A Father’s Day message from Stephen, a column by Imalay🌸 … and a 🎵!




Positive Moves!

By Imalay Guzman

These days it has become easier for people to think and act negatively. Life can be so difficult and stressful – it can be easy to just say “f*%@ it all.” Facing life’s challenges head on isn’t something most people do. If anything, they avoid it or put it off until they have no choice but to deal with it. To get what you truly want in life, like a car or even buying a home, almost always comes with an obstacle. Perseverance is sticking to your plan.

The deterrent?? What often happens is people become prisoners in their own mind. I’ve came to realize that we all over think the things we want to accomplish. This in a way isn’t a bad thing, but at times when we over think things we end up second guessing our ability to make it happen. Life is only as good as your mindset. The power that comes from your thoughts creates energy that can either push you to greatness or hold you back from it. Your way of thinking can alter you decisions. Trying to keep your thoughts positive can be difficult, if you’re feeling the world is falling down around you.

This is completely fine! It takes practice to be able to keep your mind level. In the moments where you’re feeling yourself slipping, try to think of the reason why you are doing what you’re doing. Our feelings can have an impact on the moves we make going forward. Taking a deep breath and giving yourself a little pep talk – believe it or not! – helps.

It’s all in your mind! You can lose that weight you’ve been trying to lose. You will pass that test you’re stressing yourself on. Train your mind to look at the glass as half-full, rather than half-empty. A positive mind can get through anything.

Don’t you feel like once you get bad news or something goes wrong, everything from that point on has no meaning or value? When you feel like that, remind yourself about the things in your life that bring meaning, that bring value. Believe everything happens for a reason beyond your belief. That if something didn’t work out right now, it will eventually.

All the hard work that you put in to changing your life for the better doesn’t go unnoticed. Remember: not everyone – sometimes not even your own best friend! – will be happy for your success. In the long run, all the obstacles you overcome will only make you stronger and wiser. You won’t always see the benefit of all that you have done right away. Believe me when I say, at some point in your life you will!

Don’t compare yourself to others because some people get a head start or boost! There’s people like myself who had to figure it out all on their own. I will say the feeling of overcoming a hard point in your life and knowing that you managed to handle it, is AMAZING! You appreciate things more once you break a sweat for it.

Confidence has no competition! You should only compete to be a better you. Nothing is impossible … it always seems impossible until you get it done!