Worcester kids in style! Go, WPS students, go!!!!

The City of Worcester is launching a pilot after school program on February 1

It’s called Recreation Worcester. 

Recreation Worcester is a free community program that, for now, will be held at five sites across Worcester:

Chandler Elementary School (Wednesday & Thursday),

Claremont/Woodland Academy (Tuesday & Thursday)

Goddard School (Wednesday & Saturday)

Quinsigamond Elementary (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

and Worcester East Middle (Tuesday & Thursday). 

Many of you are active community organizers and participants within the City and have the capacity and ability to help us grow this program!

Programming is offered to all Worcester Public School students ages 7 and up. 

Younger students (7-13) will attend programming from 2:30-5:00 and older students (14+) will attend programming from 5:00-7:30 (times may vary depending on the site- our latest start time is 3:00 and our latest end time is 8:00). 

Dinner will be provided by the WPS. 

In addition to the partnership between the City of Worcester, the Worcester Public Schools, and local colleges and universities Recreation Worcester is backed by several sponsors and partners across the city.  

The Recreation Worcester team is not only looking for youth to register for the program, but also, for college students and older youth who are interested in volunteering and gaining experience as a youth worker. 

Recreation Worcester is unique to Worcester and has a strong foundation in past programs that have proven to be successful. 
Thank you!