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Imalay Guzman

Summer Times

By Imalay Guzman

After suffering mother nature’s cruel joke, I am excited to say summer is officially here! Coming from a Hispanic background and being born midsummer, I truly appreciate the warm weather. From lake trips to the cook-outs – who doesn’t love the summer time?

Imalay’s sweet husband and their adorable kids enjoy the refreshing pool! photos: Imalay Guzman

There is something about warm weather that brings out the happiness in people: everyone can relate to letting loose and having fun.

Any spontaneous decision can lead to an unforgettable memory. When I was 15 years old, a group of friends and I decided to skinny dip at Vernon Hill pool. It was something to do while there was nothing to do. I will never forget how I cut my leg trying to jump over the fence! Over all, it was a great night – something I will never forget!

This is the time of the year where there are different occasions and reasons for family and friends to reunite. My family does this thing where every Sunday of the summer we get together just so all the family members can actually spend time with one another. This way all the siblings can catch up, and we have a day of the week where we can be a family. To be honest, the main reason for the gathering is my mother’s cooking. She is an amazing cook!

A family birthday party!🎂🎂

If it’s not dipping your feet in a pool or splashing around in a beach, people always find a way to keep cool and have fun. The idea of fun is what you make it! Not everyone is so lucky to have a variety of different activities – people who are not mobile can only do so much. It reminds me of a time when it was 95 degrees our and my friends and I decided to start a water balloon game, something like manhunt, but if you got hit more than three time with a balloon you would be it. When you’re younger, any little thing can be entertaining! Add water to the activity and you will beat the heat! There are different ways to be able to enjoy the hot weather, without having to spend lots of money.

Here are some of the activities I enjoy,using stuff around the house or items that are inexpensive:

The world’s cheapest slip ‘n’ slide – using an old tarp, detergent and water – you can even set it up at a softball field and have some real fun.

Hanging water balloons and letting the kids have at it like a pinata can also be a good way to keep the younger kids entertained and refreshed.

What better way to stay cool than to make everyone’s favorite treat – ice cream! You can go online and find different ways to make your own ice cream in your choice of flavor. Even if you’re alone a bike ride or even a trip to a place you’ve never been can make anyone’s summer.

Keeping busy and having fun can keep a lot of people safe and out of trouble. I hope everyone enjoys their summer!