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Chef Joey says: To life! To garlic!

GARLIC!❤❤ Love the sheer madness of the flavor!❤❤

Text, recipes and photos by Chef Joey

Garlic – an epicurean’s love or a dater’s nightmare… and on first dates it’s not even an option! Think about it: Garlic is involved with just about every meal that is not served at breakfast. The sheer madness of the flavor it personifies makes it a staple in everything! It can be candied, roasted, boiled, baked, sautéed – and its power in volume is better than a splat of hot sauce!!

Go for garlic!

Garlic is a wonder seasoning. It helps what ails you, has been linked to cancer survival, hair growth, lowering blood pressure and, for centuries, a cure for the common cold.

But you do not have to wait for the occasion to use it. Start now! Make garlic a part of your tasty meals, curries and sauces!

Garlic + olive oil = ❤

It’s good and delicious and, when cooked properly, it does not linger on the breath. (ok, maybe a little disguised as a bruschetta!)

Recently, I made a simple bruschetta, without the toast, in this case on a chicken cutlet.

The recipe:

Take your raw garlic and chop it fine …


Add fresh basil, fresh chopped tomatoes, …



… salt and some balsamic vinegar and a splash of olive oil.

Mix and it’s a topping!


For Bruschetta, take an Italian loaf of bread or a baguette for smaller servings, cut into slices …



… and toast. Rub the toast with a piece of garlic and add the tomato mixture. You have an instant app!

More yumminess:

I sauté garlic with some sunflower oil (stands up to heat) and a little water so the garlic does not burn.

Add 1 cup of chopped tomatoes per serving and sauté

After 20 minutes, add fresh basil that is sliced thin

Serve over fresh pasta

Easier than opening a jar! For real!

Feel free to use diced tomatoes from a can – they work great.


Garlic soup is a quick dinner and a tasty broth.

Chop 5 or 6 cloves of garlic …


… and sauté briefly in a little sunflower or vegetable oil

add 2 cups of water and let simmer

add ¼ cup of vermicelli (angel hair pasta)

and add any veggie you like: squash, peas, carrots etc – about a cup, diced up.


When the pasta is cooked, your meal is ready! (you can substitute rice for the pasta.)

Garlic as a spread?

Make your own garlic paste! I buy whole, peeled garlic all the time! It keeps for a month!

Take several cloves of garlic, chop fine and sprinkle generously with kosher salt.

Take a large knife and, as a spatula, spread the salt into the garlic and make a paste. Turning the knife side to side and blending them together.

If the garlic is not breaking, add more salt.

This spread can be made in batches and refrigerated to use for garlic bread, steak rubs, chicken seasoning, a base for salad dressings, sofrito with cilantro added – and anything you can think of! It’s like pesto – just that it is all garlic!

So go out and conquer!


Buy garlic and enjoy! And don’t forget to kiss the cook!❤🍸