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You be the judge

By Jack Hoffman



I was planning on writing my column for Rose on pass codes/words, but something else got my fancy up. Before I continue, I have just one question about pass codes/words: With all this hacking that’s going on … how the hell do they get into all these files, if they don’t know the pass code?

I’ll await a good response from some geek out there.

Now for what’s important:

I confess when this presidential nominating process began I was cheering for Donald Trump, before the oddsmakers didn’t give him a shot. I wanted him to win so he could bury the Republicans for the next 10 years — maybe longer!

And that’s what scares the hell out of the Repugs who refuse to back him.

I saw a bumper sticker on a parked car that read “I just don’t trust the government.” So I pasted a note on his car, saying: “I suggest you give back your Medicare and Social Security.” With an attachment that read: “It’s your government, too.”

Just this week the war of words has really picked up. It seems everyone or just a few are a little pissed off at their government.


And who is a racist and a bigot and some other choice words?

Let me turn to the Oxford Dictionary to define “bigot”: “A person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.”

Sound familiar?…hello, Donald Trump!

After my wee bit of being pissed off, I received the following from a political pal of mine in Florida: It’s titled “Why you should vote Republican.”

Ok, let’s see why:

We’ve blocked every Obama move. We kept another liberal out of the Supreme Court, country be damned;

we cut taxes for the wealthy;

gerrymandered and suppressed the minority vote in every district we could;

repealed “Obamacare” 51 times at a cost of more than $54 million to taxpayers;

we shut down the government, wasting another $21 billion;

we didn’t pass a single jobs bill.

We blocked immigration reform, background checks, minimum wage and equal pay for women;

made women’s choice much harder to exercise;

cut off unemployment benefits, and even filibustered the Veterans Benefits bill.

Most important, we got many states to put in voter IDs so we can keep minorities at a minimum. Of course, there are no real statistics that there is any real voter fraud. Oh! that damn Federal Court is ruling against those IDs!

And we only worked 97 days this year!

Oh, and we want your vote!


And we are in need of your money!

I’m saving my pass codes column for when I simmer down…

Comments? Email Jack at jack5225@verizon.net

Congressman McGovern Statement on Republicans’ Wrong Way Poverty Agenda

Congressman Jim McGovern, a senior member of the House Democrats Task Force on Poverty, Income Inequality, and Opportunity and the Ranking Member of the House Agriculture Nutrition Subcommittee, released the following statement after House Republicans unveiled the poverty portion of their so-called “A Better Way” agenda:

“Americans need Congress to come together to offer bipartisan solutions that will help millions of families escape poverty – not make it harder for them to get ahead. Speaker Ryan likes to talk about fixing poverty, but the House Republican agenda outlined today would only make poverty worse.

“We live in the richest, most powerful country in the world and yet 46 million of our fellow citizens are in poverty – including more than 15 million children. Today’s House Republican poverty agenda claims to offer bold new ideas, but the harsh reality is it’s just more of the same failed policies that hurt America’s most vulnerable families.

“When Speaker Ryan announced his Republican taskforce to tackle poverty, it was pretty hard to take him seriously because every single Republican on the taskforce voted to cut SNAP by $40 billion. In Speaker Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin, 1 in 5 children struggle with hunger and 302,000 low-income children rely on free or reduced-price school lunches. Yet Speaker Ryan and House Republicans have repeatedly voted to slash the vital programs that help families in Wisconsin and across the country put food on the table. With today’s agenda, Speaker Ryan and House Republicans are just peddling more of the same empty rhetoric and offering no solutions to tackle hunger and actually help families in poverty.”

“In fact, House Republicans have repeatedly pushed dangerous cuts that hurt millions of Americans in poverty. Year after year, Republicans have consistently worked to gut funding for Head Start, Medicaid, and a wide range of initiatives dedicated to reducing poverty. In the most recent Republican budget proposal alone, House Republicans proposed a shameful $3.7 trillion in cuts to essential anti-poverty programs.

“Speaker Ryan’s latest attack on American families working to escape poverty isn’t a better way, it’s the wrong way. As much as Republicans try to distance themselves from Donald Trump, today’s agenda offering no solutions to actually help families escape poverty makes it clear that they’re cut from the same cloth. Slapping a fresh coat of paint on a failed set of policies doesn’t change the fact that this agenda will only make poverty worse. Americans deserve better and House Democrats will not back down from this fight.”