A Dorrie rant🐶: Excessive taxes! … and more!🎶📸

By Dorrie Maynard


Having lived in Worcester for more than 20 years and owning property for most of that time, I consider myself to be an active member of the community. I work and live in the community. I volunteer in the community, and I pay taxes in the community. Taxes such as property and excise to the City of Worcester.

This past excise tax bill I happened to pay a bit late and was charged a $5.82 late fee. I typically pay my bills once a month, so I was going to pay that “fee” shortly. In the meantime, I received yet another bill from the treasury department of Massachusetts, which included a $12 warrant fee and a $10 additional fee plus the $5.82 late fee. So now I owe $27.82, when my initial excise bill was only $57.50.

I called to discuss this outrageous fee and how and why was it necessary? It’s not like it was months overdue! I have always paid my property taxes and excise taxes on time – this was just an overlooked issue for the first time: “Oh no, these fees are
mandated by the State of Massachusetts and can not be
changed or reduced, no exceptions”!

I work very hard for my money and an additional $22 fee in what I believe to be of an excessive amount is difficult to spare. I paid the fine but only under
duress and protest, as I believe it is outrageous. Besides, I didn’t want there to be an outstanding warrant on me. For an overdue
excise tax bill! I have never been in any trouble with the law. I don’t even have any marks
on my driving record but, if I didn’t pay the fee, I would have a warrant against me!

Gotta love this city and state. I guess they have to make up for income that they don’t receive from the onslaught of students who come here, don’t pay Mass excise tax or Worcester’s high car insurance rate, as they all drive out-of-state vehicles! And most don’t
pay property taxes. Oh and their colleges that don’t pay property taxes either.

Unfortunately, I can’t really move out of the city because I couldn’t even get an apartment any where for what I pay for my mortgage, taxes and insurance. I am happy that
my house is increasing in value but that also makes it practically impossible to buy something affordable else where.

So as Worcester is about to expand into new horizons, the “real” working class and small-time community dwellers are being forced out. I believe we are also being “forced” to make up for taxes and fees not being collected from the
thousands of students that come here and wreak havoc on local neighborhoods.

Just my opinion, of course!!


⛅Rose woke up to THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER and National Selfie Day:
☂️☔⛅. This a.m, amid all the a.m. flotsam and jetsam. pics: Rose T.

🙄National selfie 🤳 day. A cursed day “celebrating” smart phones (ugh) and social media (ugh+). Necessary evils to running a newspaper these days. Rose got carried away by newspaper websites a decade ago and started this website because she and her writers love to blog/write. But FB, Instagram, freakin’ Snap Chat is 1. for self-absorbed kids and 2. marketing, sometimes crass, sometimes bragadocio-us. This ultimately sucks.

… Except when real revolution is happening in the Middle East or places that we need to “witness” in real time. Then social media, Twitter especially, is a gift from God. Regular folks with their smart phones making history💖💖…

“We’re Dylan!” Rose tells the social media pushers in her life. “No outreach necessary! We’re great writers – our readers COME TO US!”

And so the beat goes on:



Rainy days and National Selfie Days …

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