😘Brad Wyatt!

Reading the sweetest letter:


Just read your note, and the latest (last) [issue of] InCity Times. I wanted to thank you for delivering a community paper. Especially now that I’ve sold the Osgood Bradley Building, and my ties to the Canal District are less and less, I really enjoy all the references to my old stomping grounds.

I still enjoy bringing my kids to Golemo’s and buying the pickled beets that taste like my grandmother used to make, and letting them pick out a chocolate treat that you wouldn’t find in the large, corporate stores.

And, at Christmas, going to QuoVadis and visiting the PNI.

Your paper was always a terrific, welcome reminder in a busy world, of my Polish heritage combined with family memories of the canal district – trips with my grandmother to Maurice the Pants Man and the Broadway diner, among others.

I wish you the best in your future endeavors,

Brad Wyatt

Our editor replies:

Thank you, Brad!