Endorsements … Next Tuesday, please vote for …

Mayor – Joseph Petty

At-large city councilors – Morris “Moe” Bergman, Kate Toomey, Gary Rosen

District 4 – Sarai Rivera

Worcester School Committee: John Monfredo, Jack Foley, Brian O’Connell


Reelect Mayor Joseph Petty!

By Rosalie Tirella

Last-minute mayoral candidate and “machine-challenger” Konstantina Lukes FLOPPED as Worcester’s first popularly elected woman mayor several years back. She accomplished nothing in the cool office on the third floor of City Hall, unless you want to count painting it a new color and hanging new pictures on its walls. To sum up: It was a dead zone. Lukes showed no vision for Worcester and, even when she had a few glimmers of inspiration, she had no coalition on the city council to support her – or her ideas – because her colleagues dislike her so intensely. A naysayer from Day #1, Konnie has been Woo’s Wet Blanket, shooting down anything unfamiliar, wagging her finger at anything “outside the box,” saying NO to pretty much everything new that’s come before the city council – sometimes to save tax payers money but more often than not for spite – to poke her elbow into the eyes of the political machine that Konnie perceives as running this city (she IS right on this count). And sometimes Konnie votes NO out of pure cluelessness. (See: Year 1 of Pow Wow Worcester, the year Konnie proclaimed many of the beautiful murals painted on our downtown buildings to be bummers. Could the city council legislate happier public art?? she wondered aloud. … Woo calling Vladimir Putin!!)

On the other side of the aisle, incumbent Mayor Joe Petty loves all the murals, the new, young, artsy things happening (often because of him and cursed political machine) in Worcester. Dog parks? We got ’em. Police officers on beautiful horses? Check. Millennials sipping their fancy coffees in trendy eateries? Yep, Woo’s saddled with them, too.

But we love Joe Petty because of his feelings for a Worcester that’s way closer to our hearts than the coffee snobs. The Worcester that goes deep. The Green Island kids riding their rickety bikes. The Piedmont Latino dads and moms waiting for their kids to end their day at Chandler Elementary School – all proud smiles as they take their kids by their hands to cross a dangerous Chandler Street. Heading into a tough urban environment, with every intention of getting homework done, permission slips signed. Little kids cupping their hands over their ears because the traffic is so LOUD.

The ATVs, the locked down inner-city shrines …

pics: R.T.

The Worcester that baffles us, frightens us, makes us smile …



The Worcester we worry about because it has zero political juice, zero dollars, zero support from anybody … especially the Gaffney-Turtle Boy brigade.

Joe Petty’s a regular guy with a soft spot for our city kids, our public school families, immigrant populations, social service providers/heroes. He works to make our city schools great, our inner-city streets safer … Outsiders are welcome in Joe’s world. Every person counts.

As President Donald Trump becomes more and more obnoxious, profane, crude…the modest, soft-spoken Mayor Joe Petty becomes more gentle, more sensitive to the outsider – a tonic to our battered souls. Contrast Petty’s political style to the bombastic crap spewing out of the volcano mouth of City Councilor Michael Gaffney. As Trump and Gaffney become more bogged down in racial animosity and ethnic scape-goating, pulling the country and Worcester away from their dreams and ideals, we must remember our dreams and ideals. Choose light and hope.  We cannot have a mini-Trump as our mayor (Mike Gaffney),  a mini-Steve-Bannon waging war on a new multi-cultural Worcester that does not resemble the Woo of yesteryear (see Mike Gaffney again) or an out-of-touch naysayer who fears the future (see Konstantina Lukes).

The times, they are a changin’ – and we mean in A BIG WAY. Mayor Joe Petty is the guy for the New Woo: Worcester’s artsy, latte-lovin’ crowd and, more important to us, the ‘hood bikers, pit walkers, inner-city ravers – and saviors. The people who make this place we – and half of Worcester – call HOME. So rough around the edges. So misunderstood. Petty reaches out…