritic joints.
Many dogs who are chained or penned “out of sight, out of mind” in backyards are deprived of adequate and legally required shelter. They spend the winter shivering in drafty, overturned plastic barrels or huddling under haphazard lean-tos constructed out of old mattresses, rusty car parts or whatever else is lying around the yard. PETA’s fieldworkers routinely deliver sturdy, straw-filled doghouses to dogs who are forced to live like this. A doghouse is no substitute for a warm, loving home, but for these neglected animals, proper shelter often means the difference between life and a painful death.
But the coldest thing that chained and penned dogs have to endure isn’t the temperature —vit’s their owners’ indifference. Companionship means everything to dogs — they are social animals who want and need to be with their human “pack,” have their chins scratched, hear the words “Good dog!” and be loved unconditionally, as they love us. They need to exercise their bodies and minds with long walks, games of fetch and new sights, sounds and smells to explore. Stuck in the backyard like snow shovels, dogs get none of these things that make their lives worth living.
If you have dogs living outside, warm their hearts — and yours — let them inside. If there are chained or penned dogs in your neighborhood, make sure they have proper food, water and shelter — and notify authorities immediately if they don’t or if their lives are in danger. And urge their owners to welcome them inside to be with the rest of the family. There is nothing colder than leaving “man’s best friend” out in the snow.

This school vacation week: Bring the kids to Unique Finds and check out the hundreds of VINTAGE TOYS!

Trucks! Race cars! Fire engines! Dolls! COOL Carnival games! Typewriters and vintage adding machines! Vinyl! Not to mention folk and electric guitars for beginners!

All waiting for your little boy or girl, tween or teen!

Open 7 days a week until 7 p.m.


Located at 1329 Main St., Worcester
(text+pics: R.T.)







Lorraine’s in fashion! … Exciting things are happening in Crompton Park

WIN_20150328_234135 (2)-1
The “Mayor of Green Island” – Lorraine Laurie!

By Lorraine Laurie (photos:R.T.)

Exciting things are happening to Crompton Park in the Green Island Neighborhood! Just drive down Harding Street, south of Kelley Square, pass Endicott Street and take a right swing on to Canton  Street. You can see the up-to-date playground equipment, the ultra modern pool complex and the Green Island Neighborhood Center.

According to Robert C. Antonelli, Jr. Assistant Commissioner of the City of Worcester- DPW & Parks – Parks, Recreation & Cemetery Division, the latest phase of work now in progress includes:

the relocation and expansion of the existing parking lot


the relocation of the two existing tennis courts


and the addition of two new handball courts. 


This project will cost $1,020,000 and is made possible with City Tax Levy Capital, Community Development Block Grant money and State “PARC” – Parkland Acquisitions and Renovation for Communities Grant funding. 

State Representative Dan Donahue (D) 16th Worcester District said recently that he was “happy to work with the City to obtain a PARC Grant to help with the renovations on the Canton Street side of Crompton Park.”
The existing parking lot will be relocated to the west side of the Pool Complex. 

The present parking lot will be renovated to a lawn area and decrease the potential of  vehicular and pedestrian conflict as people access the playground.  Rochelle Appiah, Site Manager of the Green Island Neighborhood Center, is looking “forward to the new parking lot here at Crompton  Park.  It will be much safer for the children.”
Besides the parking lot improvements, the two existing tennis courts will be relocated to the west of the new parking lot and two new handball courts will be added to the west of the relocated tennis courts. 

IThe sports court will be constructed with the concrete bases installed for future sports lighting; new lighting fixtures are included for the relocated parking lot. Assistant Commissioner Antonelli  also  points out that “the area between Community building [Green Island Neighborhood Center] and the pool complex will be renovated as a pedestrian friendly paved plaza but will provide accommodations for the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile.  The parking lot and the plaza will be constructed of porous pavement and pavers.  The work is scheduled to be competed by June 1 so as not to interfere with the pool schedule, the Tenacity program and the operations of the Green Island Neighborhood Center. 
Ronald “Ron” Charette, Executive Director of the South Worcester Neighborhood Improvement Corporation, which runs the South Worcester Neighborhood Center on Camp Street and also the Green Island Neighborhood Center, sums it up beautifully.  He says, “It is a great joy for the residents of the Green Island Neighborhood to watch their community jewel, Crompton Park, being rebuilt. The new improvements at Crompton Park signify the health and vitality of the Green Island  Neighborhood.
A thriving park mirrors a happy place for families to live. The renovations to Green Island’s Crompton Park are one more step in re-building a fine neighborhood.”

Banish the winter blahs at Unique Finds Antiques and Vintage Gift Shop! Open 7 days a week until 7 p.m.

Located at 1329 Main St., Worcester. (Webster Square area – at the corner of Main and Henshaw streets) text + pics: R.T.








I bought this S&G album at Unique Finds. I only have their Greatest Hits and Concert in Central Park albums. I was at the NYC concert with my commune buddies. We drove down in a pickup truck. I sat in the bed of the pickup with all my vegan cohorts and the handsome young farmer, who held me all the way from VT to Central Park! Feelin’ groovy!

Not for sale – store mascot!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Shear Dimension Hair Salon!

The lovely and talented Jolleen sells the latest Paul Mitchell hair care products. Remember: ALL Paul Mitchell shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, etc are cruelty-free – they aren’t tested on rabbits and contain zero animal-derived ingredients!

By Jolleen Kay
Before you make reservations for your big date night out, reserve your appointment and show a little love to your hair. This love is everywhere, all over Worcester, and Shear Dimension is no different!  

We want to make sure our new clients hear about and respond to our “advances.”

They are encouraged to subscribe to our text and email notifications. We have the latest technology and clients are able to book online via our website, Facebook or email.

They also receive text messages 48 and 24 hours prior to our “date.”
Clients have a lot of options out there.  We appreciate you, and while we understand it is great to “casually date” new salons when they “flirt” with their discounts, but when you find a place that does good work, has good service, and you leave excited about the experience, it’s time to commit. We don’t want to pressure you on our first date, or anything, but …

I find honesty is always the best policy, so, I will let you know that Shear Dimension is serious about building a relationship with you.   While not all relationships are meant to be, if you continue to “casually date” you will continue to be unhappy because only the person you build a relationship with will know your habits, schedule, family/job obligations, and the time you are willing to put into maintaining your look.

Remember, if you want a look you can take home to your parents … and you are looking for a meaningful, lasting relationship this Valentine’s Day, not just a one night stand….come on in to Shear Dimension!  

P.S. Don’t worry, if you schedule by reading this article we can tell everyone we met from a friend of a friend, not on a “blind date.”

New product line at Shear Dimension! Feels sooo luxurious, smells so purty!

It’s the end of cold, dry winter – your tresses are crying out for moisture! Try a little tenderness aka MATRIX HydraSource!

Be your own hair salon! Jo sells the gear professionals use!

Shear Dimension
347 Greenwood St
Worcester, MA 01607

Politics – always in style! (It’s how we change the world!)


2016 Caucus Information 

Ward 1 
44 Park Ave, Braley &Wellington Insurance 9:00 AM

Ward 2 
116 Country Club Blvd Lincoln Village Center 10:00 AM

Ward 4 
Salem Square Worcester Public Library Banx Room 10:00 AM

Ward 5 
2 Addison Street Addison Apartments 1:30 PM

Ward 6 

Ward 7 
2 Circuit Ave Alhambra Nights of Columbus 12:00 PM

Ward 8 
138 Green Street NeighborWorks HomeOwenrship Center 10:00 AM

Ward 9 
335 Chandler Street NU Cafe 7:00 PM

Ward 10 
143 Highland Street Sahara Restaurant 4:00 PM

Worcester Democratic City Committee
Candy Carlson, Chair 

Helping the guys at Jeremiah’s – always in fashion!


We are calling for Fitted Sheets!

Jeremiah’s Inn is a 29 bed program, which means that we are constantly in need of supplies for the house.
Currently, we are looking for fitted bed sheets for twin beds.
We will be grateful for any contribution that you can make. 
Thank you again for your continuous support in helping our community. 
For more information call (508) 755 6403 or email

Gordon’s parked in Fashion! … Guns in Worcester apartments and evictions

By Gordon Davis

The City of Worcester has a long history of using police power to violate the constitutional rights of its residents and interfere in what are civil matters.

The City of Worcester ordinance regarding panhandling was recently ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States.

The pursuit of criminal charges against BlackLives Matter protesters by Worcester City Manager Ed Augustus was declared not to be a criminal matter by the Worcester Court.

The City of Worcester has also asked the Massachusetts Attorney General to investigate fraud charges against a predominantly Black-run community center, the Mosaic group, when the City’s own audit found no fraud.

Once again the Worcester City Council will decide on whether it will seek police force in what is clearly a civil matter.

At last night’s city council meeting City Councilor Moe Bergman petitioned the Council for an exception to State statutes. He wants landlords to have the ability to evict tenants in Worcester apartments who are charged with illegal possession of weapons.

Of course, anyone who has an illegal weapon is a cause of concern, and the police should be involved.

However, the issue is that of eviction – a wholly civil matter.

There are civil remedies other than increasing the police power of the City of Worcester: The best remedy is to have a clause in the lease that the lease can be terminated when there is a conviction of illegal weapon possession.

Even this might not be needed if the conviction results in incarceration. In any event, the lease will at some time expire and it does not have to be renewed.

For tenants at will the landlord can evict a tenant with a 30 day notice.

The landlord or business manager should have the common sense to screen a potential lessee BEFORE the lease is signed. This is standard business practice.

Mr. Bergman’s ordinance will probably be ruled unconstitutional if it reaches the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. It punishes people who have not been found guilty of any crime and presumed innocent. The other items in the so called Public Nuisance Ordinances of the State of Massachusetts and City of Worcester could also then be reviewed as well.

It seems to me that the petition will fail at the state level. No other city in the Commonwealth has such an ordinance, and the usual way to establish such use of police force would be through the State Legislature.

Reportedly, some elements of Mr. Bergman’s petition, as drafted by “Use-the-Police-First” City Manager Augustus, are downright silly. It includes a clause giving the District Attorney of Worcester County permission to evict tenants. As we all know, eviction is a civil matter and outside of the germane of the District Attorney.

This petition is especially bad, as it shows the influence that bad or incompetent landlords have on the making of laws. It also shows the propensity of the City government to use police force unnecessarily. 

Watch it!


Michael Moore’s new movie: a must-see!

A letter from filmmaker Michael Moore:


Thank you to all who have written to me about my stay this past week in the intensive care unit. Unfortunately, as you may have heard, I came down with pneumonia. Truth be told, it was pretty serious, and other complications arose. But then, five days later, I was still alive — thanks to a combination of Directors Guild insurance, two I-V drips of alleged legal drugs, and a hospital TV that only got FOX News. I was released on my own recognizance, which I tried to explain may not be the best idea. I am now at home resting and binging on the Real Housewives of The Walking Dead. All my appearances this week and last week supporting the release of my brand new movie, “Where To Invade Next” (Conan, Bill Maher, Charlie Rose, NPR, etc.), plus a special primary eve screening tonight in New Hampshire, were and are cancelled.

Needless to say, I’m pretty devastated. This film means a lot to me. To be sidelined – I can’t fly, I can’t travel, I can’t leave the house – in this, the most important week before it comes out… well, you can imagine what I’m going through. Trying to get back to just breathing is enough of a burden. To think that my film may now not reach the audience I made it for, let’s just say that doesn’t help the healing process.

Many of you have asked if there’’s anything you can do to help me. I have thought about it – and, yes, actually, there is something you could do to help me.

I need you to be part of a quickly cobbled-together “army” of grassroots “ambassadors” who can do the work I was going to do this week to let people know abut the movie and convince as many as possible to go see it.. I realize you haven’t seen “Where To Invade Next”, so I’m asking you to do this based upon my past work and your hope that I’ve made a compelling film that might affect change in this country, that will inspire people to think about things in a different way. I believe that’s exactly what I’ve done, and many who’ve seen it agree. I also believe this movie can have a huge impact on the elections this year. It’s won a bunch of film festival prizes, it’s made the Oscars shortlist, and some have called it my best film ever. Possibly, just possibly.

But forget all that. Here’s what I will tell you: You are going to be seriously f***ed up by this film. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done. It will truly make your head spin for two hours while you “laugh AND cry — in the same exact moment,” as an audience member said to the cameras on the way out of the movie’s premiere.

Last week, laying in the hospital, I watched one Presidential candidate attack the candidate from Vermont for his ideas being “unrealistic,” “pie in the sky,” and “ideas that sound good on paper, but aren’t going to happen.” The truth is, all these great “ideas” – free universal health care, free university, free day care, taxing and policing hedge fund millionaires – have already happened in nearly every other industrialized country in the world! And I have the evidence – and the film — to prove it!

Throughout “Where To Invade Next”, I invade a whole bunch of nefarious countries, from Slovenia to Germany to France to Norway, and pry loose from them the tools they’ve been using to make their countries happy, shiny places.

My goal: to show millions of Americans what these countries have been hiding from us so we can catch up and be #1 again! Remember “WE’RE #1!!”? Don’t you miss being #1 and waving those big foam #1 fingers at patriotic rallies? In my invasions, I don’t use any weapons, and no one gets droned.

I show how to actually make all universities free (and great); how to give all workers five to eight weeks PAID vacation (which increases productivity and betters the economy); how simple and easy it is to give mothers (or fathers) up to a year of PAID maternity leave (which in turn benefits the company overall); how in the societies where woman have achieved true equality and power, everything just seems to get better for everyone; how to reduce the crime rate by ending the war on drugs and having a humane prison system (our recidivism rate is as high as 80%; theirs is 20%); how the economy bounces back faster and is safer when bankers are put in prison; how students in countries without standardized tests and needless homework perform better than our students (and that countries which have more arts and music in their schools do better in math and science)… and on and on and on.

By the end of the movie, you’ll want to go live in one of those countries. But instead, I’ll show you how we can make all of that happen right here in the USA, right now.

So, what do you think? Can you be a virtual ambassador for “Where To Invade Next”? I know you can’t go on “Good Morning America” for me, but there are a few easy things you could do:

First, go see it!

Text some friends right now and say, “hey, let’s go see this Friday night!”

Commit now to go to a theater that’s playing it this coming weekend. It’s opening in every major and mini-major city in the country. If you live in a place the size of Binghamton, NY, or Grand Rapids, MI, then they’re going to be playing “Where To Invade Next.” The final list of theaters will be out later.

Thank you!