Worcester’s Roger Salloom – always in style!

IN THE PINK🌸: MY OL’ PROVIDENCE STREET JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH TEACHER, singer-songwriter Roger Salloom, wrote a new song. I like it!:🌸 – R.T.

The backstory from Roger:

” … after my loved one became a bit healthier, and after I became disgusted by what I felt were repugnant, political people in my country, I had to …write ‘Don’t Let My Country Wash Away.’

“Well, Friends, here it is. I sure hope you like it. My good friends in music have helped out with cameos……in the music scene, if other musicians like what you are doing- …. they want to endorse you, so they do stuff with you . …. Stu Cook from Creedence Clearwater Revival- Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Creedence Clearwater Revisited… , Charles Neville- (Big Joe Turner, Jimmy Reed, the Neville Bros., James Brown et al, Grammy winner), Jamie Kent on his own record label debuted at #16 on the Country Billboard Top 100 chart- he is about 25 years old, and Seth Glier about 25 years old, Grammy winner, extraordinary singer… and dear Nell Levin (who had a young Bob Dylan sleeping on her couch for 6 months when he was homeless in Manhattan …. even Dylan was broke and homeless…. I wonder if he slept on his side or on his back? What would you think today if Dylan was sleeping on your couch?…and in those days I wonder if he slept much, sounds as if he did not) with her husband, Michael August Shelby Bottom String Band, and from my own men, Tommy McCarthy, one of my very favorite dudes-’The Dude will abide’. Fine character and talent in one little body. Thanks.

“One thing that is a curious coincidence is that I had a connection to President John Adams. I read a lot of history. My wife is a descendant of John Adams. She is dismissive of this, however, I am pleased because I have read much about him. I found him admirable with a keen sense of ethical true north and even prescient.”

– Roger