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Text and pics by Chef Joey

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Chef Joey!!!!!!!!💟🌼💟🌼💟

So when you decided to buy Syrian bread at the grocery store, and you buy a package and it’s like $3 for 10 slices!! you explore your options… You can buy a whole bag of flour for $2, a couple of packets of yeast for $1.50, a pinch of salt (almost free), don’t forget your sunflower oil … and you can have 1,000 cirlces of Syrian bread!!


Take 2 1/2 cups of flour

a teaspoon of salt

5 tablespoons of sunflower oil

1 packet of yeast

and 1 teaspoon of sugar …

In a small bowl, mix the teaspoon of sugar in the yeast, together with a little bit of warm water – nothing that would burn you – you don’t want to kill the yeast.

It will start forming; add the flour, oil, salt etc. Mix. Roll it over several times – not too much – otherwise you will make the gluten come out… Form into a ball. Cover and let rise twice the size, usually about an hour.

Take it out, make small balls the size of a meatball or an enlarged golf ball.

Take a nonstick skillet, rub it with oil, take your pieces of bread roll them flat and toss them into the frying pan …


… about a minute and a half each side. Flip it over and, when it starts to bubble, double in size like a jiffy pop container, it’s done. Place it in a dish and continue – it’s like making pancakes with bread!


You can even freeze them – but they must thaw to room temp. You will never buy Syrian bread again!

(Hint: If you’re in a hurry, buy frozen or fresh pizza dough! Same thing – roll and fry!)