Trump, out of fashion with his supporters, soon enough … and a message from Health Care for All

Rose is hopeful. Sure, the Republican Tax Debacle destroys half the country – Rose’s half. But there’s a silver lining around the poison cloud! Trump may be impeached, if Dems win the midterms. Certainly, Flynn sang like a canary, implicating Trump’s inner circle. Jared is next. Will Trump pardon him? He won’t be able to, if he’s being impeached!

Don’t believe Trump’s lawyer! This Russia Collusion Obstruction of Justice mess will drag on and on, for months and months!

Where is the rage, America?? We loathed Nixon. Why is Trump still popular with a majority of Republicans? Oh, right. He’s giving them a ton of money. Big gift. HUGE TAX BREAKS via the tax plan. Never mind that he’s sexually assaulted women, shit on the environment, incites racial animosity! It’s all about the dough rae ME!

But fate will have a hand…

All the sordid details will eventually come out, re Trump, Putin and Russia. Trump thinks he’s a big – HUGE! – player on the world stage. Has for years! He broke laws to get what he wanted. Remember what Leona Helmsley, the billionaire hotel magnate’s wife, once told a person, which made the news world-wide? She said she didn’t pay taxes – taxes were for the little people.

I believe Trump thinks American Laws are for the little people. Not for him and his cronies or his class, the obscenely wealthy. I believe Trump directed his underlings pre-Oath-of-Office to connect with Russia: to impact the 2016 presidential election, to work with the Russians to give Putin what he wanted in exchange for Trump’s presidential win. Trump gladly sold American democracy down the river – gladly gave Putin the ability to scuttle our election, and in the future, destroy democracies around the globe, change the world order so he, Putin, can annex more of the former Soviet Union and gain MORE POWER.

ALL this was/is OK with Trump because he doesn’t love my country, America. On the contrary, he admires brutal dictatorships!

Lied? Obstructed justice? Broke law after law???

Trump did it all. He’s got too big an ego to have not committed the sins! Plus, as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, he’s a “moron.” An arrogant moron who probably had no idea he was breaking a ton of laws. And didn’t care enough to wonder. Just arrogantly barreled ahead with Putin to get what he wanted: the American Presidency.

And now, to save his ass, Trump handles Putin with kid gloves, bends over backwards for the ruthless, former KGB head because Putin KNOWS, HAS SOMETHING – everything – ON TRUMP.

Things look bleak for Trump in 2020. He won’t be re-elected. His voters will reject him because they will be feeling the pain caused by his Tax Plan. They will realize it’s a bust for them. Also, the Russia Collusion Investigation may still be going on – or its after-taste will still be lingering in voters’ mouths, destroying Trump.

Teen sexual predator, racist, environment-killer. Trump is an immoral, amoral piece of shit who lucked into the Oval Office because a deeply disaffected American working class had no where to turn. So they turned to Trump because he spoke their language in a fake “regular guy” persona – much of it fear-based racial, ethnic prejudices. Plus, he promised them GOOD PAYING JOBS. He exploited people’s pain. He has not and will not deliver. So his supporters will turn to a new savior, a new presidential candidate in 2020. A gal or guy who isn’t going to bull shit them, a candidate who truly cares for them and their families. A person who will see their pain and work to make things so much better. We’re talking half the country here. My half. The half Trump cut the heart out of.

Rose T.

… and the rubber meets the road. From Boston’s HEALTH CARE FOR ALL:

Statement from Health Care For All’s Executive Director Amy Rosenthal regarding the Senate vote on the tax reform bill and the repeal of the individual mandate

“Health Care For All is extremely disappointed that the U.S. Senate decided to pass a piece of legislation that will have a disastrous impact on low-income and middle-class families in Massachusetts and across the country.

“The tax reform bill that was approved [last week] will provide tax cuts for billionaires and corporations at the expense of millions of Americans who will end up paying more in the long run.

“This is not only a tax bill, but also a sneaky health care bill with a provision to repeal a key component of the Affordable Care Act.

“This version approved by the Senate includes the elimination of the individual mandate, a requirement aimed at ensuring that both healthy and sicker individuals purchase health insurance.

“The Congressional Budget Office estimates that axing the mandate will take away coverage from 13 million Americans nationwide, lead to steep premium increases, and destabilize the marketplaces in the long term.

“The good news for people in Massachusetts is that our state law will keep the mandate in place.

“This means that residents in the state will still have to purchase health coverage in order to comply with the law.

“While we are by no-means immune to the consequences of what is happening nationally, Massachusetts is fortunate that over the past decade policymakers here in our state have institutionalized many key provisions to protect coverage and stabilize markets.

“Instead of trying to find a back door to repeal a law that has brought coverage for millions of people in the country, Congress should focus their energy in the reauthorization of the Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and needed funding for Community Health Centers.

“172,000 children in MA depend on CHIP to access the health care services they need and the state will run out of resources to provide this coverage in the next few weeks. Other states have already exhausted the funding, putting access to affordable insurance at risk for hundreds of thousands of children nationwide.

“On behalf of consumers across the Commonwealth, we would like to thank Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren for their firm opposition to this piece of legislation.

“Now both chambers need to reconcile language to rewrite the tax code before a final version can be sent to the President’s desk. We know that we have a very committed congressional delegation that understands that this reform can have lasting and damaging consequences for working families.

“That’s why we encourage them to do everything they can to have stop this bill in its tracks. Health Care For All is also asking Massachusetts residents to reach out to friends and family in other states so that they can contact their members of the House Representatives and ask them to reject this tax bill, explain why it is an affront to middle-class families and the importance of keeping the individual mandate in place to make steady progress towards universal health care.”


Health Care For All (HCFA) is a Massachusetts nonprofit advocacy organization working to create a health care system that provides comprehensive, affordable, accessible, and culturally competent care to everyone, especially the most vulnerable among us.

We achieve this as leaders in public policy, advocacy, education and service to consumers in Massachusetts.

For more information about HCFA, visit our website at You can also call our free HelpLine (800) 272-4232 if you need help applying for health insurance.