🎆New recipe from Chef Joey: For these days🎆 – simplicity🌲… PIEROGI!❤🌲


Text and photos by Chef Joey

Joey, Rich, their daughter Gigi and Santa, pre-global pandemic🎄🎆

Since it’s going to be such an odd Christmas this year my partner’s family was wondering what they were going to cook for Christmas. Every year they would make piles of traditional pierogi: sauerkraut, farmers cheese, mushroom and even mashed potato.

This year I was intrigued because everyone has to pretty much be by themselves, and I kind of enjoy these Polish traditional treats. So I decided to make pierogi!

The dough is quite simple:

you need two cups of flour,

two eggs …

… some water

and a pinch of salt.

If you add a little oil to it that makes your pierogi dough a little bit more malleable.


Basically, roll out …


and make your pasta sheets and set them aside.

For the fillings it was quite simple. I made farmers cheese …

… by pouring a half a gallon of milk into a pan and, while it starts to boil but not scald, you add a quarter cup white vinegar.

Immediately it will start to curdle. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Then strain into a colander that is lined with a cheesecloth:

Lift the cheese out and form into a ball.

Let it sit for about an hour in the refrigerator.

Once it is cooled down, mix two eggs, salt and pepper.

For your stuffing … for the mushroom stuffing:

I simply sautéd shiitake mushrooms this year, with a small white onion – simple yet delicious!!

To make a ravioli … give an egg wash for the pasta, stick together, cover and cut into shapes.

So you can do triangles. We can do round, we can do squares…


You can make your pierogi ahead of time and freeze them when you are ready to cook them.

Just drop them into boiling water for a few minutes – until tender.


You can sprinkle with a little fresh olive oil or sprinkle salt or just some butter. Absolutely delicious and they embody simplicity.


Go, Gigi, go!🎠🎠🎠