Yay! Now that D 2 City Councilor Candy Carlson landed the coveted …

By Rosalie Tirella

… and tres influential top spot on the city council’s Economic Development subcommittee, we’re expecting great “developments”! We’re expecting Candy to stay true to her moral code and advance the working guy and gal’s economic we’ll being!


Cuz Candy is in love with/married to union leader and worker-political heavyweight Joe Carlson! True to her life, Candy has advocated on the city council floor for a living wage of $15/hour for ALL City of Worcester workers! The newest newbie, bottom-of-the-totem pole City of Worcester garbage guy or office clerk or teacher’s aide or substitute teacher must be able to AFFORD to live and shop and flourish in Woo!

As Worcester District 2 City councilor, Candy represents the city’s vibrant, always bustling restaurant row – Shrewsbury Street – and a good chunk of our ever evolving downtown. We know Candy’s smart on the economic development front, but we now have a new subcommittee head who is a bull dog (the Carlsons love and have always owned bull dogs😊) on workers’ rights and will push push push for the WORKERS who are literally rebuilding, brick by brick, our downtown! She knows their struggles and will not disappoint them. Candy WILL WORK TO GET LOCAL LABORERS, CONTRACTORS AND COMPANIES on all our city redevelopment projects! For GOOD WAGES for workers! She’s for union shops. NO EXPLOITATION OF DAY LABORERS! CONTRACTORS must have apprenticeship programs so our city kids can learn on the job and join our middle class!

Remember the days when unions were such a big part of Worcester and company heads worked with them so folks here, many immigrants, could realize the American Dream?

Local factory prez – a lady! circa 1950. pics: Rose T.

It can happen again!

Rose’s Bapy’s family… wedding picture keepsake

We have a great and compassionate mayor, Joe Petty, and his trusted city manager, Ed Augustus, leading the way into the future! We are a huge fan of the smart but modest, inclusive, no-frills, GOOD-GUY Joe Petty. We are not close to the Augustus office, but we do know Ed works hand in hand with Joe, his life long friend. So we are hopeful …

Here’s to 2018! Cheers to a diverse, cool Worcester City Council that will reflect our unique …



… city, filled with so many good people!

Here are the rest of Mayor Petty’s city council member subcommittee assignments:

Economic Development: District 2 Councilor Candy Mero Carlson (chair), District 4 Councilor Sarai Rivera, District 5 Councilor Matt Wally

Education: At-Large Councilor Moe Bergman (chair), At-Large Councilor Khrystian King, At-Large Councilor Gary Rosen

Municipal Operations: District 1 Councilor Sean Rose (chair), At-Large Councilor Kate Toomey, District 3 Councilor George Russell

Public Health and Human Services: Rivera (chair), Rose, Toomey

Public Safety: Toomey (chair), Bergman, Rivera

Public Service and Transportation: At-Large Councilor Konnie Lukes (chair), Russell, Rosen

Public Works: Russell (chair), Wally, Carlson

Rules and Legislative Affairs: King (chair), Bergman, Toomey

Traffic and Parking: Wally (chair), Carlson, Lukes

Veterans and Military Affairs: Bergman (chair), Lukes, Rose

Go, Worcester, go!