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Green Island Grrrl

  • ⛪Spencer’s Church Fire …the Tee Shirt👕🌈 June 3, 2023 By Rosalie Tirella First responders worked all afternoon and evening. photos: R.T. I took Jett and Lilac out after supper yesterday and saw Spencer’s first responders unhooking the thick fire hoses that ran about a quarter of a mile from the town library, up Main Street and ...
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InCity Voices

  • 🏘️Why People are Homeless🏘️ By Nahani Meuse Nahani Meuse People are homeless because they can’t afford the ever-rising, sky-high rents. That is it. It isn’t because they “choose” to be homeless. It isn’t because they’re criminals. It isn’t because they’re addicted to a substance. It isn’t because they’re “lazy” ...
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Politically Speaking

  • “Saint behind the glass” By Rosalie Tirella pics: R.T. I’m eating lunch, and there he sits, between my make-up “counter” to the left and my cocktail shaker-mini bar to the right, behind the tip of Cece’s tail in the photo: Saint Behind the Glass. Jesus behind the glass. Or, more accurately, the ...
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  • 🍿🎟️New film review by Luis!🎬The Super Mario Bros. Movie!🍿 Movie Review By Luis Sanchez Luis is applying to colleges this spring/summer! Go, Luis! photo submitted. It’s me – Luis with another movie review! This time we will be referring to The Super Mario Bros. Movie released on April 5. It is an animated movie based on Nintendo’s ...
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  • Worcester’s changes, big and small Text and photos by Rosalie Tirella While eating breakfast today with CeCe … … I thought about the changes – big and small – happening in Worcester, my hometown. Big change: Quinsigamond Village is getting the Blackstone Visitors Center – a bigger-than-I-expected new building now under construction ...
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Speaking Out!

Speaking Out

  • Confessions of a Reformed Wildlife “Rescuer” By Michelle Reynolds Baby wildlife may be cute but they’re a part of the outdoor world – not potential pets. art: PETA Our household has baby fever. The songbirds who reside in our oak tree are expecting. We threw a shower of sorts by putting out a ...
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