🌍New Earth Day column – by Edith!🌍🌎🌏🌱

Mother Earth – Her Own Day!

By Edith Morgan

🌱Edith gardeningπŸƒ…

April has just started and already the City of Worcester’s DPW and P crews have been out in my neighborhood sweeping away the debris left by winter: mainly salt and sand, with surprisingly little litter. And now our area is pristine, for how long no one knows.

This year, Worcester’s city-wide Earth Day Clean–up is scheduled for THIS Saturday Morning, April 10, from 8 a.m. to noon. Usually the DPW trucks come by each site just before noon and pick up what has been collected by us volunteers at the 50 sites around the city. My ED co-coordinator and I had been doing the cleanup yearly for some time, and we had a regular crew of helpers, which included Kristen’s two sons and my grandson and some of his high school friends, in addition to neighbors who cleaned their streets.

You want to save our Earth? Keep it clean, reduce greenhouse gases? EAT LESS MEAT!

This will be the first time after the year of COVID cancellations that I will not be out there early on Saturday, in the St. Bernard Church parking lot, signing in our helpers. I am 90 years old now, and since Kristen moved away I could not round up a new co-coordinator in time to sign up for this year. But there are 50 sites, so the city will get a thorough cleaning anyway!

Earth Day is actually much later in April – on the 22nd – when we really celebrate our environment. But actually, every day should be Earth Day: we should not be befouling our nest with trash, chemicals, plastics and all sorts of unsightly refuse.

I have always felt that it is the job of our public schools to train our young right from the very beginning to be aware of their surroundings, to pick up after themselves, and to feel responsible for being respectful of Mother Earth. It s never too soon to have children pick up their play area when they come in from recess (I used to make a game of it: everyone needed a β€œticket” to get back in – a piece of litter from the playground.) and of course at the end; of the day, to pick up the area around each one’s own desk.

Love your Mother!

My parents always taught us that public property should be treated especially well, out of respect for our fellow-citizens. ( Some of us were somewhat more cavalier about our own rooms, and I know that especially with adolescents , their own rooms tend to be somewhat more messy…)

Our major corporations have begun to run ads bragging about what they are doing for the environment, it has become fashionable at last to conserve, recycle, re-use and think about how we use things.

What do you want to leave behind for your grandchildren?

I hope it is not too late to reverse the effects of our wastefulness and lack of respect for our planet.

🌱But we have taken the first step: awareness. 🌍🌏🌎🌱🌱🌱🌱

Hundreds of birds and insect species have gone extinct during the past century …

Butterflies are free!