1 dead blogger and 2 ass-wipes

By Rosalie Tirella

Really, Nicole Apostola and Mike Benedetti have no shame – the ultimate ass-kissers/wipes. Jeff Barnard the blogger dies. A few weeks before he passes he tells his readers he expects his website to stay up for a few months and then be dismantled by his wife. This, he writes, is what he wants. This, he writes, is what he told his wife to do – his last wishes – made pretty much upon his death. I, as a reader, think: Makes sense. His last wish. He is passing … the blog was his life, his life-blood, actually. His wife will honor his request – most likely made on his deathbed. I would do the same for my husband.

But Jeff’s wife is either 1. grieving so intensely she has allowed herself to be bamboozled by the fake Mike Benedetti and equally phony Nicole Apostola or 2. she just doesn’t want to honor her husband’s final wishes. or 3. Nicole and Mike fast-talked a dying/weak Jeff B. into keeping the show going.

So the website is hijacked by Apostola and Benedetti.

The phony Nicole Apostola (someone took a photo of her – she has a horse face – truly ugly!) gallops right in and, claiming she is driven to tears everytime she even speaks of Jeff (yeah, right), takes over his website, gets herself in the paper as the new Jeff and runs with his website. If someone is grieving over a friend’s death, they do not have the ebullience to be in the paper, hijack a website and just chat, chat, chat. (I know. I have lost loved ones/friends – you just want to dive into the hole with them. You withdraw from life … .)

This is all bullshit, Mike and Nicole. It is about control – and meddling.

A Mike Benedetti story: A few years ago Benedetti played with a letter I wrote (on line) about a guy I was seeing. I took it off line but he had copied it and played hide and seek with it all over the web. Well, the boyfreind got so pissed he decided to track Benedetti down – and beat the shit out of him.

He called the Catholic Worker House (a Benedetti hang out) and scared the pants off head Catholic Scott Schaefer Duffy, asking for Mike Benedetti’s adress/phone #, etc. He is a tough guy, from Lynn. He takes no crap. And if he couldn’t get to Mike, he was planning on paying someone to do the job for him.

This chase went on for a few weeks. Then (how predictable) Mike Benedetti ran away – left Worcester. He went to Washington DC … to hide. My guy and I (I had called lawyers, etc) had scared him out of the region – we thought for good.

Unfortunately, it was only for a half year or so. The 40-year-old prankster (get a real life, Mike Benedetti!) returned to Worcester a few years ago and has been in Worcester (jobless, of course) ever since. So now Benedetti with nothing better to do (no job, no wife, STILL probably supported by his parents) teams up with horse-face Nicole to be the new Jeff B.

How pathetic. Take me off the blog, you two idiots. Please! I don’t want anything to do with either of you.

Jeff’s wife should shut down the entire website. Grieve, you poor woman, and then when the sorrow lifts a little, take some time to think about things. Then give the heave ho to Nicole Apostola and Mike Benedetti – two phonies with nothing good in their hearts. Let these two cretins build AND PAY FOR their own blog roll.

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