Ohhh, baby, it’s cold outside!

Why does Rose wear her boxers around the house when it’s 2 degrees out⛄⛄⛄??? (3 days ago!❄)

Cuz she’s always only “chili” up top! (Rose and Cece)


Chef Joey’s Mild Veggie Chili:

For this recipe I used all the basic ingredients of chili, but instead of meat, I used barley and lentils.

I cooked one cup each on water that had 4 cloves of garlic in it.

While that was cooking I cut up and used the following, in addition to the barley and lentils:

2 large onions – diced

4 cloves garlic – diced

1 red pepper – cut small-pieced

1 green pepper – cut into small pieces

vegetable oil (2 tbsp)

2 cans (28 oz each) diced tomatoes

2 cans black beans (15 oz each)

taco or chili seasoning

Get a large pot and add the oil and added onions and garlic, stir to coat then add the peppers.

Cover and let cook for about 5 minutes and stir.

Add the cooked barley and lentils

Then add the tomatoes and beans, juice and all.

Let this all cook for about an hour on low heat and it will thicken up nicely.

Add 1 or 2 tablespoons taco or chili seasoning and you are done!

Not only is the combination tasty, it is nutritious and lasts a week! So enjoy the holiday and make a chili!