Thursday wrap-up, starring Dorrie!

Dorrie’s kitty luxuriating…
pic: D.M.

Fall Musings

By Dorrie Maynard

Autumn will be officially here tomorrow, even though, as most of we New Englanders know, it could still be hot and steamy in October – or it might just be snowing! Either way, New England weather is always something that people like to talk about and have a common interest in, especially when it comes to excessive heat or lots of snow!

I always look forward to the fall: I love the cool breeze, my wind chimes chiming away on my back porch, and putting on sweats when coming in from being outdoors. I keep my windows open as long as possible and always keep the one behind my bed open year round, if only a crack. We can never get too much fresh air!

The smell of fires burning in fireplaces/fire pits and picking out a pumpkin are all things I look forward to in autumn. Oh, and I can’t forget the changing of the leaves, mother nature’s way of displaying beautiful colors on your basic green leaves.

On one of my journey’s to Vermont in the fall, I saw a bus load of Asian people stop at a bridge and take photos of the water and the leaves, and when I had some Asian college students stay with me, they were so excited to see the colors in the leaves. It never occurred to me that some people have never had the NE experience! I guess growing up in Rochester, New York, and living on Lake Ontario has made me a lover of the seasonal changes and all its glory – the good and the bad!

There are many folks I know who look forward to heading South before the cold and snow start flying around here. I just could never live some place where the seasons didn’t change and you have to live in air conditioning year round. People who know me well, know that I am so not a lover of the heat and humidity. Give me a cool, breezy day and I am happy as clam! Throw me a hot and humid day and I feel like the wicked witch of OZ, “melting away!”

I guess if you decide to stick out the seasonal changes of NE, whether you love it or hate it, you own it! NE has so much to offer when it comes to the weather! And like I always hear: if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute – it will change! Rain, hail, snow, sleet, hot, humid, thunder showers and lighting – it is all just nature’s way of keeping us all connected!

Stay happy, friends;

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Rose in Piedmont, yesterday: She had a doctor’s appointment at Family Health Center, on Queen Street…
pics: Rose T.

… and saw this Father and Son walking home after their visit to Family Health. Their love for each other overwhelmed Rose! The little boy curious and cute! The man protective and proud of his son.




And the day before she spotted one of the infamous yellow bikes in the ‘hood.

Utilitarian and decorative! She wishes they came with bike helmets – Woo drivers are the worst!


Rose lovin’ her music:

So beautiful: