Sunday wrap-up starring Mass. Farm to School … Sunny Funnies … and more

pics: R.T.

Come celebrate Massachusetts Farm to School Month!

Join us at our First Farm to School Awareness Day at the Massachusetts State House on Thursday, October 26, at 11 a.m!

Join fellow farm to school advocates and partners from around the Commonwealth to celebrate all things farm to school.

This day will be a great opportunity to meet with your legislators (make an appointment!) and share the exciting farm to school activities happening in your community, as well as visit with other farm to school organizations, and congratulate this year’s Kale Blazer Award recipient.

Speaking Program:

At 11 a.m. we will hear from a few of the key farm to school supporters on how farm to school is currently impacting their area of work.

Speakers include:

Senator Anne Gobi, Chair, Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture (and 2016 Kale Blazer award winner)

Representative Robert DeLeo, Speaker of the House

Commissioner John Lebeaux, MA Dept of Agricultural Resources

Rob Leshin, Director, Office of Food and Nutrition Services, MA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education

Erin Healy, Farm to School Director, USDA

2017 Kale Blazer Award Winner (to be announced)

Planning to Attend?

The event is open to everyone.

Meeting with Your Legislator:

Let you local Representative and Senator know about the great farm to school activity taking place in their district. Show them how these programs are promoting student and community healthy and local economic development.

Share Your Community’s Story!

We will also provide you with materials to capture your thoughts about farm to school, as well as the thoughts of your students for you to share with your legislators.

…You can order our “Farm to School is important to me because …” postcards. Please email (20 max. per order please).

You can deliver these to your legislators either by mail, or in person during Farm to School Awareness Day!


Produce of the Month: PEARS!!!

Recipe from the Lowell Public Schools!

Pear Ginger Parfait


2 lbs of Pears
1 cup of Orange Juice
1 TB of Ground Cinnamon
1 TB of Ground Ginger

Pear Compote:

Add pears, orange juice, ginger, and cinnamon to a pot
Simmer on medium heat for 30 minutes

Set aside, let cool
Once cool, puree

Building the Parfait:

Place 4oz vanilla yogurt in a 9oz cup
Add 2 TB of pear compote
Add 1/4 cup blueberries
Add 1 oz granola

To visit the MASS. FARM TO SCHOOL website and learn more CLICK HERE!