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From an InCity Times reader: My little Sweetpea!

Rescued: Sweet Sweetpea!!!

Last May while looking at the plights of homeless and abused animals on facebook, we saw a pair of little white adorable pitbull mix puppies that had been rescued by Second Chance Rescue in New York City.

We contacted them with questions about the dogs, who looked very thin and lost – and were sad to hear they had been rescued from irresponsible kids who were selling them on craigslist at only 2 weeks of age, and they were both very ill with pneumonia and other serious health issues.

After 6 weeks in the Animal Clinic of Harris Court in Flushing, NY, only one puppy was healthy enough to be adopted.

Their wonderful Kelcy agreed to meet us halfway in Wallingford in mid-June to pick up the sweet little “Sugar,” about 10 weeks old, who we then named “Sweetpea.” She is now a year and a half years old and is incredibly sweet, super friendly and extremely affectionate.

She comes to work with us every day, meets lots of people (and dogs) and absolutely LOVES everyone!  She has incredible energy and is very playful and healthy .

From now on, she will only know love, comfort and kindness.

Kathy Lewis

Get beautiful for your Valentine! Great, inexpensive pretty-my-eyes …

… cheeks, etc cosmetics – ALL CRUELTY-FREE! ALL available at your local TARGET, CVS or WALGREENS! Support companies that support animals!     – R.T.


… read this list of vegan, cruelty-free makeup products that you can find at your nearest drugstore or Target, and start stocking your makeup bag the compassionate way:

1. Use a NYX Concealer Wand for under-eye circles, blemishes, or uneven skin complexions.


2. Physicians Formula Brightening Compact Foundation powder is great for all-over facial applications.

Physicians Formula Powder

3. Bring out those eyes with a funRunway Eyes palette, by Milani.

(Note: Only the Designer Browns,Couture in Purples, and Backstage Basics palettes are vegan. Other Milani vegan items are clearly marked.)

Milani Eye Shadow

4. But don’t use it without applying someeye primer from Jordana first.

Eye Primer

5. NYX has 27 beautiful shimmery shades of powder blush to choose from.


 CLICK HERE to see more make-up not tested on animals – or using/harming them in any way! 


ICT editor Rosalie Tirella buys her makeup at Walgreens or Target stores. All cruelty-free. Here she is, yesterday, sporting her Wet ‘n’ Wild mascara (cruelty free brand, which you can’t see cuz of her sun specs) and Elf powder blush and lipstick – always CRUELTY-FREE and amazingly affordable ($2, $3, $5)! Both cosmetics companies have lots of great products for older broads like Rosalie! And don’t worry! She is wearing a faux fur hat cuz it’s freaking cold out there!



Yes, Virginia! There’s plenty of cruelty-free cologne out there …

… for the hemp-lovin’ men in your life this Valentine’s Day! All natural men’s cologne … no animals cruelly “tested,” mutilated or killed to create/make these great boy Valentine’s Day gifts!  … From PETA.ORG.        – R.T.

CLICK HERE to see all the goodies! Click on product name to learn more/ rush order for Val Day …

– R. T.

The following article originally appeared on VeganBeautyReview.com, and has been updated with new products.

Down to Earth Fragrance Oil

Earthly Body’s Moroccan Nights Body Mist or Nag Champa Body Mist

Earthly Body Cologne (Moroccan Nights and Nag Champa)

The perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your sweetie!

Why “perfect”? Cuz all of ’em were made with LOVE – as in NO ANIMALS were killed/tested/harmed to create/make any of these products! Support companies that support animals!   -R.T.




“Share the Love” Valentine’s Day Temporary Tattoos

For the kid at heart, this package of 15 inexpensive temporary Valentine’s Day tattoos will leave a lasting impression. Each tattoo comes in a red custom envelope and has “To:” and “From:” fields, so it can be sent to a loved one miles away.

PETA Valentine's Day Cards

Vegan/GF Heart Marshmallow

February is filled with frigid temperatures, so spending a date night snuggled up by the fireplace with vegan hot cocoa is a must. Dress up your drink with this heart-shaped vanilla marshmallow, which is partially dipped in organic dark chocolate and sprinkled with real strawberry flakes.

free people vegan valentine's day candy marshmallow heart

Edible Massage Oil in French Vanilla

Warm up your hands and volunteer to give your lover a sensual massage—with cruelty-free oil, of course. You’ll have him or her melting in the palm of your hands—and smelling great!

French Vanilla Edible Massage Oil

Valentine’s gifts that do ZERO HARM to animals!

Not one silkworm perished! Not one bunny’s eyes burned and burned as it sat crammed in its little cage! Not one animal suffered or died to make these skivvies, candles, etc! It’s easy to buy CRUELTY FREE Valentine’s Day gifts! Some of these goodies are available at the Auburn Mall, etc. Which means animal rights has gone LOCAL and MAINSTREAM.

– R. Tirella


Nothing can get you in the mood for love like dressing the part. Although it can be difficult to find alternatives to silk(approximately 3,000 silkworms are killed to make every pound of it) for special-occasion lingerie, you may agree that this 100 percent lacy number fromFor Love and Lemons could not be more perfect. We’re confident your SO would agree.

for love and lemons

 We say what we mean, and we mean what we say: lace over silk any day! But if single pieces are more up your alley, this animal-friendly Audrina Print Chemise by Frederick’s of Hollywood is sure not to disappoint:

fredericks of hollywood

There will be those who prefer more ample get-ups—we get it! If neither of the above is quite your style, take it easy in this sweet organic cotton camisole from Organic by John Patrick. As the name suggests, this pretty piece is 100 percent certified organic and biodegradable. Score for you, animals,and the environment!

Organic by John Patrick

patchouli sweetgrass candle

 Make a Toast to Love (for All!)

The Vegan Vine makes a delicious cabernet sauvignon that will no doubt get you in the mood for love. This company is committed to abstaining from the use of animal products, so drink away any worries of consuming those little-known buzz kills found in wine: isinglass (fish bladder), gelatin (pig hooves), casein (milk protein), and egg whites. Cheers!

the vegan vine

CLICK HERE to read more! 

Why 2014 was a good year for animals



Jett supports PETA!


President’s message – PETA 

By Ingrid Newkirk

Dear Friends,

2014 was another banner year for PETA and the animals we defend.

As described by The Saratogian’s horse-racing columnist, PETA’s first-of-its kind eyewitness investigation of horse drugging at Saratoga Race Course and Churchill Downs “exploded like a nuclear bomb in the racing community.”

In February, our mobile veterinary clinics division celebrated its 100,000th surgery.

In a major victory for baby seals—won with PETA’s help—the World Trade Organization upheld the European Union’s ban on seal fur imports, a landmark step toward protecting animals under international trade law.

The shocking footage from our wool industry exposé has been viewed 3.8 million times, and more than 65 apparel companies have begun displaying our new “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo in response to consumer demand for animal-friendly clothing!

We managed to get 18 bears who had been imprisoned in concrete pits or cells moved to beautiful sanctuaries, where they now enjoy fresh air and grass beneath their feet.

Thousands of people on three continents heard PETA’s message of compassion in person as a result of my “Naked Truth” wake-up tour. Following a speech at Harvard Law School by the PETA Foundation’s director of animal law about the cruelty of SeaWorld, the Harvard Law Record—the oldest law school newspaper in the nation—wrote: “Orca captivity is barbaric, inhuman and a gross violation of the rights of a highly intelligent and deeply feeling creature. The work of people like [the PETA Foundation’s director of animal law] makes apparent that generations to come will one day look upon such practices with eyes filled with shame and disgust.”

PETA’s strong outreach efforts among the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S.—the Latino community—reached millions. PETA Latino’s website was visited by more than 10 million people, our Spanish-language “Glass Walls” agribusiness exposé was viewed by more than 1.3 million people …

CLICK HERE to read more!

Some FREE, wonderful ways to remember animals this holiday season!

Fun! Cute! And all for the animals! –  From the great folks at PETA!  – R.T.

12 Ways to Help Animals This Holiday Season!

The holiday season gives us a bunch of unique opportunities to make a difference for animals. We got things started with a list of 12 ways to help animals. Check it out and get going:

1. Print out our “This gift is cruelty-free” cards and put them on your gifts! When people receive their gifts, they’ll know that their present is cruelty-free!

gift-tags-2   gift-tags-1

2. Print out PETA’s “Be Sweet to Animals” tags! These tags can be attached to candy canes and small items to add an animal rights message to treats.


3. Make Christmas cards with animal rights messages. You can also add PETA stickers to cards and envelopes to spread the message. Or if you don’t want to make your own, you can purchase animal rights holiday cards from PETA.

To read more CLICK HERE 

Hope …

 From The New York Times

Want to Touch a Dog? In Malaysia, It’s a Delicate Subject


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — When he organized a get-together for dog lovers and their canine-averse neighbors, Syed Azmi Alhabshi thought he was doing a public service.
But after hundreds of people showed up to the event, billed as “I Want to Touch a Dog” on Facebook, and when pictures started circulating on the Internet of Muslim women in head scarves happily hugging dogs, Mr. Syed Azmi became an unwitting protagonist …
To read entire story  CLICK HERE

Keep checking our anti-animal-acts FACEBOOK PAGE for the latest in animal welfare news! … A LANDMARK VICTORY FOR INDIA’S BULLS!

photo credit: PETA

A LANDMARK VICTORY FOR ANIMALS! The Supreme Court in India, has passed a landmark judgment banning bullock cart races and all performances of bulls throughout the country thanks to the work of Animal Equality India and other animal charities.

Read more by clicking on our ICTimes circus Face Book page to the right!

Remember! Keep checking in! Get educated! PLEASE get involved! Do it for the animals!!!!  – R. T.

Labor Day cook-outs on the horizon …

… Let’s skip the animal torture (American factory farms – where most of our meat comes from) this long weekend.

Here are the 10 Best Vegan BBQ Recipes from PETA … CLICK HERE to see them!

(remember: you can click on the link to the right, on this website and find – PETA.ORG where you’ll see more recipes, stories, videos etc from this remarkable orgnization. Go, PETA, go!

– R. Tirella