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SEAC’s Marc is DACA!

By Boa Newgate

This is Marc. …


Marc is serving his second year in the Army Reserves. Marc spends most of his time working and volunteering at the Southeast Asian Coalition of Central Massachusetts (SEAC).

Anh Vu Sawyer, the executive director at SEAC, has often said: “It’s because of Marc and all the staff, SEAC has been able to serve the more than 9,000 clients who visit a year, in addition to reaching out to more than 5,000 individuals during outreach events to assist them with many of their needs.”

Marc’s contribution in the community and at SEAC leading the youth program has certainly helped SEAC to be recognized as a trusted non-profit organization serving immigrants and refugees. It was given numerous awards for the work it has been doing for the community – Community Hero, Humanities Award, Best Small Nonprofit Award to name a few.


Through his work with mental wellness programs and the suicide prevention program, and as a mentor to other youth, Marc has saved lives. He is a positive role model for many youths in and outside of Worcester. As a US military reserve, Marc aims to protect this country. He is loved by all he serves and works with: students, colleagues, friends, family and many members of his community. Marc is an everyday hero in the eyes of all who know him.

But Marc has a secret: one that has kept him in the dark. This secret gave him anxiety and great agony for many years, but he finally got the courage to share his story to me. He doesn’t want to live in fear anymore. He wants to empower others like him. Marc is a Dreamer … protected by DACA.

President Obama created DACA in 2012 in an executive order to help the children of immigrants, covering more than 800,000 people.

DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was drawn up after Congress failed to pass the DREAM (Development, Relief, Education for Alien Minors) Act.

There are certain qualifications for DACA: one must have arrived in the US before 2007 and be under the age of 16 with no criminal record. This ensures that those under DACA have a good purpose and that they are people who have earned and deserve their part in it. DACA recipients are given temporary legal status in America. They are given a Social Security card, given the ability to obtain a work permit – but they cannot apply for citizenship.

They pay their share in taxes and also pay $500 every two years to renew their status.

Tom K. Wong, an assistant professor of political science at the University of California, San Diego, oversaw a national survey of 3,063 DACA holders last month and found that “on average [these people] were six and a half years old when they arrived in the U.S. Most of them — 54 percent– were under the age of 7″ (

100% of DACA recipients have no criminal record and 91% have jobs, but they have limited term.

They get nothing for free in this country.

They have dreams and aspirations just like everyone here. This is their home, they have no fault of their own when they arrive here. They are children of immigrants that came from very dangerous places. Their families risk their life to be here, seeking protection, freedom and a better life for their families, just like the original settlers of America.


On September 5, 2017, the Trump administration began its efforts to rescind DACA. The Trump administration gave Congress six months to come up with “a fix” before the federal government officially stopped renewing permits.

At this point, if I didn’t convince you that rescinding DACA is inhuman, here’s an economic perspective: “Ending DACA would hurt the U.S economy!” We could lose hundreds of thousands of jobs, more specifically we would lose “$460 billion in economic output over the next decade, as well as $24.6 billion in contribution to Medicare and Social Security” (Progressive Advocacy Group Center for American Progress and

Marc and the other Dreamers were brought to this country by their parents at a young age, meaning that they had no say in the decision of living here. But they have considered this country HOME –
the only country they have ever known. This is the only place they know of, have roots, with most of them residing here for the majority of their childhood.

If the Dreamers lose DACA, they’re potentially losing all they know and love. They have their culture in their hearts, but America is their home they love, and they will do their best to take care of and protect it. It’s cruel to kick people out of their homes.


It’s Labor Day …

By Rosalie Tirella

Celebrate workers! pics: R.T.

Fight for $15!

Run the mutts!

Baby recently spayed lil’ Cece!

Today Rose takes a lazy day off to mull over:

Woo City Councilor Mike Gaffney

The toxic shenanigans of Worcester City Councilor Michael Gaffney…

…whose political future is disintegrating right before his – and our – eyes! (No mayoral win for you, Gaffer! EVER!)

Another self-inflicted cannon ball to the nuts, Mikey! Yesterday you were planting flowers all over town, today you smear Bird-shit all over my city!!!

Has there ever been a creepier councilor in Worcester?

What did Worcester do to get this reactionary? (I mean, besides voting for him?)

How thin-skinned can one un- charismatic politician be? “Punishes” editor Walter Bird for a goofy little item in his paper that tweaked the Gaffer. Just a tweak. But the tweak makes Gaffney go nuts… ballistic! The paragraph wounds him to the soul. Cuts like a butter knife. Scorches like a match flame.

So he decides then and ONLY THEN to dump sexual creep allegations on editor Bird! Gets him removed from his job, too, as the paper’s publisher investigates these serious allegations. Important to remember: Allegations dumped on Worcester only after Gaffney was rubbed the wrong way by Walt…(so Gaffer is no feminist!) We’re talking ONE PARAGRAPH here, folks! A little blurb in a catch-all column.

Wow! I need to make myself another cup of Folger’s!

Can you imagine if the newspaper had been a real alternative rag, like the late great Boston Phoenix or The Village Voice?! Hell, those papers would take no prisoners and CALL A REACTIONARY A REACTIONARY! They would not let Gaffney get away with the evil stuff he gets away with here! They would call him out at every turn!

Truth? Walter Bird has pretty much always handled the Gaffer with care.


Cuz he’s a conservative guy too who agrees with much of what Gaffer stands for when it comes to the issues: minimum wage, taxes, etc. On his FB page Walter Bird once railed against then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, calling her, like many conservatives did: Hil-LIE-ary. Walter was never out to get Gaffney. Walter is no libby. He is your average Woo reporter: below average writer, cliche-wielding, basically conservative.

This is Worcester, folks! Things get stupid here, but Gaffney has sent our metropolis off the rails hurtling into outrageously nasty planets (unless you’re talking Paulie Collyer, a Gaffney mini-me and a guy who’s just as thin-skinned and vindictive as Gaffney). I mean, what kind of fourth-rate politician punishes a fourth-rate writer for not handling him with kid gloves? A Sicko pol, that’s who!

Put on the cassette player!

Fast-forward to:

A Worcester that loses!



Political players that do NOT inspire: Gaffney AND political gadfly Paul Collyer, hate-sower-sewer Turtle Boy Aidan Kearney and all his gangsta-writers, Turtle Boy BFF poet laureate and Woo rogue lawyer Margaret Melican, plus the usual enablers: Billy, Artie, Johnny…)

Politics that do not illuminate

Politics that don’t make the world a better place


About five years ago we were Googling Walter Bird and stumbled on some of the stuff that the Gaffer is vomiting up now. I read a Twitter exchange between a 40- something Walter Bird and a very pretty early-20 something young lady. Ol’ Walt was really pushing himself on the gal. A real creep. She resisted. It was pretty gross. But the gal was not a minor. She was, I thought, someone he might have met at a bar and wanted to fuck. Yeah, there was a huge age gap and yeah he was TOTALLY UNATTRACTIVE in this Tweet little conversation, but he was single, the girl did not totally shut him down, she held her own, eventually put him off, let him know she wasn’t nibblin’. Not interested.

Yeah, Walt Bird came on strong, but I did not think he crossed a line. He was creepy but not illegal. The gal was of age. An adult. She handled the creepy situation OK. So I didn’t write the blog post. Chalked it up to just some Saturday night bar blather, courtesy of a loser guy so in love with himself he can’t see he’s a loser.

I do not know how Walter Bird has conducted himself at his paper, but, when it comes to the paper’s young women/interns, if he acts and writes like what I read in his Tweets a few years ago HE SHOULD DEFINITELY NOT BE AROUND these young women in the office!! He is no role model! Not to be trusted. If I had a college-aged daughter, I would not let her anywhere near the desk of Walter Bird. She would intern at CECELIA, where the talented writers roost!

As for Gaffney, expect more of the same. He’ll keep his political base because of his sick, race-baiting, ultimately women-hating stunts and fiscally conservative council votes but, like Prez Donald Trump, he won’t grow his political coalition because of the deplorable stunts –
the stunts that make him a hero to his base!

Gaffney is a pathological liar, manipulator … a spinner of fakeness … He always will be.


Ask yourselves (like we do with Trump): Is this guy mentally ill?

I mean, where is the Gaffer coming from?

Abuse in a childhood foster home?

Extreme childhood neglect?

Extreme poverty?

From whence does his anger, vindictiveness, arrogance and (at his core) self-loathing spurt?

How thin-skinned can one un- charismatic politician be?

People tell us Gaffney comes from nothing, had a crappy youth, worked for everything he has … is self-made.

But made into what?

From the Worcester NAACP … and … fairs and animals …

But first …

Rose’s Cece was spayed Monday. Pray for the lil’ Miss Cece! (she’s so little!) pic: R.T.


State and county fairs: Cruelty on the midway

By Jennifer O’Connor

Every time my phone rings between April and October, I brace myself for what’s coming: a caller reporting appalling abuse at a state or county fair:

Ponies tethered to turnstiles plodding in endless circles for 12 hours a day.

Chained bears forced to beg for marshmallows.

Bagged goldfish dumped in garbage cans after being won as prizes.

Why do fair boards continue to book these cruel and exploitative displays and allow animals to be treated as objects?

Life on the fair circuit is anything but fun and games for animals.

The logistics of moving from venue to venue mean a revolving door of cages, chains, crowds and chaos. There’s never enough time to allow animals to rest or give them a reprieve. It’s too expensive to pay a veterinarian to travel with these convoys, so animals who are ill or injured may go untreated. After all, not many small towns have vets with experience in colicky camels, sick sea lions or ailing alligators.

Bob Steele, who hauls bears around on the fair circuit, has been cited over and over again for failing to provide a bear who had large patches of hair loss with veterinary care.

He has also been cited for housing the bears in unsafe structures and for putting them as well as the public at risk in his Great Bear Show. Steele hauls an arthritic, aging bear around the country and admits to feeding the bears Skittles and M&M’s.

But nearly all the animal exhibitors that you see at your local fair have deplorable records of animal care – and since no one is monitoring caravans on the move, there’s no way of knowing how many animals have suffered and died along the way.

Reptiles and fish are specifically excluded from protection under the federal Animal Welfare Act, and horses and ponies used for entertainment aren’t regulated, either.

So as far as the law is concerned, that “world’s largest alligator” jammed inside a sweltering box and that goldfish being bombarded by ping-pong balls are no different from stuffed animals.

And there are no regulations against forcing ponies to give rides until they can’t take one more step. It’s pretty much a free-for-all.

Then there are all those “agricultural” displays, in which animals are viewed as commodities to be “scored.” Earlier this summer, there was a collective “Aww” when a photo ran of a 15-year-old and his cow nestled close to each other sound asleep at the Iowa State Fair. Yet that cow is destined to be treated as nothing more than a milk machine. When she’s too spent to produce another drop, she’ll be slaughtered.

What does it say about society’s mindset when children are encouraged to participate in programs such as 4-H that ultimately mean the exploitation or death of an animal they’ve befriended and whose trust they’ve actively courted?

Forward-thinking fair boards know they must evolve — and they are. Techie “petting zoos” are replacing tired ponies, and fairgoers are standing in line to ride Segways instead of elephants. Cruel animal displays are being removed to make way for fresh and innovative exhibits that appeal to a generation that cares about animals and our planet. Fair boards still clinging to archaic displays that no compassionate person wants to see are doing a disservice to their local communities by holding on to relics from an unenlightened past, and they’re destined to see dwindling crowds.


Greetings [from the Worcester NAACP branch],

There is much to talk about in these perilous times, and there is so much we need to do to “resist” against the racial hatred and bigotry espoused by those who identify with white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups.

It is time to unite and say “enough is enough.”

The display of hatred we witnessed in Charlottesville must never happen again.

The national organization of the NAACP is extending ways you can take action by: sharing what issues matter to you, contact your representative regarding President Trump’s lack or moral clarity, and signing a petition to abolish the Electoral College.

Please go to the following link to take action today!

There is much we need to do to make sure that the values of justice, equality and inclusiveness remain strong in our city.

We can’t do this alone, we need to stand and work together. The next few events were are planning demonstrate our commitment to stand with our brothers and sisters in Worcester.


With “Songs of Hope,” the Black and Jewish communities unite to push back against hatred with a musical expression of hope, endurance and triumph.

“Faith in Worcester, Day of Prayer” unites faith-based leaders (Christian and non-Christian) in healing and lifting up our elected officials, protectors, healers, educators, all those who serve and live in our great city, and those who are suffering.

We will empower young people at our Candidates Forums as they facilitate and ask the candidates questions that concern our communities.

We look forward to working with your group or organization in the future.

[Mark your Calendars!]:

“Songs of Hope,” September 10th @ 4 pm, Belmont A.M.E. Zion Church

“Faith in Worcester Day of Prayer,” October 3rd @ 5:30 pm, City Hall, Worcester (rain date October 10th @ 5:30 pm)

“Candidate Forums- City of Worcester Councilor At-Large” October 18th & October 25th, 6 pm – 8 pm, Worcester Youth Center
“New Americans” – Update by Dr. Thomas Doughton, Worcester NAACP Executive Committee Member at Large.

… We are looking for volunteers and donors for “Songs of Hope.”

Thank you, and please consider joining the Worcester NAACP!


Worcester Unit, NAACP
4 East Central St., #484
Worcester, MA 01613

Animal rights corner: Chef Joey’s vegan stew and Fighting Speciesism in a Time of Racism

Fighting speciesism in a time of racism

By Tracy Reiman

Armed white supremacists frothing at the mouth are on the march, and perhaps because of that, other rights issues are getting pushed aside.

However, now is the perfect time to have a conversation about ways for those of us who decry discrimination based on arbitrary factors like race, gender, sexual orientation and religion to broaden the line of inclusivity to include species, too.

Why? Because the narrower our definition of “other,” the worse off we are. We ignore or brush away other movements at both our collective and our individual peril. To quote Martin Niemöller, a onetime Hitler supporter and anti-Semite who changed his view after being sent to a concentration camp: “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—/Because I was not a Socialist./Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—/Because I was not a Trade Unionist./Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—/Because I was not a Jew./Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

As thinking animals and as moral agents who champion understanding, respect and non-violence, we can and should open our hearts and minds to the growing call to recognize basic rights for other animals. Not the right to drive a car or to vote but the right not to be treated as fair game. The right not to be shot so that their heads can go on a wall in a trophy hunter’s den or force-fed so that their swollen livers can be spread on toast.

When PETA protested the pigeon shoots in Hegins, Pennsylvania, the Ku Klux Klan turned up to defend the shooters and to goad little boys into “manly” acts, like wringing the necks of fallen, injured birds.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise because those who despise any individual or group they do not identify with despise them all. It isn’t just those who stand to benefit financially — the purveyors of flesh, skins and fur; testing companies and suppliers to laboratories of everything from decapitators to cages; roadside zoos, circuses and marine amusement park operators — who object to animal protection and consideration, much less animal rights. They weren’t the ones who sent the tiny guinea pig heart that arrived in our mail, placed the deer’s head in our parking lot or called us “animal-loving faggots.” Those who did are haters. And we must be their counterfoil.

Even as we have stopped institutionalizing people with disabilities, abolished human slavery, desegregated our schools, established property and voting rights for women, begun to understand LGBTQ rights and to show our support for all religions and for refugees forced from their homelands, there is more room in our hearts to keep going.

In the ’60s, we marched for civil rights, women’s rights and gay rights. PETA’s general counsel, Philip Hirshkop, brought the legal case that overturned the ban on interracial marriage and won the right of women to attend the University of Virginia, which had been off-limits to them. Today, our lawyers bring cases to stop orcas from being held captive at SeaWorld and argue in court for bears to be freed from cement cells at tawdry tourist attractions.

The time is right to examine what binds us — the commonalities between all of us, the feelings, emotions and fears we share.

Years ago, after deaf students at Washington, D.C.’s Gallaudet College won the hard fight to install a deaf president, the head of the student union there wrote, “When slaves in America, wanted their freedom, whites were not ready. But slaves were ready. When women wanted the vote, men were not ready. But women were ready. And when deaf students wanted a deaf president, the college was not ready. But we were ready.”

Today, those who use and abuse animals or do not regard them with the consideration they are due are not ready. But the animals and their advocates are ready.


Chef Joey says, Think of the future …

The future …


Recipe and pics by Chef Joey

Take one large white onion – …

Back at Rose’s shack: one large white onion. pic: R.T.

… cut it up.

Two cloves of garlic …


… diced.

Toss it all into a large pot, with a little bit of olive oil on the bottom.

Saute one container of cherry tomatoes … 1 can of beans …0827171243a

… mix. Add stewed tomatoes …


… and one can of tomato puree.

As that all starts to cook, add cups of fresh baby kale.

Simmer for 2 hours …




The struggle is real

By Imalay Guzman

Imalay and her family

Keeping up with three kids, marriage and working full-time is draining! Somehow I find the strength to keep going. Knowing people depend on me is a big part of why I keep pushing. I don’t like to disappoint my family or want them to have to go without. Attempting to give my children a good childhood and teach them to be decent adults is exhausting, but I know it will pay off someday. I am who I am because of my kids: they inspire me to be better and do better.

Imalay’s husband, with two of their children

I was in a homeless shelter, pregnant with my son. At the time, my daughter was two years old. I thought I was ready to be independent, and it just so happened that that was the right move. While I resided in the shelter I learned so much – it matured my way of thinking. The staff there taught me how to find resources within the community. They also showed me how to obtain affordable childcare ane how to budget and live on a budget. After three years of living in the shelter, I sustained stability for my children. It was a traumatizing experience. I realized then how important it is to keep a stable home.

To be able to survive in life, you must maintain a steady income -especially when you have children. I am a mother of three beautiful kids. Each of my children is very different because each one has their own way of being. My daughter Avannis – she’s six years old and also my first born. She is the sweetest little thing! – when she wants to be!! “Ava” has a wild imagination, likes to build forts with chairs and blankets and she enjoys keeping her two younger siblings busy.

Then there is Joseph Jr., the only boy and the middle child. He is a kind soul – always loving and always caring for me and his sisters. My son likes to make sure you’re ok and, if your not, he gives you a hug and tells you everything will be fine.

Our youngest is 10 months old – her name is Alainna. She is at the best stage of a babyhood, in my opinion. A time when they start to walk, eat real food and become real curious! She’s just starting to walk, so you can imagine I’ve grown a spare set of arms. Being a mother is a never ending job.

Married and with children can sometimes feel like you’re married to your children. My husband is my supporter and best friend. But just like any relationship, it has its ups and downs. We bump heads often when we are parenting, or even dicussing a matter in a form of debate. I respect and understand that he has a different point of view; it comes down to being able to step into each other’s shoes and have and understanding.

Communication is key in marriage. It can be hard to open up and express my feelings because it can affect my husband’s emotions. What we do is that if we start a conversation and one of us gets upset, we give each other a minute of space. Once we feel up to it, we continue to finish the conversation.

I got married early because I believe in the old way of life. In order to have children, you should have to be married because if it takes two to tango, then it takes two to raise a child. I am lucky to have had children with my best friend! He supports my every move and reminds me how beautiful and intellgent I am. Simple words from him will have my ego blown up, ready to take on the world!! We learn from one another, and we have each other’s back – something I want my kids to learn from.

Life can be hard, having to deal with many different things at once. But that’s life. Always try to look at the glass as half-full rather than half-empty. Accepting life as it is and going on with a positive attitude can make the journey alot easier.


CM Augustus in the blue shirt

Photos by Ron O’Clair

THANK YOU, WORCESTER MAYOR JOSEPH PETTY and CITY MANAGER ED AUGUSTUS for joining the hundreds who gathered on the Worcester Common to denounce the murder last week of the civil rights activist at the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.




Worcester Honor Roll of Colored Veterans Update

Text and photos by Ron O’Clair

In an ongoing and seemingly exceedingly lengthy process, the long awaited restoration of the Worcester Honor Roll of Colored Veterans that was taken down from its perch at Belmont and Clayton streets entered another period of debate and delay this week.

The time taken to make this happen seems excessive to supporters like myself.

Here are some photographs of a few of the many people who spoke on the delay in honoring our Veterans of Color at a recent public hearing at Worcester City Hall – the Veterans Subcommittee meeting.

The first two pictures show Marine Veteran Mr. Toney of the Toney family of Worcester which was actually reduced by the loss of three of Mr. Toney’s brothers in World War II, in the ultimate sacrifice for their city of Worcester and the Union itself.

I commend the Toney Family for their commitment to our continued prosperity and freedom by virtue of those unfortunate and untimely deaths. May they be honored for eternity, Amen.

Mr. Toney

Next up was the “new and improved” (he lost a lot of weight – great job, Billy!) Bill Coleman, urging the earliest possible action, as there are only two surviving WW II Veterans of the original Honorees.

Bill Coleman

Bill said he and other people don’t want the old veterans exposed to harsh weather if there are more delays and a winter re-dedication of the memorial is planned.

The next photo is of Holy Cross college Professor Thomas Doughton who was the first to speak and had a lot to say about the issue.

Thomas Doughton

His passion was obvious! He wanted the delays resolved quickly!

The last photograph actually is unrelated but shows the early work of Esther Howland who invented the Valentine Card in Worcester many years ago. Aother Worcester contribution to world peace and love …


A City Hall Chamber is named after her❤.

The Vietnamese Secondary Language (VSL) 2017 Summer Session is Here!

By Boa Newgate

The purpose of the South East Asian Coalition’s Vietnamese Secondary Language (VSL) class is to bridge the gap between different cultures and generations, as well as between children and their parents.

Learning together! photos: Boa Newgate

In today’s world, many Vietnamese-American kids are not really fluent in their second language, which hampers their ability to communicate with their parents and elders who may not find it easy to speak English.

When the previous Vietnamese generation came to the United States, they joined the workforce immediately, hoping to achieve the American dream and to build a better future for themselves and their children. Because they were working such long days, though, they didn’t normally have the time to enroll in ESL classes and improve their English.

Boa leading a group at SEAC, based in the Denholm building, downtown Worcester

When they have children, they spend even more time providing them with the best opportunities they can offer them, leaving little time to impart the culture and language of their motherland to their offspring. Because of this, their children have trouble clearly conveying their thoughts and opinions to their elders, resulting in a lot of misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

My mission was to create a bridge for children and their parents to meet each other half way in establishing good communication and learning more about their culture. Even though most people here are Vietnamese, other people who are interested in Vietnamese culture and want to pick up a second language are very welcome, too!

Learning Vietnamese to better communicate with parents and elders

We’re looking forward to another great session for the summer of 2017. Last year’s summer session was a huge success! We have gotten a great reaction from the Worcester community: classes are packed, and we often don’t have enough volunteers to help out with teaching!

The success of our VSL program has also reached the ears of National Public Radio (NPR)! Recently, they came to Worcester to do a story on us and our program! We decided to make the VSL a year-round program in response to all the community interest!

Go, VSL, go!!!

This year, we’re also introducing a new pen pal program for the VSL program. During my trip to Vietnam in the spring, which was the inspiration for the Youth Effect International program, I collected handwritten letters from the Vietnamese youths in the schools that I visited. I plan to give these letters to the VSL students in our classes and have them write back to the kids in Vietnam – in Vietnamese!

Next year, when I go back to Vietnam, I’ll be giving the students there the letters from the Worcester youths, and I’ll be collecting their responses in English. I hope we’ll be able to create a community that spans oceans and generates many meaningful relationships, all the while helping everyone improve their second language.

If you’re fluent in Vietnamese and would like to be a part of our growing community, we hope to see you as a volunteer in our VSL program!


If you want to help with the program, all of us greatly appreciate any and all donations.

If you’d like to donate specific items, we’re also currently looking for school supplies.

Thank you for your time!

Please visit our website to learn more:

Turtle Boy hate-blog (Aidan Kearney’s) former lawyer, booster, and frequent “poet” Margaret Melican says she loves this city and wants to be on the ZBA…

What’s really battin’ around in old Margaret Melican’s heart? pic: R.T.

By Rosalie Tirella

Why would the City of Worcester appoint Margaret Melican to a City of Worcester board when she’s been such a big supporter of hater Aidan Kearney and his hate-spewing, fact-denying Turtle Boy blog? Turtle Boy – that putrid blog that has ushered in an era of political ugliness, divisiveness and racism in our city that can only be compared to the hate-filled, fact-denying Trump White House!! TB – a blog that has worked tirelessly from day #1 to ruin the lives of Worcester’s prominent people of color: Melinda Boone, Sarai Rivera, Brenda Jenkins…the list goes on. And TB’s supporters cheer Aidan on – “ride the turtle” in glee! They say and act on the racist thoughts in their hearts, the ones they used to keep a lid on. Turtle Boy/Aidan Kearney is all about freaking out over and hating a diverse, multi-cultural Worcester. Melican is in that camp. Besides being the “poet laureate” of Turtle Boy, she was Aidan Kearney’s lawyer, represented him in court where she poked fun at a visually impaired Black guy! Ha ha! She is NOT the meek lovely lady she pretends to be in the video below. What a phoney! She has called other lawyers screaming into the telephone – they have had to hang up on her. She is beyond Republican or Religious Right – she is vindictive-friggin’ nasty!

Melican is someone WHO DOESN’T SEE THE NEW WORCESTER. She can’t and won’t – like Turtle Boy – accept it!

So how can she represent it?

If Melican supports Aidan Kearney’s racist, classist, woman-hating Turtle Boy blog that is her American right.

But the City of Worcester does not have to appoint her to the ZBA.

The City of Worcester is looking for the right fit.

In 1950-Worcester, Melican may have been a good fit.

In 2017 Worcester, she is definitely NOT!

Why should Melican be given the chance to represent Worcester on any level – a city whose schools are majority-minority?, a city that grows more diverse by the day?, a city where 1 out of 4 of our kids goes to bed hungry? In other words: A COMPLEX CITY.

Why does Margaret Melican support Worcester City Councilor/Senator Joseph McCarthy act-alike MICHAEL GAFFNEY, a sneaky cynical Woo pol who is as nasty and divisive as his buddy, Turtle Boy?

Why would Margaret Melican expect the diverse people of this city to trust her judgement?

Watch the tape of the meeting/her interview…She is flaunting her old Woo Irish aristocracy roots and EXPECTS THEM TO GET HER THE ZBA GIG!

BUT IT IS 2017, Margaret! A NEW WORCESTER, ONE WHERE a member of THE OLD IRISH CATHOLIC WOO GUARD like you CAN NOT EXPECT TO BE HANDED THE KEYS TO POWER just because you feel entitled to them! And from your behavior, I think you’re a pretty shitty Catholic!

Watch Melican’s interview below! Click on the link and hit top-left box. … It’s at around 2 hr 8 min into the meeting.

And P.S. The Mayor of Bizarro Worcester is Brendon MELICAN!

Brendon, a guy who has been hating us from day #1. Another … Melican … a nasty guy who felt entitled (for 15+ years) to destroy ICT because it belonged to a poor working class Polish-Italian-American gal from Green Island and not someone … like him.


Worcester HAS changed!

The prigs and priglettes are on the way out!!!

All lives have meaning

Imalay Guzman photo submitted

Homeless kids under the Green Street bridge, Canal District … Kids are always there, resting, eating, asking for donations. Photos taken June 11, 2017: R.T.


By Imalay Guzman

There are things we as adults, parents or even siblings have to be aware of; we truly don’t realize what it is to lose someone. Once they are gone, we are left with so many unanswered questions.

Suicide is a mental health issue that people need to become more educated on. This topic should be discussed in any family setting, especially if anyone has a history of mental illness. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in young adults from ages as early as 10 years old to 24 years of age.

I remember being a teenager and feeling unaccepted, invisible and confused. Whether it’s your first day in a new job or attending any level of education, you have to admit it can be intimidating. Being the new person can go either way – good or bad – and that alone can be stressful. In today’s society you can either fit in or be completely isolated. Imagine being judged by rumors and ridiculed in front of other people, being harassed by someone or even feeling unaccepted. Feeling like there’s no way out or that people will not understand can result in an attempt of suicide.

We all know someone who has suffered because of bullying. Believe it or not, your child’s behavior reflects the type of parenting that is provided; everything starts at home. In any case of bullying, the aggressor and victim have similarities in backgrounds; their only differences are the personalities in each individual. Often children from abusive or broken homes are the ones who lash out because they don’t know how to express their emotions in a healthy manner.

It is always up to the parent or caregiver to educate the child on how to express or communicate their feelings the right way. I understand that as adults, we carry many responsibilities and forget that our children need attention, too. They also go through personal issues that can be hard to talk about.

In the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” the main character commits suicide because she had gone through a sequence of traumatic events. In the show, she reached out for help in her own way, and it seems like no one could see or hear what she was going through. In the series, she felt like suicide became the only option because she did not want to bother her parents with her problems. Her parents were already going through their own problems. In the character’s eyes, the decision to commit suicide was the best solution for everyone. She even thought her parents wouldn’t be bothered by her actions because, ultimately, she believed their marital problems were because of her.

In the end, every individual in this world matters. Every human being should be able to live a full, experienced life. No one should ever think that their existance doesn’t have purpose. Every man or woman in this world has a reason to live or a reason for living. My recommendation is that we teach our kids to communicate with us, to understand that they are our legacy. Let’s do this by actually attempting to put the electronics down and spending personal time with our families.