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President Donald Trump’s “shit-hole countries” remark – more of the same

By Edith Morgan

So now President Donald Trump has let loose of some more gutter language, this time describing again something he clearly knows nothing about and, worse yet, CARES nothing about. We have been treated to his “locker room language,” we have heard peoples of color labeled rapists, murderers; portrayed as lazy, criminal, unintelligent and still “the white man’s burden.”

We have seen emanating from Trump’s campaign and later from his White House, the same vicious rhetoric, ultimately emanating from the same source: Donald J. Trump. So I have trouble being shocked or surprised that more of this gutter language – his describing Africa, Haiti as “shit-hole countries” during a meeting about immigration – is issuing forth from what ought to be the highest places in our government.

We all know the words – we would not be shocked or upset at hearing them if we did not understand their meaning and their use: to excoriate people of color. What IS shocking and upsetting is that the racist comments are coming out of what is supposed to be the highest office in the land – the position from which is supposed to emanate at least a little wisdom and decorum, and to which so many other nations’ people look for leadership.

During the last presidential campaign, I DID hope the American people would see through candidate Trump’s bluster, his swearing, his crude insensitivity and his total disregard for law, morality … and any trace of human decency.

Actually, much of the voting public DID reject this choice but were denied their real choice (Bernie Sanders) by a rigged system that allowed the election to be thrown to the less-favored candidate, Hillary Clinton. It has happened before and we did not fix it then. And we are still not fixing the problem!

Most Americans have had the uneasy feeling that we were going in the wrong direction, that change was needed, and that it should start at the top. And so many were lulled into believing that Donald Trump would “drain the swamp.” What many did not see is that Trump and his entourage are the “swamp-creatures par excellence”! And that rather than draining the swamp, they are there to overfill the swamp and line their own pockets …

Did anyone who took the time to study the various biographies of this group have any doubt at all that there would be brought into the White House the same person who had all his life demonstrated a total lack of morality in any area, personal or business?

This spoiled child who inherited so much, bragged that he would get rich off the presidency, that rules did not apply to him, and that as a (reality TV!) “star” he could get away with anything – including murder?

Why did people not take Trump at his word – the only times when he actually told the truth?

And so we have added to the Presidential vocabulary the terms “pussy,” “shit-hole” and others, thanks to Trump. And we are daily treated to further outpourings from our duly elected fount of gutter talk. I will not be surprised when, as the pressure builds from decent Americans of all kinds, that the vocabulary will get cruder and more abusive!

And meanwhile, as our attention is focused on the increasing crudity, our environment is being decimated, the 1% pay less of their fair share, health insurance for the working poor and middle class becomes more precarious, protections are dismantled, our respect – and influence – around the world eroded. Globally, we are a laughing stock, as we follow a racist, sexual predator … a foul-mouthed ignoramus down into … what?

When will the Trump debacle be enough – even for the cowards who inhabit the Congress?