Mike Gaffney … never in style … The Poll

Two days ago, I got a purported “survey” call, asking only three questions, and I was not quick enough to jot down the source of the survey, as my suspicions were not aroused until the actual questions were asked:

They were: about my voting for/against only three of the Worcester City Council candidates:

Krystian King

Moe Bergman

and Michael Gaffney.

Since Gaffney had publicly announced that both he and his wife Coreen were withdrawing from the race (although neither had formally notified the Election Commission), I called around to see what this might mean.

Moe Bergman did not do this. Tonight he told CECELIA: “I had no connection with this. I would not even know who to call to conduct a poll like this.”

Bergman thinks Gaffney is behind the poll.

And while I did not call Mr. King, I do not see how this survey would benefit him either.

At this point, I believe that someone is trying to influence the voters.

While in this national political climate of legally accepted shenanigans (anything goes, just so long as you win), I think voters need to be warned that they are being duped.


We should take them at their word, even if they did it too late to be taken off the ballot. Their timing is suspicious, too.

Too bad this sort of thing is making its way into Worcester politics!!!

– Edith Morgan