A happy ending for the Green Island pitbull!

Now for some positivity!! This is what we love to do! Make a difference in our community!!!

A few days ago I blogged about a pitbull that I saw tied to a bus stop in Green Island. He was wearing a man’s sweatshirt. He looked a little forlorn. I vowed to find the owner and help him give this dog a better life. So … I went looking for the guy yesterday and didn’t find him. This afternoon I got lucky.  I successfully tracked him down. His name is Ken and he works in the kitchen in a take out joint in the hood. He seems like a lovely guy! Polite, nice and soft-spoken.

Ken told me he is trying to do right by his pitbull! I believe him! This guy deserves our support!

Ken was delighted when I told him I had made myself his dog’s fairy godmother and that as long as InCity Times was around the dog would never go hungry/always be cared for. So we gave him the gift box filled with doggie goodies (shown mid-wrapped here, as my pooch Jett looks on) and a HUGE bag of top of the line dog food that should last a wicked long time. It was donated. There will always be more donated dog food.

We are now looking for a huge comfy blanket (bed) and pretty harness for Ken’s pitbull!

We could not take a photo of the dog, as he was home, hanging out!

What a fantastic way to usher in the holiday season!!!

– Rosalie  Tirella

– R. Tirella

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