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Worcester County sheriff candidate Lewis “Lew” Evangelidis steals InCity Times newspapers. Publisher goes to the police

Lewis Evangelidis and his campaign volunteers (pond slime) have stolen hundreds of my papers – InCity Times. I will go to the police – I have already called media. This is totally in character for Lew. After all, when I met him, he offered to BUY an endorsement from InCity Times: an ad for our endorsement. When I wrote an unflattering story about him (below), which also ran in InCity Times, he decided to steal my property – a crime – and blow a raspberry at my right to FREE SPEECH.

– Rosalie Tirella

Attention, all political candidates! WCCA TV 13 will host a Candidates Open Mic Night this Wednesday! Free! Sign up today!

Dear Political Candidates:

WCCA TV 13, “The People’s Channel” at 415 Main Street, Worcester, is hosting a Candidates Open Mic Night. Wednesday OCT 13, starting at 6 PM ending at 8 PM.

Each candidate will be given five minutes to inform the viewers about their agenda/platform and qualities and criteria worthy of voters consideration. Time slots are available on a walk in, first come, first serve basis.

Upon your arrival you will fill out a release form printing your name clearly. Each candidate will begin by stating their name, party affiliation, and office they are running for and proceed accordingly from there to fill the remaining five minute block.

Each recorded block will be produced for cable and web casting on WCCA TV 13 channels. And will be played numerous times throughout the month until the November election.

For further questions, contact Mauro DePasquale, Executive Director, at 508-755-1880.

Looking forward to seeing you on WCCA TV 13, The People’s Channel – “Channeling Community since 1986”!

Sodexo workers at Clark University to hold community briefing

Workers will give update on their fight to address low wages, unaffordable health care, and Sodexo’s unfair labor practices

Community, religious, and elected leaders in the Worcester area, and Clark students, will join Sodexo workers at the university for a campaign briefing on Wednesday, October 13.

The briefing will outline next steps that Clark Sodexo workers, who are supported by the Service Employees International Union, are planning in their months-long fight to improve their lives and the lives of their communities.

Clark Sodexo workers say they want to address ongoing, serious problems at their workplace, citing their low (in some cases, near-poverty) wages, an unaffordable company-offered health plan priced beyond the reach of many Clark Sodexo employees, and Sodexo’s pattern of intimidating, interfering with, and restraining U.S. Sodexo workers who are seeking to form a union.

Protests against intimidation of union supporters, substandard wages, and working conditions at Sodexo have broken out at colleges and other sites across the country in recent weeks, Continue reading Sodexo workers at Clark University to hold community briefing

My John Lennon (for his 70’th birthday)

By Rosalie Tirella

It’s true – every Baby Boomer knows where he or she was the night John Lennon was killed. I was in Worcester, in the passenger seat of my pal Jane’s little gray Honda. Jane and I and my other best buddy, Tracy, had spent the evening hanging out. Then, as Jane was driving down Lamartine Street in Green Island, to drop me back home, the news came on the radio: John Lennon shot – by some nut job in the lobby of the Dakota Hotel in New York City, where Lennon and his second wife, Yoko Ono, lived.

I gasped. Jane pulled over. And we both cried. We were around 18 or so and, for me at least, Lennon and the Beatles, were a talisman for me. The ticket out of Worcester. By that I mean mentally – emotionally. A lovely musical escape hatch.

The Beatles – through their songs – told me I could transcend the crumby three-decker apartment I shared with my family in Green Island. Through my imagination, through poetry and songs and writing, I could leave our tenement. Fly away on dreams of strawberry fields, walruses, yellow submarines. The Beatles collective imagination (musically and lyrically) was enough to blast a kid right out of her poverty and dangerously circumscribed world. Continue reading My John Lennon (for his 70’th birthday)

A senseless war begins its 10th year (an address to the nation I wish President Barack Obama would make)

By Michael Moore

My Fellow Americans:

Nine years ago today we invaded the nation of Afghanistan. I’d just turned 40. I had a Discman and an Oldsmobile and had gotten really into LiveJournal. That was a long time ago. It was so long ago, does anybody remember why we’re even there? I think everyone wanted to capture Osama bin Laden and bring him to justice. But he got away sometime in the first month or so. He left. We stayed. Looking back now, that makes no sense.

Needing to find a new reason for the mission, we decided to overthrow the religious extremists who were running Afghanistan. Which we did. Sorta. Unlike Osama, they never left. Why not? Well, they were Afghans, it was their country. And, strangely enough, a lot of other Afghans supported them. To this day, the Taliban only have 25,000 armed fighters. Do you really think an army that tiny could control and suppress a nation of 28 million against their will? What’s wrong with this picture? WTF is really going on here?

The truth is, I can’t get an answer. My generals can’t quite tell me what our mission is. If we went in there to rout out al-Qaeda, well, they’re gone too. The CIA tells me there are under 100 of them left in the whole country!

My generals have also admitted the following to me:

1. There is no way we can defeat the Taliban. They enjoy too much popular support in the rural areas, the majority of the country. Continue reading A senseless war begins its 10th year (an address to the nation I wish President Barack Obama would make)

Letter to editor: Worcester should recount its write-in votes

I am a former Republican activist who changed to unenrolled when the pro-life plank was removed from the party platform.

I pulled a Republican ballot on primary day and wrote in Guy Carbone, Belmont for Attorney General, who I had also supported in 1990. I filled in the oval.

When I went to the election return website, I was astounded to see that there were no write-in votes for Carbone, in Ward 3 Precinct 4, where I voted.

Curious, I looked into the other write-in races and found a high percentage of write-in votes disallowed in Worcester.

In the AG race McKenna recieved 281 votes, Carbone 60 votes, discounted write-ins 513. And in the 14th House seat, they threw out 88 write-ins and only gave Don Motta 19 votes.

This does not pass the smell test; perhaps they only counted the stickers. Someone needs to look into this.

Brian O’Malley

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus comes to Worcester! Please boycott this traveling torture chamber!

editor’s note: For almost 10 years InCity Times has railed against the circus and all the businesses that exploit exotic animals – tigers, lions, elephants, bears.

Anything to make a buck – even if it means ripping these animals out of their natural environment, keeping them caged/enclosed all the time, keeping them in chains on hard cement and then forcing them (with electric prods, bull hooks, fire, whips) to do tricks, for people, most of whom would be repulsed by the “trainers” training techniques (animal cruelty!).

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus is the worst offender, but all the mini circuses that come through town, with their tigers etc are horrific. Often times these animals are rented out for a month or two and then when one gig is over, go on to be slaves for another circus – or in a recent case, Southwicks Zoo in Mendon. Southwicks rented Dondi the elephant and she died in the middle of summer (2001), during which time she had to perform her tricks in the summer heat. We have reported on this tragedy and (along with IFAW) want to see the vet/health report on Dondi’s Death. Southwicks has refused to make Dondi’s records available to the news media/publilc.

In Western Europe, Bolivia, even in good ol’ Revere, Mass., exotic animal acts are banned (meaning no circuses that use these animals are allowed in the town/city) because people do not want to have majestic animals like the lion and elephant degraded and tortured. Other circuses like the cool Cirque de Soleil, circuses which don’t used wild animals, are welcome in these places. And people love them! Continue reading Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus comes to Worcester! Please boycott this traveling torture chamber!

Sheriff candidate Lew Evangelidis gets pissed at us! Oooooh!! We’re so scared!!

By Rosalie Tirella

File this under: The Creepy Lew Evangelidis, Part 2

This threat to InCity Times would come from a creepy political candidate (Worcester County Sheriff candidate Lew Evangelidis), a politician who is having his political minions write negative letters to area newspapers re: his political opponent, Tom Foley. Yup! Let’s have all my pals slime Foley! Quick! Quick! Quick! Let’s do it under the radar – the sliming – so I can still look clean!

So it came as no surprise to me when I heard that Evangelidis called someone else to tell me he was was planning to sue me over my writing in a recent InCity Times blog (see below) that Lew acted “coked out” when I met him to chat at a local coffee shop. During our mini-interview, Evangelidis was talking a mile a minute and acting super hepped up. Like he was: coked up.

Oh, cocaine! Lawyers made calls about me, then I was told Lew is a prosecutor … and he wanted the coked out reference out … OR ELSE!!!

My guy, who has seen his fair share of courtrooms, shook his head. “He’s trying to scare you. Don’t pull it.” (the phrase) Continue reading Sheriff candidate Lew Evangelidis gets pissed at us! Oooooh!! We’re so scared!!

Who’s their buddy?

By Rosalie Tirella

While driving on Route 20 last week to visit my friend, her husband and four kids, I decided to stop by the Buddy Dog Animal Shelter in Sudbury (right on Rt. 20!). Last March, after my beloved retriever passed away, we drove all over Central Massachusetts in search of a new best friend for me. I ended up getting my peppy, adorable little Siberian Husky-mix, Jett, from the Worcester Animal Rescue League on Holden Street in Worcester. But we spent months driving to all kinds of shelters in Worcester County/Metro West looking for a good canine match.

One of the animal shelters we visited was Buddy Dog – a no kill shelter in the middle of the chi chi Lincoln, Sudbury Concord area. It is sad – these upper middle class folks have a ton of money, big houses with back yards. etc and yet they still dump their dogs and cats, puppies and kittens.

It broke my heart to see all the BEAGLES that were up for adoption when we were at the shelter. Obviously, the good folks of Weston, Concord etc saw the Westminster Dog Show (maybe even in person and not on TV!) and decided to get what they saw in the show ring/on their TV screen – the #1 dog – Best in Show for that year: a BEAGLE! Continue reading Who’s their buddy?

Free Tilly!

By Ingrid E. Newkirk

First, there was the jaw-dropping story of a British woman who was caught on camera tossing an affectionate cat into an outdoor trash bin. Then, it was an Eastern European girl slinging crying puppies into a fast-moving stream. Now, right here in America, some people have imprisoned a dog inside a box barely bigger than his own body. The box has solid sides, and the dog can only see out if he jumps up and peers over them. He has been locked in the box for months. To add to the mental torture, the dog has worn his teeth down to the nubs from biting at his prison, so his owners occasionally take him out of the box to drill painful holes vertically into his teeth in order to irrigate them. And right there by the side of the box, the dog’s keepers also manually extract sperm from him and use it to breed other dogs to sell. There’s more, but the abuse I’ve already described is enough to make any decent person sick.

Take a look at Google Maps and you can look down into the container and see the dog lying there. Continue reading Free Tilly!