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Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman, aka Will WW, update …

By Rosalie Tirella

Just heard the city’s sickest blogger, Claude Dorman of 38 Sever St., Worcester, the unemployed loser who writes the Worcester Wonderland blog, was in court again earlier this week. With local dude and arch nemesis Paulie Collyer. Case was dismissed, but Collyer is going for the big enchilada. He is going to sue Dorman in civil court. Fuck small claims. Paulie is suing Dorman for years of libel and slander and nasty vibes in general. For crying wolf and calling the cops on Paul, for faking terror and trying to get restraining orders against Paulie twice. For making things up … just because Claude is an unemployed loser pushing 60 who has no life, and Paulie is a guy with … pizzazz.

If Paulie wins the big bucks in civil court, he can collect $$$$ from Claude. It is a civil case, so Dorman can be hounded for the $$$, have all sorts of things, like his house, ‘attached.’

We are not lawyers, but ICT writer Steve Maher is, and Steve is also going after Claude and his Wonderland, I call it Wondershit, blog in court. Seems Dorman pulled a Bob Bourassa on poor Steve, wrote a letter to Steve’s employer claiming Steve was a dangerous person and that he was visiting his Worcester Wonderland website during work hours ALL THE TIME and leaving dangerous comments. Seems old Claude’s computer spyware and cookies were working overtime. Seems he traced Steve and traced his employer. (Now do you all want to leave comments on the Wonderland blog?! You would be a masochist, and not very bright, to do so.)

Claude wrote lies to Steve’s employer. Yes, Steve visited his blog during work but not nearly as often as Claude, who blogs as Will WW, claimed. And Steve NEVER LEFT COMMENTS on the Wonderland blog. They were most likely written by Dorman, a mendacious sicko. To spy on Steve, to lie about what he did in a letter to his bosses was not only wrong, but illegal. Slander, libel, lies, you name it. Dorman’s malicious actions caused Steve to be walked off the premises at work and to be fired. FOR DOING NOTHING WRONG. FOR CHECKING CLAUDES BLOG DURING LUNCH AND BEFORE WORK. Claude manipulated the number of visits Steve made to his blog, trippling them.

Why would demented Claude Dorman/Will WW do this? Cost Steve his great job at a Fortune 500 company?

To be evil. To cause pain. (Why does Claude’s wife Cignan stick with her sick husband? Get some therapy Cignan! I beg of you, get help!)

Well, Steve is going after his old company. Then he is setting his sights on Claude Dorman and his Worcester Wonderland blog. He is hoping to get Claude on identity theft, something Claude has done time and time again – for years! – to Billy Randell and me, which we have documented. Writing horrible lies and then attaching other people’s names to your emails, Claude, is illegal! Steve is a lawyer and is building his case. He told me he hopes to land Claude in a jail cell for at least six months.

Can’t our DA do something about this sick, lying miserable fuck?

Can’t Police Chief Gary Gemme sit sick Claude down and set him straight?

Hopefully, Steve will put Wonderland’s sick creator where he belongs … The Worcester County House of Correction.

Can’t this man be stopped?

Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman writes as Will WW. He believes he can bully people and defame them on his website. And it all began years ago, folks! Worcester arts booster Brian Goslow called Paulie Collyer some time ago and spent an hour on the phone with Paulie, re: Claude-o. Brian went to school with Claude. He told Paulie that when Claude was a kid, he and his brother brought a wooden penis to school and forced younger kids to suck on it. The beginnings of a bully. A truly sick man, Worcester’s Claude Dorman.


Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman heads to court (2x!) in September! We will report all the news …

Toxic Worcester Wonderland blogger Claude Dorman of 38 Sever St., Worcester, has lost it. Utter lies about costs for ICTimes ads. Pay my bills through my biz. Couldn’t do that if I charged Claude’s ad rates. Lies about our distribution, too. Lies about our webstats (We use Googleanalytics and they tell us we have more than 2,5oo website readers.) Not to worry, kiddos! The Worcester Wonderland blogger Dorman has two visits to make to the Worcester Courthouse in a few weeks … . We think the honorable Judge LoConto has had enough of Wonderland’s bull shit and will lay down the law for old Claude.

Here, in case you missed it, is a blog that turns Worcester Wonderland/Claude Dorman on his nerdy head.

You’re 57 years old, Claudo, and unemployed! Get a life!

We will report the court proceedings here. Stay tuned!  Now for the Claude/Worcester Wonderland alter ego blog:


– R. Tirella

It’s springtime in Worcester!

By Rosalie Tirella

Spring is here! Sunny days! Warm nights. croquses jutting out of the grassy squares we Worcester three decker dwellers like to call our front and side yards. Winter is brutal in new England – it seems more and more brutal with each passing year. Chalk it up to our creaky joints or … the sad, sad fact that too often folks in Worcester are just plain rude, unfriendly. They carry a perpetual wintertime of the soul.

Twenty or so years ago it didn’t used to be this way!

I used to say the people of Worcester were “real,” gritty but decent; rough around the edges but always ready to lend a hand … nice. It was as if all the churches we belonged to, all the factories we worked at, all the ethnic social clubs we belonged to took the edge off our urban living, even poverty. Those days seem to have evaporated in the spring sun. I chalk it up to reality TV, and the culture of quasi-porn lots of Americans embrace as they listen to the filth spewed by radio hack Rush Limbaugh and his ilk, watch Paris Hilton and Snookie bare all (body and hollow soul!) on R-17 reality/cable TV shows …

I remember a former boyfriend wanted to take a photo of my breasts to carry around in his cell phone. I said NO WAY! His new girlfriend (a few weeks into the relationship) let him take a cell phone photo of her boobs (the boob) and they proudly sit on his cell phone today (not as the phone wall paper). He told me, “If I asked her to take out her tits in public, she would.”

Glad he’s found someone who “embodies” what it means to be an American in 2012.

So goes the whoring of America, which, I believe, leads to the anything goes attitude of America, which leads to the if anything goes, then we can be in your face rude and obnoxious. We can wear clothes that make us look like whores – we can even dress our little daughters in clothes that sexualize them because these are the outfits stores (taking the cue from Paris Hilton) sell these days.

So, for me, it no longer surprises to see people run red lights and give fellow drivers the finger while they cut folks off/break the law. It no longer shocks me to read about gun play in the middle of downtown Worcester, a downtown I used to love shopping in with my mom and two kid sisters in the 1960s/early 1970s. I accept the fact that Worcester/society has broken down. All the police details and all the community meetings where neighborhood activists declare that we will all take back our neighborhoods can’t put this Humpty Dumpty city back together again.

Still, there are a few glimmers of hope in Wormtown – Worcesterites who – despite the snow, sleet , rain, and undercurrent of selfishness – manage to be polite. Courteous at all (or most) times. Ready with a smile and a kind word. As sunny as spring – no matter how wintery Worcester gets. Even in May.