The Gaffney hyper-toxic political era winds down in Worcester! Yay!

Gaffney, Collyer and Kearney-Turtle Boy have come out against our new mounted police – and beautiful horses. And our new dog parks! Their opinions have always been wrapped in disdain for the poor, struggling and people of color. Ugly social media posts were their stock-in-trade.  pic: R.T.

By Rosalie Tirella

If we believed in God, we’d thank Her! Miracle of miracles: the toxic, a la Donald Trump, Woo City Councilor Mike Gaffney is leaving Worcester politics, along with his loyal-as-a-Beagle wife Coreen, District 4 city councilor candidate. Until yesterday. The day they announced their departure to new vistas, ones not political, but a secret they are keeping to themselves. Mike and Coreen Gaffney – arguably Woo’s very own putrid political power couple! Gonzo! This news, coupled with nut-job enablers Aidan Kearney-Turtle Boy’s move to Jefferson and Change Worcester- Conservative-Woo political gadfly Paul Collyer’s move to the Catskills to own and operate a bowling alley spells the END OF A BRAND OF CAUSTIC CONSERVATIVE POLITICS that has done more harm than good in Worcester.

The three of these man-boys have supported/enabled each other from day #1 and taken turns sowing racial animosity in Worcester, shaming our poor (Collyer used to call them “pajama people”), exploiting every lower class stereotype ever hatched (see Kearney’s blog), and using so many to hurt so many for political gain (Gaffney’s Woo political trajectory in a nutshell – no wonder he flamed out). Gaffney used Turtle Boy and Collyer’s posts, tweets etc to attempt to run good people, such as Mayor Joe Petty, into the ground. But he also put out his own lies and hatred, often on the city council floor!, which Collyer and Kearney amplified on newspaper website comment sections, their FB pages – all over social media. Collyer was a bit slicker than the other two: he hid his agenda and negativity behind a jovial squawk and party times. But he did the same kind of damage.

So now these three political mouse-keters are gone.

Does that mean we are calling for the squelching of a more conservative  point of view in Worcester?

One that often keeps its eyes on homeowners’ tax bills or the city’s budget?

Hell, no!

It just means Worcester folks jettisoned the Trumps of Worcester – the loud mouthed, offensive and hurtful political kooks who took conservative ideas and wrapped them in poison. In other words, conservative message in the WRONG MESSENGERS. Conservative ideas in the WRONG bottle. NASTY, THIN-SKINNED, VINDICTIVE PLAYERS who the voters/people of Worcester have chosen to reject!

Phase 2???:

A Worcester conservative voice that works with local Dems, doesn’t demonize Mayor Petty and our Congressman Jim McGovern.

Conservative political candidates and “opinionators” who crunch numbers – not people’s souls.

Good riddance, Mike, Coreen, Paulie and Aidan! And take your devil attorney, Margaret Melican, with you!