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Cinema 320 returns! More ground-breaking alternative films for Worcester!

By Steve Sandberg

Outside it may be snowing, but in Jefferson 320 it’s a high summer of international cinematic achievement!
950 Main Street/Worcester MA (508) 793-7477Tix: $5.50/$3.50 current Clark ID and senior citizens 60 and over.www.cinema320.com CINEMA 320 SPRING 2010

ME AND ORSON WELLES (UK 2009; PG-13) Tues Feb 23, Thurs Feb 25, Sat Feb 27@ 7:30PM; Sun Feb 28@1, 3:10PM.Direction: Richard Linklater; screenplay: Holly Gent Palmo and Vincent Palmo, Jr.A callow but audacious high school actor (Zac Efron) brazens his way into the Mercury Theatre’s legendary 1937 staging of a modernized “Julius Caesar,” lorded over by charismatic and tyrannical wunderkind Orson Welles (Christian McKay). “Art is a fairy tale we choose to believe in, and this movie, a fiction confected about real people, is too good not to be true” – NY Times. 113 minutes.

STILL WALKING (Japan 2009; NR) Tues Mar 2, Thurs Mar 4, Sat Mar 6@ 7:30PM;Sun Mar 7@ 1, 3:15PM. Direction and screenplay: Hirokazu Kore-edaThe Yokoyama family reunion, superficially so joyous but, just beneath the smiles, deeply melancholy with the memory of an old tragedy, is the occasion for this exquisitely moving drama from director Hirokazu Kore-eda (NOBODY KNOWS). “[Kore-eda] has an admirable eye. It’s almost as admirable as his heart” – Boston Globe. “A magnificent new film from Japan” – Roger Ebert. 114 minutes. Subtitles.

THE WEDDING SONG (France 2008; NR) Tues Mar 9, Thurs Mar 11, Sat Mar 13@ 7:30PM;Sun Mar 14@ 1, 3PM. Direction and screenplay: Karin AlbouTunis, November 1942: The intense friendship of two teenage girls, Sephardic Jewish Myriam and Muslim Nour, is strained to the limit by the tensions of Myriam’s impending arranged marriage; Nour’s frustrated engagement to her penniless fiance; the Nazi occupation; and the inexorable approach of the war. “With intimacy and sensuality Albou explores what it means to be a woman and the bonds that women form with each other in an increasingly precarious situation” – LA Times. Critics’ pick, NY Times. 97 minutes. Subtitles. Continue reading Cinema 320 returns! More ground-breaking alternative films for Worcester!

This winter give fur the cold shoulder!

By Paula Moore

Old Man Winter is here—and he’s packing a punch. The wintry weather has snarled traffic, forced airlines to cancel flights, burst water mains and shut down schools and businesses. You’d better bundle up: According to the National Weather Service, 47 states currently have snow on the ground, and meteorologists warn that more arctic air is on the way.

The frightful weather might have you shivering, but unless you want to look as cold as you feel, don’t reach for a fur to keep you warm. As fashion guru Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame puts it, “Wearing fur is like wearing a big sign reading, ‘I’m in favor of inflicting cruelty and pain on animals as a fashion statement.'” Surely the frigid temperatures haven’t left you that frosty. Continue reading This winter give fur the cold shoulder!

Haiti fundraiser at The Friendly House, Sat., Feb. 13 – all day!

This special event is sponsored by Friendly House, Inc., in collaboration with Miguel Almestica

Where: Friendly House Gymnasium
36 Wall Street, Worcester

When: Saturday, February 13, 2010

Admission: cash donation – ALL Proceeds to benefit Haiti

Schedule of Events

Youth Hoop Basketball games 9a.m. – 11a.m.
Live Entertainment from 12 noon – 7:00 p.m.

*Jazmine Blair – National Anthem * Rich Falcon & the WPI Jazz Orchestra – Big Band Music
* Mike Thibodeau – Rock & Roll * Friendly House Chorus – Popular Songs Continue reading Haiti fundraiser at The Friendly House, Sat., Feb. 13 – all day!

Could it happen here? In Worcester?!

By Rosalie Tirella

My guy and I went into Boston last night to hear YES at the House of Blues. While we stood in line in the cold (especially for Boston) for a half hour (even with tix!), paid an exorbitant amount of dough for parking, and then lingered/swayed/rocked out on a cold, grey concrete floor listening to this iconic prog rock band, I kept asking him (much to his annoyance):

“Why the hell can’t this be happening in Worcester?”

So, Worcester, why couldn’t a couple of aging boomers grab supper in Wormtown and then head to a mid-sized concert venue and rock out to YES? We could have saved time, money and most likely parked our aging arses on fairly cushy seats if the YES concert had been held, say, in the FUCKIN’ PALLADIUM! Continue reading Could it happen here? In Worcester?!

Casino gambling numbers don’t add up

New report cites harm to local aid and tax base as reasons against casinos

A new report says predatory gambling proposals in Massachusetts will hurt local aid to towns and cities and divert millions in discretionary income from the state and its taxpayers.

The report also says that predatory casinos and slot machines will push more people deeper into personal debt, burdening social service networks and taxpayers. Continue reading Casino gambling numbers don’t add up

I love candidate Grace Ross, but …

By Rosalie Tirella

… she shouldn’t run for governor of Massachusetts.

I have known and worked with Grace Ross for a while now. InCity Times endorsed her for governor last time around (I put her on our cover and ran a huge story, too!). I also endorsed her for Worcester City Council three years ago, when she ran for an at-large seat. She would have made a great at large city councilor. I mean, look who we ended up with instead: a totally incompetent nabob – Mike Germain.

I remember going to her “support Grace meetings” when she ran for that at large seat council seat – when she really had a chance of winning (until Mayor Joe O’Brien’s wife, Lisa Weinberg, began her smear campaign against Grace, calling her anti-semetic – the last thing Grace would ever be). Grace had so many great folks backing her then – all the city’s neighborhood activists, it seemed! She was so inspirational when she spoke! You just wanted to get up and clap after one of Grace’s beautifully worded speeches. Continue reading I love candidate Grace Ross, but …

“No” to Deval – “Yes” to Grace

By Chris Horton

[Governor] Deval Patrick is no longer a suitable leader for the common people of Massachusetts, no matter where he came from. The people are done with waiting for change and listening to excuses why the promises that were made can’t be kept. They won’t vote for him, and we will only destroy our own credibility with them by working for him. Appeals to all Democrats to stick together around Patrick are utterly misplaced in the context of the Convention and the Primary election because what is at issue is whether he is appropriate as leader of the Commonwealth’s Democrats. Which he is not.

The heavy-handed tactics of his supporters to intimidate anyone who might go against him at the convention even before there was any opposition inside the Democratic Party – which I saw first hand – are an indication that he’s running scared. Continue reading “No” to Deval – “Yes” to Grace

Watching Mayor Joe O’Brien betray Save Our Poolz …

By Rosalie Tirella

this past Worcester City Council meeting made me think: this guy isn’t gonna give anything to “the people.” His campaign was just a lot of hot air.

Case in point: O’Brien FINALLY got out of his mayoral chair, took the mic and talked on an issue: the city manager and DPW head Bob Moylan were giving councilors an update on the work that will be done at the new Crompton Park pool. Mayor Joe O’Brien got up and pretty much rubberstamped what the city administration did/said all along. In a very quiet tone of voice O’Brien said: we will, as money permits, try to open more city pools. Then, as if to throw a bone to the Save Our Poolz folks, he said the Wheels to Water program will be broadened, hopefully with more jobs for folks.

Nice back-pedalling, O’Brien! Continue reading Watching Mayor Joe O’Brien betray Save Our Poolz …

The monkey’s ass

By Rosalie Tirella

What a dreadful cold spell. What an unlovely sight Wormtown is at tail’s end of winter. What better time – or so I thought, this afternoon – to treat myself to some real comfort food – a cheese omlette, bulkie roll and home fries at my favorite local hang out.

So there I am, on Water Street looking out the restaurant window, hunkering down, trying to avoid all the crap I have to contend with: the dog has cancer, the bills are paid but need more paying, mom has early dementia, guy pal will never get his shit together. Talking with another small biz owner earlier – we both pined for a vacation in sunnier climes. “I haven’t had a vacation in eight years!” he said. All this was weighing down on me … Would spring-time ever return, I wondered, and I looked out the restaurant window and saw ALLEN FLETCHER at the exact opposite side of the street.

He saw me. I saw him. I blanched. He – wearing his ridiculous black beret – gave me a big salute – the kind of salute Adolph Hitler gave his men before … gassing them.

I made a horrible face at him – and immediately lost my appetite.

My old neighborhood, my stomping grounds used to be hallowed ground, for me. Now it’s the Canal Distgrict (or shall we say Cabal District). Now, instead of a cool Jewish ghetto where (in the early part of the 20th century) hawkers lined the Water Street to sell fruits, vegetables, live (!) chickens and other necessities, we have Allen Fletcher in a black beret. Continue reading The monkey’s ass

Greyhounds at Becker College! New program pairs students with these retired (and sometimes traumatized) racers

By Vanessa H. Costa

Are you still looking for that perfect pet?

After you read this article, I hope your search will end and with the adoption of a retired racing Greyhound.

Thanks to the Becker College Animal Science Program, you can find your next greyhound there, where the retired racers are housed for a full semester and are enrolled in a Socialization and Training Program with Becker’s Veterinary Technology Program and Pre-veterinary majors.

Like many of us who have grown up in Worcester, I have visited both the Worcester and Leicester Campus of Becker College but, I was not aware of the Animal Science Program which has been in existence for almost three decades. Within the last couple years, retired racing greyhounds have been introduced into the program, and with the spring semester 2009, partnerships were established to house 9 greyhounds into a formal training program. Continue reading Greyhounds at Becker College! New program pairs students with these retired (and sometimes traumatized) racers