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Comcast is coming to Worcester! And it’s all about $$$$$$$$$

By Edith Morgan

There has been a lot of talk about the upcoming merger between Charter and Comcast, and the general feeling is that it is a “done deal.”

How is it that we the viewing public have been sold , apparently without previous input, to what several Worcester city councilors at the October 14th city council meeting described as “the worst company in the U.S.”?  And in a couple of months, the local and public access stations will be moved to the back of the bus – the educational channel (now #11) will become 191; the government channel, where we watch council and school committee and subcommittee meetings, and receive news about things of interest to residents in Worcester (now #12), will become #192 …

Our public access channel, WCCA TV 13, now # 13, will become #194.

Why??? you ask.

Because the lower numbers will become lucrative commercial channels, selling things.

Because, of course, it is all about the bottom line. And service to the public is not what this is all about.  (Disclosure: I am especially concerned, as I host a TV program called “SeniorSpeak” on the present WCCA TV 13.)

How did we get to this point?

When I came to America in 1941, the airwaves belonged to the public.

The communications act of 1934  was quite clear about how our air was to be used: stations had to be licensed, and had to renew their licenses every three years, and they were required to offer proof (testimony, letters, etc..) that they were serving the public interest. There were lots of stations, offering a variety of programs, serving varied populations all over the U.S.

But a set of trends was slowly let loose, which increasingly took away what used to be services for us, the people, and put them into the hands of the “bottom-line crowd”. Service became an incidental sideline, and all that mattered was the bottom line – enriching the investors and providing just enough to keep the company alive and growing. And so, much of what I remember as “services” became “businesses”. Banks, health care, schools, postal service – local newspapers, your corner drugstore, your grocery, your butcher, your hardware dealer –  all were our friends and neighbors, and were not totally consumed by the pursuit of the almighty dollar.  Of course, the monopolists were busy trying to consolidate, eliminate the competition, drive down wages and benefits, but antitrust laws were in effect and by and large were not allowed to grow “too big to fail.” (Where is Teddy Roosevelt when we need him?)

I was really proud of our City Council on Tuesday, October 14th: even though it was already pretty much out of their power, they discussed the ramifications of this merger, the track record of Comcast, and the whole history of our service here, and voted to oppose this merger. They took a moral stand on behalf of us, the public, whom they are pledged to serve.

Comcast has deep pockets, and has spread money around in Washington, but for some strange reason I am beginning to feel hopeful that from moves like this will grow a groundswell of opposition to these takeovers. Now, let’s really get on the media and force the FCC , FTC and Justice Department to do their jobs on our behalf.

Worcester has a long history of revolting – and starting something …

Worcester: the city of liberty!

At the Worcester Historical Museum, Elm Street

Worcester: the City of Liberty

Come to a fascinating and entertaining lecture exploring the international ramifications of the English Civil Wars and the links between a small city in the heart of the UK and the formation of the United States of America.

Lecture will be given by Benjamin Humphrey FRSA

President of the Battle of Worcester Society

Introduced by Lord Faulkner of Worcester

Chief Patron of the Battle of Worcester Society

To be held at the Worcester Historical Museum

Saturday, November 1, 4 pm

Free Admission!


About Worcester Historical Museum

Founded in 1875, Worcester Historical Museum is the only organization solely dedicated to the collection, preservation, and interpretation of Worcester’s unique and diverse history from all time periods and subject areas. The holdings of WHM encompass thousands of documents and artifacts vital to the study of Worcester history. Worcester history is interpreted through a calendar of exhibitions, educational programming, tours, and publications. WHM features both permanent and changing exhibits.

Worcester Historical Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM. Admission to the museum is $5 for Adults, $4 for Seniors/Students (with valid ID), free for 18 and under and museum members. For more information visit

Go meat-less this holiday season!

Holiday time doesn’t have to be turkey-, pig-, or chicken-killing time! Besides, why gain all the extra holiday weight by eating animal fat?

Since I’ve pretty much stopped eating meat/animal fat, I’ve lost weight, feel “lighter” … and last week my yearly physical results came in: This old broad’s cholesterol level, BMI, blood pressure, sugar level, thyroid, iron, vitamin D, etc, etc normal to excellent!!

CAM00922 (1)

Rosalie – old vegetarian broad!

Everyone’s always amazed that my blood pressure level is excellent, what with InCity Times, Jett and my screwy life in general. I say to them: GO VEGGIE and you can do ANYTHING!

I really believe vegetarianism/MUCH LESS ANIMAL meat and fat is the way to go for all us middle-aged folks! It keeps us trim and healthy! Without all that much work!

Here are protein sources to be wolfing down if you go meatless!

 – Rosalie Tirella



Vegans are constantly asked where they get their protein, when, in fact, protein is one of the easiest nutrients to find! These are just some examples of foods with a high protein value but no cholesterol or cruelty to animals. Not only are these foods easy to find and affordable, they’re also delicious!

1. Black beans

Black beans can be served alone or as a side. They also taste great in burritos, enchiladas, homemade patties, soups, or chili. They can even be added to baked goods!

Try these black-bean veggie burgers.

2. Tofu

You can marinate it, sauté it, grill it, mash it, bake it, and even blend it. Tofu will absorb any flavor that you put on it, which makes it suitable for many recipes. Add it to tacos, sandwiches, salads, or baked goods. It can also be used to make sauces, creams, or smoothies.

Try these Thai tofu lettuce wraps.

3. Nuts

There is a large variety of nuts, and they are all versatile and delicious. You can make vegan cheese sauces, nut milks, nut butters, and even faux meats from different types of nuts.

Try this nacho recipe using cashews.

4. Tempeh

Tempeh absorbs any flavor, just as tofu does. It can also be fried, baked, sautéed, or grilled. Tempeh can be used in pastas, sandwiches, tacos, chili, and many other dishes.

Try this tempeh Reuben sandwich.

5. Garbanzos

Garbanzo beans or chickpeas are a versatile legume. Add them to salads, soups, or wraps. You can mash them to form patties or blend them to create hummus.

Try this sandwich with mashed garbanzo beans.

6. Broccoli

Broccoli is a lean, green protein. You can add steamed broccoli to stir-fries, salads, or pastas. You can also add it to soups whole or blend it for a healthy green soup.

Try this tofu, rice, and broccoli dish.

7. Quinoa

You can use quinoa anywhere that you would use rice—as a side dish, mixed with veggies, inside a burrito, or on a salad. It can also be used to form faux burger patties.

Try this quinoa salad.

8. Lentils

Lentils can be added to tacos, burritos, soups, stews, and salads and can also be used to form faux meats, such as lentil burger patties. They’re quick and easy to make, too.

Try these lentil cakes.

9. Potato

Potatoes get a bad rap, but they can actually be good for you because of their high protein content. Dice them, and add them to your burritos, tofu scrambles, tacos, and stews. Or you can cut them lengthwise and bake them for a healthier version of French fries.

Try this creamy dill potato salad.

10. Mushrooms


There are various types of mushrooms, and they can be sliced or served whole. Use them in pastas, stir-fries, or tacos or on pizzas or serve them in a burger.

Try this mushroom risotto.

These are just 10 of the top protein sources, but there are many more! The number of recipes that you can make with these foods is endless, so get creative!

Read more:

Greendale: “Music from and about the Civil War era”

Massachusetts Society of Genealogists meet at the Zion Lutheran Church

41 Whitmarsh Ave.

TUESDAY, November 11, 7 pm

New Members Welcome!

“Music from and about the Civil War era”

The November meeting of the Worcester Chapter of the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists, Inc. will be held the second TUESDAY evening on November 11th at the Zion Lutheran Church, which is located at 41 Whitmarsh Avenue (Greendale Neighborhood).

If you wish, you can arrive from 6:30 pm to attend an earlier ½ hour of socialization time.

The night will begin with a short meeting followed by the “Music from and about the Civil War era” a live performance by Lori Lyn Price.

You may be surprised at how many melodies you will find familiar, even if you don’t know the background of the composition – proof that music is a historical reference that is part of all of us, even if we are not conscious that it’s taken its place within our hearts.

Local songwriter, singer, and guitarist Luanne Crosby offers a compelling and entertaining story about songs from the Civil War period, the composers who wrote them, and how the soldiers brought them into battle.

The meeting is open to the public, free for members and $3.00 for non-members.

Attendees are encouraged to bring along a friend(s), as well as your own non-alcoholic beverage, munchies will be provided.

Anyone bringing goodies to share will receive an extra door prize ticket!

Yearly membership is only $25 for an individual and $30 for a family living in the same household.        

My inner-city neighbors are the best!!

Text and photos by Rosalie Tirella

Sure the Canal District and surrounding area seems to have become a dumping ground for garbage galore and shooting gallery/stabbing/gun hot-spot! I am  on the horn almost every day with city officials and state reps asking for the garbage to be removed, the extra Worcester Police Department foot patrols to be deployed  …

But then there’s this HEAVEN-SENT stuff happening …

… A wonderful garden in my back yard (right where I found the used junky syringe!). Here’s Jett getting nosy with a lovely squash!! We’ve got tomatoes, too! And (had) sunflowers!


… My downstairs neighbor is the sweetest! She gives me her cool clothes and pocketbooks! She’s quite the fashion plate and gets bored with her stuff real quick! So … Here I am several days ago, heading out the door to run InCity Times, wearing one of her pretty blouses!  Now mine! Thanks, in-city gal pal!

CAM00922 (1)

My other downstairs neighbor came upstairs and gave me some Halloween cupcakes and cookies, along with this BEAUTIFUL card! I love the message PEACE FOREVER EVERYWHERE… This was after I went down to her place and gave her and her roommate a thank-you gift for a gift they had given me! How awesome are these people? Right in the middle of all the shootings and stabbings … all this love!


And today I am making a Halloween fun gift for the kids across the street because they helped my roundup a homeless street kitten that needed a good home! These boys were the best! Here is Jett back at my shack being nosy (again) with their pumpkin I am about to fill with candy!



The time to make up your mind about the hood is – NEVER!! 

Main South: Visit the Worcester Boys and Girls Club BE GREAT! photo gallery!


Blast from the past! Kids playing checkers at the old clubhouse on Ionic Ave!

Our Arts in the Evening event was a roaring success! Our StyleWorcester Fashion Show feautured clothing and accesories by Ike’s Den, KCouture, Treasure Chest, Hidden Jewel, and Adore. Ernie Jubin, a former Club kid and current staff member, debuted his latest collection by Solo Jubin to close out the show with accessories from Kawale Jewlery by Shauree Allotey.

View our “Be Great” photo gallery, featuring female leaders in the community. It has been met with positive reviews! To make an appointment to view the gallery, please contact Liz Hamilton, Assistant Executive Director, at or (508)754-2686 ext. 205.

We are still accepting bids on the photos!

Thank you to all the women who participated in the photo gallery and fashion show. It wouldn’t have been a success without you!

Worcester and Universal Pre-K for our WPS kids

Interesting op-ed piece from The New York Times! – R. T.

Op-Ed Contributors

The Building Blocks of a Good Pre-K


WITH the introduction of universal pre-K in New York City, we have created a new entry point into our public school system. This raises a key question: What do we want our children’s first experiences in school to be? What does a good education look like for 4-year-olds?

This summer, Bank Street College of Education led training for 4,000 of New York’s pre-K teachers, including both veterans and hundreds of people who started teaching pre-K for the first time last month. Worried teachers talked about how the pressure to achieve good outcomes on the third-grade state exams has been trickling down to early childhood classrooms in the form of work sheets, skill drills and other developmentally inappropriate methods.

The problem is real, and it is not unique to New York City. Earlier this year, Daphna Bassok and Anna Rorem, educational policy researchers at the University of Virginia, found strong evidence that current kindergarten classrooms rely too heavily on teacher-directed instruction. …

To read entire piece, click here!

Vegan Halloween candy? You’ve eaten a ton of it!

Why eat cows’ bones (in gelatin) this Halloween (now that’s scary!) when you can indulge your sweet tooth with this junk?! From PETA.ORG: –  R.T.

25 Vegan Candies for a ‘Spooktacular’ Halloween!

Don’t forget to check the following list when you stock up for trick-or-treaters. It’s the perfect mix of classic and contemporary vegan candy, and each of these treats is sure to hit the sweet spot this Halloween season. When in doubt, beware of these three cruelly obtained ingredients: gelatin (cow’s bones), carmine color (crushed beetles), and confectioner’s glaze (made from female lac beetles).

1. Airheads

Vegan Halloween Candy Airheads

2. Bottle Caps

Vegan Halloween Candy Bottle caps

3. Chick-o-Sticks

Vegan Halloween Candy chick o stick

4. Cry Babies

Vegan Halloween Candy cry baby

5. Dots

Vegan Halloween Candy dots

6. Dum Dums

Vegan Halloween Candy dum dums

7. Fireballs

Vegan Halloween Candy fireball

Read more:

“No phone, no pool, no pets …

… I ain’t got no cigarettes!”

“I smoke old stogies I have found, short, but not too big around

“I’m a man of means by no means … KING OF THE ROAD!”

Roger Miller made KING OF THE ROAD a hit, but I love the Randy Travis take!  Saw Travis in the late ’80s when he was HUGE!  What a gorgeous, classic-country voice!

Here’s Roger Miller so you can read the lyrics! I JUST WANNA WALLOW IN THESE WORDS!! – R.T.

Cool stuff for Worcester folks …

… and YOU, TOO!!


Becker College is excited to introduce a FREE 15 week grant funded program, Advancing the Field, for paraprofessionals in community health with a chance to earn two professional certificates in:

·     Mental Health First Aid for Youth and Adolescent Community Health Care Worker


·     Mental Health First Aid and Family Community Health Worker

The GOAL of Advancing the Field is to provide mid-career students, those in entry level positions and those without post-secondary education, with the opportunity to follow professional health care career pathways and to contribute to expanding the behavioral health workforce in the greater Worcester area.

For more information, please call 508-373-9505.



The next Community, General Membership Meeting of the Worcester NAACP will be Monday, October 27th @ 6:30pm, YWCA, Salem Sq.  This month’s meeting will focus on the upcoming election of officers for the Worcester NAACP.

The agenda for this meeting will include:

Reporting of the Nominating Committee’s list of Candidates for elected office.

Comments or statements by candidates

Election of Election Supervisory Committee and appointment of Watchers, Observers and Challengers.

Nominations of candidates from the floor for elected office.  (All who wish to be considered as a candidate must be a member in good as of April 1, 2014 and must complete the attached NAACP Candidate Consent Form as instructed).

Other agenda items include:

Planning of the upcoming Civil Rights and Housing Forum

We are looking for members to volunteer with the election process.  Please make sure your membership is current!  If you’re not a member, please consider joining the Worcester NAACP.

Thank You!


Worcester Community Connection Programs Affiliated with You Inc.

For families! The Craft Connection


3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

An after-school, PARENT/CHILD ACTIVITY for kindergarten through 8th grade. Fun activities to do together using low or no cost materials.

Learn the activity here then take it and try it at home.

484 Main Street, Room 460

Interested? call Gloria B @ 508-796-1411

Must be registered to attend.  Child Supervision for younger children/snacks!

Each Tuesday* when school is in session



Come meet other parents, get support  and learn from guest speakers who will  present important subjects for the parents and for the community.

Groups meet once a month on the 3rd Wednesday




9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Call  (508) 796-1411 Ext. 416 and ask for Rosa Salazar to register or for additional information. Child supervisión provided on limited basis, call to reserve your spot.

Limited assistance with bus passes for transportation are available, if needed.

Worcester Community Connection Programs Affiliated with You Inc.

484 Main Street, Suite 460

Worcester, MA 01608

508-796-1411 X 417