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Finances for Kids

By Edith Morgan


With the students still out of school, learning at home, we have a great opportunity to fix our curriculum – the heart of the educational enterprise, which gets short shrift, coming in a poor second to the need to get good scores on commercial tests, with their very limited scope (after all, they have to conform to the machines so they have to be paper-and-pencil tests.)

What if we re-invented the purpose of public education and our primary task were to be to prepare every student to become a knowledgeable, critical and creative thinker, ready at high school graduation to assume the full responsibility of an American citizen? Would if we molded an intelligent voter and a self-supporting individual able to support him/herself while realizing the American Dream?

How then does our present curriculum fit those goals?

Active, creative little beings! Gigi file photos: Chef Joey

Thankfully, US Secretary of Education Betsy Devos has resigned, and with her hopefully goes the noxious push to destroy public education and substitute charter, private, for-profit, “training.” I do not call it “education,” as it is generally geared to create obedient, cheap and unquestioning labor or acolytes, not really independent, responsible, life-long students. Full participants in a vibrant, actively involved citizenry!

Keep kids learning during the pandemic!

If we are going to live to 90 years old or beyond, in the future, we need to graduate students who can handle so many years of life beyond the “working” years“ – the years when they will have put in their time at a job, a profession, a calling – and will have put aside enough to live comfortably, travel, enjoy grandchildren, develop talents for which there was not time before, etc. Also tonmaybe devote time and energy to volunteer activities, since they now have the skills and experience to help the next generation get a good start.

More and more, technology is supplying us with “labor-saving devices,” theoretically freeing us from some of the drudgery of daily life. But human services – the care of children, fellow-family members, our ill or handicapped persons – all will still require the human touch. The importance of that kind of work should be raised up in importance in our society, and paid well, because that kind of work requires special skills and dedication that are more important than working on the various machines that technology supplies to make our lives a bit easier.

Edith and her family

Let us look closely at whose work is really vital: If the President spends a month at the golf course, what happens? Nothing much. But if trash and garbage were not collected in our towns and cities for even a week, the city of New York would come to a standstill and rats and vermin would overrun the streets …