We feel your pain, Melania!

By Rosalie Tirella

First Lady of the United States Melania Trump, the butt of late night comedy shows and their wickedly wonderful hosts and guests …


FREE MELANIA!!!!! is the clarion call throughout our fair land! Some say the First Lady’s a victim: of emotional abuse, low self-esteem … her own greedy, materialistic self.

But don’t all grownups, including FLOTUS Melania Trump, make their own decisions? Are we so suggestible and air-headed that we marry or commit to someone just because someone else suggests it?😉 Or because our future mate-for-life looks good … is rich, powerful and/or drop dead beautiful? … aphrodisiacs that often fade with familiarity. Bargaining chips of the rich.

No, Melania stars in her own shit show. She gets little pity for being the Donald’s putty. Yeah, she keeps her distance, slaps his hand away, uses separate cars and bedrooms, but there’s never a clean break. Just more degradation, courtesy of her husband, President Donald Trump – and, sadly, herself. Donald fucked porn star Stormy Daniels directly after Melania had given birth to their son, Barron; he practically gropes his daughter ice princess (there’s that word!) Ivanka, he STILL wants to fuck – and probably does – every gorgeous piece of ass that crosses his crass path.

If Melania divorced Donald she’d be a national hero! Earn global accolades! And get cool millions in alimony! She could begin anew with shell-shocked son Barron. BE HONEST with her boy, grow him right – and maybe find a real prince! of a guy who will really, truly love her.

But something keeps Melania glued to her philandering, lying, sleaze ball husband, President Donald Trump. It’s Melania and it’s happened before. So many of our Presidents were total shitheads when it came to their wives – just look at the Bill and Hillary Clinton debacle! But the First Ladies stayed with their loser guys because our princess dreams die hard, horrible deaths…refuse to die! (Didn’t I just type “prince” a few paragraphs ago?!)

I still have the Cinderella Princess statuette my mother gave me when I was in the first grade!!

pics: R.T.


It is broken from years of my travels!

It came with a pink Timex wristwatch. For little girls.

For my mother’s very own little Princess!

I also keep my late mother’s white shoe polish, too. “White Scuff Cover” by Kiwi. So I never forget.


We were so poor… When Ma worked at the dry cleaners, she couldn’t afford new shoes, so she kept wearing the same old white nurses shoes she had bought for herself at the Mart in Main South. She had bottles and bottles for the 35 years she worked at Oscar’s. But my pretty mother had a truckload of pride – she always wanted to look professional and presentable for work (60 hours a week). She loved her job as a “counter girl,” working with the public! So she went crazy on the white shoe polish.

My mother must have watched this movie a hundreds times, The Sound of Music. It was her fave film! As a little girl growing up in Green Island, sometimes I was prodded into watching it with her. Ma believed wholeheartedly in this dream. Prince meets his future Princess and, after getting through some bad scrapes, a few romantic glitches, they finally hook up forever – marry and live happily (if a bit too chastely) ever after!

Yet like so many women living on Lafayette Street, Ward Street, Bigelow Street, Millbury Street and the other byways in our neighborhood, my mother hitched her trusting heart to an asshole husband – an abusive man, physically and emotionally. A philanderer extraordinare. My father. … Without the Trump money or brand. Not that it really makes a difference in the long run.

I like looking at the Sphynx-like expression on First Lady Melania’s face. It tells me nothing – and everything. So many of us women can relate to the truth buried beneath the lies.