Where’s the bottom?

Cece. “President” Donald Trump, a soulless germaphobe, has notoriously broken with tradition – there’s no dog, not even a solitary cat! (except for himself!!) in the White House! – Rose T.



By Edith Morgan

How did we get to this point, waiting daily for another shoe to drop in the never-ending parade of distortions, lies, “walk-backs” and ”I forgot” statements? I thought we had hit rock bottom when the election results came in last November and Trump won the electoral college. But then we were treated to the daily shocks of watching, as one after another, persons were appointed to his Cabinet – people who had zero experience or knowledge in the field they were to lead and in several instances had said they wanted to eliminate their department.

I always thought that in order to head up a huge bureaucracy with specific tasks to perform that at least I could expect a modicum of background knowledge and even expertise and experience in the field. I have not always agreed with those who have been elected to govern us, but at least I believed they would listen to we the people and actually support our Constitution. While they may on occasion have favored their friends, they did not have their hands deep in my pockets and did not enrich themselves at the public trough.

Now all that has changed: Donald Trump TOLD us during the campaign that he would make major changes; that rules and laws did not apply to him, that he was not accountable to us and that he would do all that he promised by himself. He surrounded himself with people who were required to flatter him, display absolute loyalty and carry out the dismantling of our social safety net (even though he had told us he would make it all better).

In the 76 years that I have lived in the U.S. never has lying, emotional excess, greed at the expense of others brought about the resurgence of all that I thought we had overcome, or at least progressed up from. But now I find myself daily dreading the news out of Washington: the party of Abraham Lincoln is now headed by a man who boasts that he grabs women where and when he wishes, a man who boasted that he would get rich off the Presidency, a man who has affronted the leaders of every democratic nation with which he has been in contact – and who has only good things to say about the dictator of Russia.

Not only did Trump actually tell us he planned to do these horrific things, but he proceeded to surround himself with people who would carry out theses nefarious aims.

Trump has played into all the worst prejudices in us and, despite the fact that most of the American public is dissatisfied, he is nevertheless getting much of what he wants: He got his Supreme Court Justice, is appointing judges (for life!!) to key positions, and dismantling key agencies under the Executive Branch by simply not hiring needed personnel – and letting loose a barrage of name-calling whenever things do not go his way.

What is to become of the America I used to know?