🇺🇸OUR DEMOCRACY🇺🇸 AND CONSTITUTION🇺🇸 DID NOT DIE! January 5 and 6: dates that will live in infamy!



On election nights, the news channels start showing the early voting results and keep on updating them as results dribble in. Like a political junkie, I stayed up until 3 a.m., watching the Georgia numbers come in. I could have curled up with a good novel and just got the numbers in the morning. Then the figures verified the good news: both Democrats in Georgia won, and the Senate would flip, evening up the numbers, with the tie breaker being our new VP. So far, so good …

But then things took a turn – definitely for the worst – and the nation, and most of our overseas friends and even our enemies, got to watch as an unruly, hostile mob attacked our Capitol in Washington, where all of our legislative branches of the Federal Government were assembled to go through what was supposed to be a mere formality – the counting of the 50 States’ electoral votes, duly verified, signed, and delivered for the final count in the Senate.

There had been a lot of talk and speculation as to whether Vice President Mike Pence, who had the job of reading off the electoral report from each state, would be able to pull a rabbit out of his hat and some how do what boss Trump wanted him to do: find a way to throw Trump the election. Which Trump had been claiming for a long time was ”rigged” against him.

Pence decided to obey our sacred Constitution and read off the electoral scores just as they had been submitted.

Trump, who has always had his temper tantrums, let it be known that while he liked Pence, he would like him less if he did not deliver!

Trump had threatened there would be a terrible aftermath on January 6th, he and harangued his supporters to assemble, march down Pennsylvania Avenue, go the one and a half miles down to the Capitol building, where our entire Congress was assembled and doing its job.

Of course, there was also staff there … so there were many people in the building! The Capitol holds a warm place in the hearts of Americans: so many of us have toured it! And loved and admired it! Or even attended hearings there, or even State of the Union speeches – sitting in the gallery, or perhaps even starting a career in politics as an aide to some political figure.

So when we were suddenly confronted by TV film footage of a large pro-Trump extremist mob, bearing sticks, flags (including not just the Stars and Stripes but also confederate flags and banners bearing Trump’ name and face), most of us watched in horror. Horrified as these domestic terrorists stormed the Capitol building, broke windows to get in, pushed past the few guards who were massively outnumbered, and proceeded to vandalize offices, sit behind House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk, sit in the hallowed chamber taking selfies
… strewing papers all around. Looking for the mahogany ballot boxes TO BURN AND DESTROY voting results. The sat insolently in the big chair on the dais above the rows of seats in the great meeting hall – a very familiar room to the world.

Eventually they were forced to stand down and leave – hundreds of brave law enforcement officers did their job and protected our constitution, democracy itself!

Then – gloriously! – the Capitol Security guards led our Senators, US Representatives and their employees to safety – and Congress did its job.

For the history books …

Let us pray America gets to January 20th without any further manifestations of the vicious and sadistic leader Trump – a madman we must endure for two more weeks.