Worcester: the elephants in the shit shows …

Text and photos by Rosalie Tirella

Trump Must Go. In 2019, Dems, after taking over the House, after winning the 2018 midterms😊, MUST initiate IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS against Trump. End the Trump Shit Show!

We Worcesterites know this for a fact. Trump’s war on Blacks, refugees, immigrants, Muslims, programs for the poor, Community Block Grants, health care for our most vulnerable people and Planned Parenthood is fraying the souls of cities like Worcester. All cities! It’s the elephant in the room.


I picked up this push-paper yesterday. Woo Tragedy!πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😞

A City on the Move doesn’t need to bring shit shows – traveling wild animal acts featuring elephants – to their civic center!!

What’s wrong with our City Manager and City Council?

Are they full of shit when they tell us they care about people and animals? When they tell us Worcester is a progressive city?

Why are they letting this traveling exotic animal show – the elephants are the real draw – enter our city?
Teach our kids cruelty? Confuse them? Why is Ed Augustus and Co. allowing the whipping, the leading with bull-hooks, the chaining of the sad, sick, tired elephants? So majestic in nature!

States, most recently New Jersey, have banned ALL wild animal “acts.” Some American cities have banned elephant acts.

Baby elephants being “trained” in a barn. pic: PETA

The elephants that headline these traveling shit shows that criss-cross America are the Ringling rejects: the sickest, oldest, most arthritic of the enslaved elephants – too sick and unhealthy looking for Ringling. So they are sold down to a second-, third- and fourth-tier traveling show. When the poor elephants are too crippled and exhausted for this Worcester show, they will be sold to an even shittier shit show! To squeeze every penny out of the animal! This is the way the elephant biz works!

WHAT IS WRONG WITH CM ED AUGUSTUS AND CITY COUNCILORS? Why are they enabling the shit show?!

MORE SHIT IN THE Canal District! Yesterday:

Outside Worcester City Councilor Konnie Lukes’s Canal District property. This Worcester city councilor/slumlord is shameless! So Scrooge-worthy is Lukes she has kept her little old lady tenants with broken toilets and one light bulb hanging from the kitchen ceiling! I was just made aware of another Lukes Landlord Horror Story! We shall report!!

Retire, Konnie! You’re out-of-touch and pointless! Negative and reactionary, too! You told me I gave your husband Jim his heart attack! No! ICT reported what city leaders had known for years: you two were city slumlords! More shit on Millbury Street/Canal District … on the city council floor!

Canal District: Millbury Street



The elephant flyer, which I came across yesterday, wrecked my weekend! Set me off!!! Big Time! The garbage in my inner-city neighborhood is a shitty given, thanks to stupid, incompetent city “leaders”! Unfortunately, I’ve become accustomed to the DAILY affront…

Worcester City Councilors Lukes, Gary Rosen …on the School Committee side, Brian O’Connell, John Monfredo, Jack Foley… Most well meaning city pols, but they KEEP OUR CITY MIRED IN THE SAME OLD SHIT.


Be heard.


They’re POLITICIANS WHOSE EGOS are so IMMENSE they can’t walk out of the limelight. They need the back-slapping at the local pancake house! Pathetic!

Retire already, bots! Go GENTLY INTO THAT GOOD NIGHT! Woo’s career politicians, except for Foley, are in their mid- to late-70s!

Konnie Lukes is pushing 80!

Holding elected office for years and years and years – decades in the case of Rosen and Lukes – is SICK. A sick, shitty thing to do to a city. End the Worcester City Council Shit Show.

Acknowledge the elephant in the room!