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Green Island Grrrl

  • What’s up at RCAP SOLUTIONS on May Street? January 27, 2022 By Rosalie Tirella Why must Sally scream at clients? pics: R.T. Wow. Just processing my totally dysfunctional experience at RCAP (Housing) Solutions on MAY STREET, WORCESTER re my housing voucher. SALLY NIEVES, deputy director, couldn’t make our 11 a.m. appointment, so a Melissa did the paperwork with ...
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InCity Voices

  • RONNIE SPECTOR AND MEAN STREETS By Rosalie Tirella Rose, keepin’ it real: autumn 2021 RIP Ronnie Spector! You died last week, but you’re eternally ours as the gritty street girl singing “Be My Baby” in the opening credits of the 1973 movie MEAN STREETS. You – you alone! – introduced the world ...
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Politically Speaking

  • “Saint behind the glass” By Rosalie Tirella pics: R.T. I’m eating lunch, and there he sits, between my make-up “counter” to the left and my cocktail shaker-mini bar to the right, behind the tip of Cece’s tail in the photo: Saint Behind the Glass. Jesus behind the glass. Or, more accurately, the ...
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  • Jim Coughlin – always in style! Jim’s first column of 2022! Inauguration of the newly elected members of Worcester’s city council and school committee By Jim Coughlin Jim!🇺🇸 The historic Mechanics Hall on Main Street in Worcester on Monday, January 3, was the scene for the Inauguration of the newly elected members of the city council and school committee ...
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  • Worcester’s changes, big and small Text and photos by Rosalie Tirella While eating breakfast today with CeCe … … I thought about the changes – big and small – happening in Worcester, my hometown. Big change: Quinsigamond Village is getting the Blackstone Visitors Center – a bigger-than-I-expected new building now under construction ...
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