Don’t waste your votes next Tuesday! I got this in the mail from the WDCC …

pics: R.T.

Remember: A vote for either Gaffney is A VOTE FOR HELL!!!!

(What we mean is … A vote for Coreen or Michael Gaffney is a vote for: scapegoating minorities, refugees and poor people; political discourse at its basest level; all around incivility; a ringing endorsement of the Gaffneys’ best friend and partner-in-hate, TURTLE BOY-AIDAN KEARNEY and his vile vile blog, which Michael Gaffney links to on his FB page and uses to dump his vile assertions – together, Aidan+Mike have been the catalyst for  Woo’s ugliest community-splitting battles in recent memory; community discord almost weekly as Mike throws political “bomb” after bomb into our community; cultural wedge issues; making groups of folks feel bad; making groups of folks feel mad; lies too numerous to keep track of – a la Trump; demagoguery; carpet baggery; nastiness; an unwillingness to see a complex, multicultural Worcester; a willingness to throw anyone under the bus for political gain; a willingness to say anything for political gain; misrepresentation/contortion of facts; untrustworthiness; immaturity; mini-Donald Trump style and talking points;  just plain old bizarreness.)

Neither one of these two individuals  should be elected to the Worcester City Council!

They suck!!

The Gaffneys are no friend to the people of Woo’s inner city!

Rosalie Tirella