Imalay parked in Rose’s space: Back to School – the Hustle and Bustle!

Imalay, left, and her mom and little girl.

By Imalay Guzman

The best season has finally arrived, with crispy cool air and warm afternoons! Fall season is everyone’s favorite; from adding layers to your wardrobe and preparing for back to school, it can be both exciting and oh so dreadful!

Parents who enroll their kids in school can relate to the hustle and bustle. It’s dreadful because of all the work that needs to be put in, but once the mayhem is over, it’s a great feeling of accomplishment.

As a mother, I like to shop early for back-to-school supplies and clothing because that way I find things I need without any hectic wardrobe issues. However, many people wait for the back-to-school sales to hit so they can get more for their money. From school supplies, clothing and shoes, shopping in one store is impossible. The more kids you have, the more running around you have to do. It’s all about the prices and the convenience of the store.

The hardest part of the shopping is trying to meet everyone’s sense of style. My children each like different things and dress differently. My oldest daughter likes for me to dress her the way I would dress myself; on the other hand, my son wants anything and everything that has to do with super heroes!

All of the back and forth from store to store gets aggravating and tiring, but in the long run it’s worth seeing how happy your kids are. Knowing they will be neatly put together for their first day of school gives them a boost in their self-esteem. As a parent, making sure my child has the proper school material is essential. I want to make sure they are prepared for school. If they are prepared, then the school year should ultimately be successful.

The back-to-school routine can be more than running around shopping. It has a lot to do with sitting down and having very important conversations with our children, which can help them during the school year. For this generation, before you send your kid to school there has to be several talks, talks that vary between ages. If your children are going into elementary school, the bully talk needs to happen. They might be young and you may think they don’t understand – they completely do. Making sure they don’t become victims to bullies and knowing how to identify when someone is bullying them is so important.

If your child is attending middle school, the sex talk is practically mandatory. Teens as young as 13 are already having sex nowadays. Another good thing to talk about is peer pressure and safe sex — a must. It can be difficult to imagine having this talk with your child who you view so innocently, but with the way upcoming generations are growing up, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The truth is it’s best to try and have an open line of communication with your kids. That way they feel comfortable coming to you for help whenever anything happens to them. There are a lot of kids who don’t feel comfortable speaking to their parents and close themselves up, which is something no good parent likes seeing their child go through. Try to be understanding because we were all young and dumb at some point. The way we learn in life is through our mistakes.

Let your child develop the way you would’ve liked to have been given the chance to grow, while being the adult they need, as well.