🇺🇸New by Steve: False info spreading on rules for impeachment

By Steven R. Maher

Over the next year there will be a lot of untruthful information disbursed about the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Readers should be aware that Russian robots, Iranians robots, and other bad actors will be trying to shape the election results to fit their desired outcome.

I had an example of this yesterday when a gentleman approached me with the accusation the Democrats had written the impeachment to prevent Trump or his counsel from participating in the Judicial Committee activities on the impeachment. I left this person feeling quite upset with the Democrats for doing this. But first I wanted to check the accuracy of these facts.

So, I went to Google and searched for the Judiciary Committee on impeachment. Up popped a story on factcheck.com entitled “DEBUNKING FALSE STORIES” and subtitled “Viral Posts Distort Impeachment Inquiry Rules” by Angelo Fichera: “Some viral posts, shared by thousands of Facebook users, purport to state ‘the rules’ of the impeachment inquiry proceedings — likening the U.S. to the ‘USSR.’ But two of the three ‘rules’ distort the facts. One of them — about what can and can’t be asked of witnesses — is false, and another (that no ‘involvement’ by Trump’s counsel is permitted) is misleading…I did some further research an found on fact.check.com a copy of the Congressional resolution specifying that the Judiciary Committee work to set up a system where the President and his counsel are both allowed to participate in Judiciary Committee proceedings.”

The judiciary committee, which is the one drawing up the articles of impeachment, is the one to keep your eyes on. Fichera’s story quoted the house impeachment rules: “The resolution says: ‘The House authorizes the Committee on the Judiciary to conduct proceedings relating to the impeachment inquiry referenced in the first section of this resolution pursuant to the procedures submitted for printing in the Congressional Record by the chair of the Committee on Rules, including such procedures as to allow for the participation of the President and his counsel.’” (emphasis added.)

Both pro-Trumpers and anti-Trumpers need to be constantly vigilant about information they happen upon on the Internet.

This information on Trump’s counsel was given to me by an honest gentleman in good faith. I told this individual that I would appreciate a copy from his sources in the form of an Internet print out or web link to the article or website before he surprises me again with such an allegation. I recommend you do the same.

As Ronald Reagan once put it: “Trust but verify.”




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