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Two Awesome Dogs that Need Homes to Call Their Own … and a Little Summertime Advice for Pet Owners

Text and photos by Dorrie Maynard

The first pup is called “Pinky Pie,” named after the pink horse from “My Little Pony.” Worcester Animal Rescue League staffers gave her that name because when she came in to the animal shelter on Holden Street, she was pink with very little fur. That’s because Pinky Pie has food allergies and probably seasonal allergies as well, which makes her skin pinkish looking – even though most of her “hair” has grown in!

Pinky Pie came into WARL as an owner-surrender. I imagine her owners couldn’t deal with her allergies. Pinky has been at WARL since October of 2016! She came in as a puppy and is now two years old! I am sure the reason why she has been at WARL so long is because of her allergies: she needs special food and medication, which can be expensive. And Pinky needs to be in a home where she is the only animal.

Both factors work against her adoption. She is a very good girl and small for a pit but strong as an ox. She can be around children, although she does have some issues with food and toys. She loves car rides, long walks and lots of play time. She is very high energy. A home with a really sturdy fence would be ideal.

The other dog I would like you to meet is “Mister.” He also needs to be in a home where he is the only animal. He came to WARL in October of 2016 as well, and came in as a stray.

Mister’s head is tilted, and the WARL staffers believe that is because of some sort of head trauma. WARL staffers think he is about 5 years old. They also believe that whatever happened to his head kind of left him in a “puppy state of mind.” He is a big lug that likes to lounge around and loves to play.

Both of these dogs have been at WARL for a very long time, and being in a shelter environment is not good for their spirit or well being. If you have room in your heart and can provide a home for either one of these dogs, WARL would be most grateful, Pinky and Mister would be most ecstatic, and I would be most happy.🌸

If you would like more information on either Pinky Pie or Mister, you can find their bio’s on the WARL website, and you can visit them at WARL noon – 5 p.m., 7 days a week. WARL is located on Holden Street in Worcester.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone who has pets: Please do not leave them unattended in a car. Even though you may think having the windows cracked or rolled down, and your car may be in the shade, the inside of your car becomes like an oven in no time.

Last year I was in the Walmart parking lot and saw a dog panting in a parked car. I saw no water and the car was parked in the hot sun. I went into Walmart and got a police officer who was on duty and he sort of laughed and said, β€œWhat do you want me to do about it?” I quickly said: β€œMake an announcement or break the window! The dog is in distress!” He followed me to the car, then sent the teen who was with him to get something to unlock the car door. I looked over before leaving – he had the dog in his arms. So I knew the dog would be fine. I am not so sure he would have been willing to make the effort if the dog had not been a small dog…??? If you see a dog in a parked car this summer, please call the police and report it – you could save his or her life!

I think signs should be posted in ALL parking lots telling people to NOT leave their dogs in cars. (I have seen them in Vermont) We have signs posted that tell you not to feed seagulls. How about saving a dog’s life, instead of worrying about people feeding the seagulls?
I also think that if a dog is left in a car and the police are notified, the owner should be fined or ticketed. I know in some states it is legal to break the windows out of a car if you see a dog in distress … not sure if that pertains in MA… I for one, would not hesitate to smash a car window and suffer the consequences, if necessary. I do carry a small hammer-type tool that is designed to break glass in my car…Please, don’t make me use it!!!