A holiday message from Deb at “Autocats”

As you gather this holiday season to spend time with friends and family and your own beloved furry family members, take just a moment to think of those dogs and cats who sit alone and unwanted, with just the barest of necessities.

Gather up some old blankets and towels, maybe grab an extra bag of treats or food or a few toys when you’re out shopping and take that few extra minutes to drop them at your local animal shelter. You can do this anytime of the year, but at this special time of love and caring and sharing, please, take just those few extra minutes and make this holiday a little more special for a few lonely shelter animals.

Or make a small donation to a wonderful charity such as “ Mel’s Stray Cat Fund.” Based out of Weymouth Landing Cat Clinic and Hotel, phone number 781-337-0400. Money raised gives good Samaritans the option of seeking care for an injured or sick cat, rather then relinquishment to a shelter for euthanasia. The fund was started in memory of Mel who was found many years ago after a house fire, alone and very sick. She was a stray who paid back her rescue with many years of love and loyalty to her rescuers.

And take a minute or two to share this with friends and family, spread the word, spread the message. Every little bit of help counts! Share the love every day but most especially now!

Happy Holidays to humans and their furry family members!

– Deb

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