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Sarai Rivera, pastor of a Pentecostal Church and the recent election …

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

By Rosalie Tirella

How dare Sarai Rivera, while running for District 4 city councilor, call and demand DEMAND incumbent D-4 Barbara Haller long-time friend and Worcester Mayor Joe O’Brien, call O’Brien and demand that he NOT endorse Barb Haller, his dear friend? How dare Sarai Rivera and her troops, on the day of election, call Congressman Jim McGovern and bawl him out for coming out for Barbara Haller, holding a Haller sign for his friend and a woman who helped him make the Kilby Gardner revitalization project a reality? How dare Sarai Rivera call Family Health Center and scare its executive director, Fran Athenes, into pulling her name from a mini-ICTimes story on Barbara Haller getting the local health center’s outreach center some thermometers for inner-city families during the last flu epidemic? And force Haller to press me to run a correction? When we wrote the truth? Click to continue »