Revised! … Next Tuesday Worcester VOTES … Carpet Baggers Mike and Coreen Gaffney MUST stay true to their word and GO

By Rosalie Tirella

Next Tuesday, let’s not let the sinister  Michael Gaffney, a Worcester city councilor who’s skulked down the august corridors of our City Hall for far too long, make monkeys out of us voters. Let’s not allow Gaffney to continue wreaking havoc on the Woo polity, with his lies and manipulations, leaving the good people of Worcester emotionally drained and angry.

Gaffney is an expert when it comes to dividing people along racial and socio-economic lines. He’s all about creating this dynamic: Society’s insiders vs its outsiders – outsiders being refugees, immigrants, the homeless,  poor people, people of color. Just like  Prez Donald Trump, Gaffney is at his Best – we mean Worst – when he is diving into the cultural wedge issues of America/Worcester. And blowing things apart.

No more. Let’s not allow this demagogue to poison our city any longer. Go away, Joe McCarthy!

WE MUST MAKE SURE GAFFNEY HOLDS TO HIS WORD: HE said he IS EXITING WOO POLITICS. He will not accept a seat on the Worcester City Council – even if re-elected by his supporters.

Let me recap: Two weeks ago Gaffney and his wife, Coreen –  a couple of carpet baggers if ever there were a pair – expressed disgust that most people here rejected their brand of toxic politics and said they were pulling out of their respective political races – mayor and D 4. Lately, during his video show, Mike Gaffney seemed mentally deranged. Watching the last segment, with Gaffney sporting a black eye from a tumble on a cement floor, growing more strident by the second, his arms flailing, complaining that Mayor Joe Petty is covered in crumbs, a viewer couldn’t help being repelled by the guy…fearing the guy’s … insanity… Why would anyone want this mentally unhinged person representing our city in any official capacity? Leading the second largest city in New England???

But we fear Gaffney may stick around – not keep his promise to Worcester.  He may have decided to fake bow out of the council race to  take the media heat off his weirdo refusal to act like a proper mayoral candidate. When they were running for office, Gaffney (and Coreen for District 4) refused to be interviewed by the media, refused to attend any candidate forums or answer any surveys/ q and a’s. Insane! How would voters know where they stood on certain issues? And they were making the game unfair for their political opponents, who subjected themselves to all of the above. The rigors of the race. No fun.

Also, by taking a fake break for himself the Gaffer was able to lull his opponents into complacency. All their seats were safe now that he pulled out of the race. They did not have to campaign against Gaffney. Or run as hard, if he were running against them.

Fast forward to the Day after Election and Gaffney has made the cut. Been re-elected by his supporters because his name was still on the ballot. He could think to himself: “Yay! I just pulled an Ed Augustus. Ed PROMISED he would not take the City Manager’s job – gave lots of compelling reasons why he was returning to his job at Holy Cross – but when the city council came a calling he said YES!”  

Gaffney could then decide to gift himself to his adoring fans – hundreds and hundreds of fellow hate mongers – and say to them YES! I WILL BE your CITY COUNCILOR once again!  Sow racial hatred, lie about my fellow councilors, lead odious crusades…

(An aside:

We did not know Worcester had so many haters! But, hey, look who’s defiling the Oval Office and leading us into the sewers?! Hater and liar in chief Donald Trump!)

The local and state election commissions must not let Gaffney get away with this shit.

THEY MUST VETO THIS MANIPULATIVE move – not allow Gaffney to hold office. He knowingly misrepresented his intentions, affecting the shape of the mayoral and councilor at large races.

Gaffney has pulled garbage like this on Worcester since Day #1.

Yes, the Gaffneys could still get the hell outa Dodge: Coreen has been let go from her high-powered and high-paying job at Hanover Insurance. They have put their Main South condo (in Coreen’s name) up for sale. Now that she is not running for the district’s council seat, they are hightailing it out of District 4. So much for their much ballyhooed, self-professed commitment to the urban core! It was just a pose. Just a political move so Coreen could run for political office. Against Gaffney’s nemesis on the city council – D 4 incumbent Sarai Rivera. Like I said: Gaffneys = CARPET BAGGERS.

And, yes, the polls were showing Mike Gaffney being rejected by a ton of Worcester voters this election cycle, people sick and tired of the Gaffney dramas that through the years have dragged so many members of so many Worcester communities straight into the mud.

And the local media has not been fooled by the Gaffneys’ shenanigans. Called them out at every turn. If Mike Gaffney wants to stay on for another term, if he is indeed reelected, THE LOCAL MEDIA WILL CONTINUE TO MONITOR THE GAFFER WITH SHARP EYES – AND ELBOWS.

All this smells fishy.

Out of bounds.


The Gaffneys are an embarrassment to themselves and the City of Worcester.

Next Tuesday, Election Day, let’s put an end to Worcester’s misery. Vote the Gaffney bum out and re-elect Sarai Rivera to District 4, refusing to endorse in any way the bum’s wife, Coreen.