🎄My Favorite Christmas Movies☃️

By Luis Sanchez

Luis! photo submitted.

My favorite memories include hot chocolate, snow, blankets, family and a movie. As you can tell, I love the Christmas season. My family and I take a few days during the vacation to gather around and watch a few Christmas movies that’ll make us either laugh or cry. You all know that I tend to look beyond the surface of a movie; I digest it properly and come up with an in-depth analysis, but during family-movie nights I sit back and enjoy what is presented to me.

This Christmas enjoy your favorite holiday movies with your favorite warm beverage! photos: R.T.

There are three movies in particular that have been engraved into our yearly schedule. It’s not Christmas if we don’t watch these movies together. They each provide their own unique message about life, and it’s always good to be reminded of those lessons every now and then. These movies have brought my family together, and in no particular order are my top three favorite Christmas movies:

Home Alone narrates the story of a young boy who needs to defend his home from burglars after he was left behind by his family as they went on vacation. Despite watching it for the umpteenth time, my family will laugh as if it was the first time we watched it. The creativity of the traps always gets to us. What I also enjoy is the uniqueness of the movie in general. It’s a rollercoaster of events. This movie does a great job of weaving two subplots surrounding our protagonist, Kevin, together. When they come together for the climax of the movie, we become aware of the lessons hidden behind each story. A great way to end family night is with a movie about family itself.

Don’t be a Grinch!

Someone who truly has a unique family is the Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. In this film we travel to Whoville – a town that celebrates Christmas like there’s no tomorrow. The Grinch is a being who terrorizes the town, but this year he decides to steal all of Christmas from Whoville. One thing that I will waste no time in mentioning is the subtle rant this movie gives about the holiday season itself. In order to not spoil it for anyone who may not have seen it yet (in which case, this is the year to watch it!) I will not directly quote the line. The main point of that line is how much the meaning of Christmas has changed, and not necessarily in a good way. Along with that dialogue, there are plenty of comedic moments that also make my family and me cheer. Let’s not forget to mention Jim Carrey’s exceptional performance as the Grinch in the remake. We could see him as both the antagonist and the protagonist at the same time! We should all appreciate moments like those, because it’s difficult to act that way and have the audience agree with you for both sides. The quirkiness of the movie is what drove the message home, and the message will stay true for a long time. Real life lessons in a dream-like world is a productive way to teach not only the youngsters, but the older generations as well. This is why How the Grinch Stole Christmas will remain one of the most elite Christmas movies of all time.

The creator of the Grinch, “Dr. Seuss,” was born in Springfield, Massachusetts.

To wrap things up in a cute little bow like the one on top of the Christmas presents that you’ll receive this year, I want to take a moment to praise the popular film known as The Polar Express. The movie takes place during Christmas eve. A young boy sees outside his home a mysterious train that is bound to the North Pole. He hops aboard and meets other kids as the train embarks towards the famous Santa Claus. The Polar Express is more meaningful than it is comedic. Similar to the other movies, its unique message resonates with the audience. The characters form unique bonds between each other. This helps the movie feel more realistic despite its fantasy elements. The characters make genuine mistakes. Let’s not forget about the hot chocolate!

Christmas movies make the holiday season more cozy. They bring bundles of fun. As an avid movie-watcher, it feels good to take a step back and enjoy the motion picture. I always have fun with these three films. Each movie is good in its own way. I recommend watching them! Get yourself comfortable, cue the snow, and have a Christmas movie night at your leisure. Life sometimes rushes at over 100 miles per hour, so don’t forget to give yourself some breathing room.

Luis graduated from Worcester’s South High School in June and is applying to colleges this winter. photo submitted

As the year comes to close, I want to thank all of you for reading my columns and reading this newspaper/website. May the new year bring us joy and prosperity! Hug those around you! Have happy holidays and a happy new year!