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Economic Justice NOW! The Fair Share campaign to put in place a graduated income tax in Massachusetts!  

Training session –  Saturday, August 29.

Worcester Interfaith is an affiliate of MCAN and will be hosting.

At First Baptist Church, Worcester

10 a.m. to noon.

Please contact Worcester Interfaith if you can attend:  508-754-5001

The Raise Up Massachusetts Coalition of community, labor, and faith based groups recently filed the “Fair Share” constitutional amendment, to raise $1.3 billion in new tax revenue to fund public schools, state college affordability, and transportation.

This will increase the income tax rate for people earning over a million dollars by 4% on their income over one million dollars.

With that filing, we’ve officially launched our Fair Share Amendment Campaign!!!!

We need this money to invest in our youth and families!

We’re proud of the key role we’re playing in this campaign. We’re proud that MCAN is a co-chair of Raise Up Massachusetts, and that our leaders will be named on every petition we carry with us this fall.

Debbie Frontierro, a leader in our ECCO affiliate, and Rev. Jose Encarnacion, a leader in our Worcester Interfaith affiliate, will be listed on the petitions as two of the 10 original signers.

We are also proud that Rev. Jane Gould of ECCO, Paul Lumpkin of PVP, Angel Cosme and Rev. Michael Walker of BIC, and Jack Livramento of UIA were the alternates in case any of the first ten signers didn’t qualify.

We will begin collecting signatures for this constitutional amendment around Labor Day – stay tuned.

We’ll have until November 15 to collect the signatures to qualify this for the ballot in 2018.

This is a big deal – the chance of a generation to make significant progress in making a more equitable Massachusetts!!!

We are hoping for another huge win for economic justice!

Please join us!

If you can volunteer to collect signatures, even 10-20 from friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors, please email Lew Finfer and you will receive the petitions just after Labor Day.

Lew Finfer, MCAN Director