🌼🌼Edie – in Style! On Biden’s Speech🇺🇸 last night …

This Time It’s About US

By Edith Morgan

Edith and Guy

In just over 30 minutes, in quiet and even tones, President Joe Biden spoke to us on Thursday evening.

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President Biden🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

He began by reminding us of all that we had lost in the year since the beginning of the global pandemic. He pulled out a slip of paper from his side pocket and read the latest figures of the Coronavirus Death Toll: by now, well over 500,000 deaths due to COVID 19. More dead Americans in one year than we had lost in World Wars I and II and 9/11 …

WE MUST ALL USE COMMON SENSE – AND KEEP WEARING OUR MASKS when necessary. Social distancing, too!

And then President Biden gave us hope that there was something we could all do to help end the covid nightmare – get the virus under control. We have already gone from being the nation with the greatest percentage of victims daily to the one country vaccinating the greatest number of its population per day! This is American greatness! President Biden got into the details of plans for increasing the number of vaccinations per day – all adult Americans eligible May 1!

And he gave us examples of all the different vaccination venues that would be made available to all our adult population – no matter how remote or unreachable people might be. The goal is to have us all vaccinated by May 1 so we can all celebrate the Fourth of July in small groups with family and friends. His appeal was directly to ALL of us, bypassing all the state and local political structures.

Biden kept asking each of us to do our part so that all of us will be safe and healthy, no matter how remote or unreachable we might be. Extending unemployment benefits, expanding the SNAP food program, monetary help for small businesses, local aid money to our towns and cities, the $1,400 stimulus checks to millions of Americans … the goal is to HEAL. Heal the economy, our schools, our families.

We need to help each other! That means continuing to wear our facial masks, washing our hands and social distancing until the virus is no longer a GLOBAL problem. It is not enough that we wipe it out here, in America. We also have to help get it under control in those places around the world that can not do that on their own – poor countries, especially. The various mutations of this virus will reach us quickly enough, and we can not be sure that our vaccines will be able to fight off all those mutations. So while we will soon be relatively safe here at home, it is too soon to open up everything fully.

I was greatly heartened by the fact that with Biden this was not about him, not an ego trip, and a promise that if there were to be changes or perhaps delays, we would be told right away. THE TRUTH. SCIENCE. How refreshing and reassuring that we now have a President who tells us the truth, lets the doctors and epidemiologists lead, enlists the cooperation of us all – and expects us to take responsibility.

President Biden came to us after he had signed the greatest help bill in our American history. For that, millions of Americans are grateful.